Three In The Hole – 20 Events in 2015

I had this crazy notion to do some running this year. Yeah, I know. Crazy, right?

In all crazy seriousness, and trying to decide what I could do this year that was totally different, I thought I’d aim for 15 total events for the year 2015. But upon further inspection of my racing history, I found that in 2013 I actually ran 16 events! Pfffft. This will not do.

OK, so lets up the ante. How about 20 events? Including 2 marathons! I think that might be the ticket. Hmmmmm. Let’s check the calendar and see which I’m already on board for and how many more I need to delegate.

Believe it or not, I’ve already signed up for quite the handful. I really enjoy Team Ortho’s events so I decided to do their Monster Series again. They change it up every year, and this year you need to run 5 of the 7 events that they offer to get the series jacket and medal.

Get Lucky Half Marathon

Get Lucky Half Marathon

Up first, March 14 – The Get Lucky Half Marathon – This one I’m already registered for. But it is a long stretch between now and then. I have nothing planned for the remainder of January or February. I know there are a few Valentine’s Day runs I could go for, but I’m not sure that any of them are timed. And there is a half marathon on January 31 in St. Paul that holds some promise.

Hot Chocolate 15K

Hot Chocolate 15K

Next registered run is April 18 – The Hot Chocolate 15K – This one I not only registered for, but I signed up to fundraise for the Ronald McDonald House Charities as well! Why? Well, it seemed like the most awesome thing to do. Since I’m volunteering more, this seems like the next best step to run for those in need. Ronald McDonald House Charities also benefits families with very ill children. One such family is near and dear to my heart, and lost their daughter 3 years ago to cancer. This seemed like the perfect way to give back. If you would like to donate, please visit my donation page for this run!

Athleta Unleash the She 10K

Athleta Unleash the She 10K

The following weekend my family will be in town for my daughters’ confirmation so we are looking at doing the Athleta Unleash the She in Rochester on April 26. I’d do the 10K for this run.

Run New Prague

Run New Prague

Next registered run is the New Prague Half Marathon. This would take place the day before Mother’s Day or May 9 this year. I couldn’t do this one last year because of my stress reaction so I’m looking forward to avenging my 2013 time of 1:42:27.

Minneapolis Marathon

Minneapolis Marathon

After this, I’m registered for the Minneapolis Half Marathon on May 31. But after tossing this one around, I’ve decided to upgrade to the marathon. I really want to do a spring marathon this year plus Chicago in October (should I even win the lottery to run it), or Twin Cities again as a back up…or maybe Indy? There are plenty of fall choices, and not so many spring ones.

Then, I’d like to run Farmington Dew Days 4-miler in mid June, Lakeville’s Pan O Prog 4-miler in early July, and Rosemount’s Run for the Gold 4-miler in mid July. And I’ll probably do the Tiger Tracks 5K in mid-August.

This puts me at 9. What is left?

Women Rock Half Marathon

Women Rock Half Marathon

Well, I’m signed up for the Women Rock Half Marathon on Labor Day weekend, and the Monster Dash Half Marathon at the end of October. I’m hoping to get into Chicago in October as well. If I run Chicago, I won’t be able to run the Belle Plaine Half Marathon. That’s a bummer…but I’ll survive.

That only brings me to 12.

2015-01-01 17.27.51-1

OH! But I already ran 3! The Polar Dash 10K, 5K, and 1500M! That adds up to 15.

Can I dig out another 5? I’m thinking I can. I already joined the Minnesota Distance Running Association and I can run all of their sponsored runs for free. So, I just need to pull out that schedule and add in the rest.

Maybe it’s too much? I don’t know. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But if I play it right, and save up my strength for the two marathons, then I think I can get this done!

So, there is the year ahead in a nut shell.

What is your running year looking like? How many races are you registered for?


5 Responses to Three In The Hole – 20 Events in 2015

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m running one race for sure, Grandma’s marathon. The rest of my year is not scheduled, and it’s a glorious stress free feeling.

  2. Brenda says:

    I’m running the Hot Chocolate 15k in Mpls, a couple half marathon relays, the red, white and boom half on July 4th and the 10 mile in October. And a bunch of 5k’s as well.
    The valentine’s day race around Lake Harriet is timed this year, that’s a Twin cites in motion race.

  3. Oooh! Chicago? Hopefully we can meet up!!!

    Looks like a great year of running. I don’t do a ton of races, but I have a couple halfs picked out for the spring. Nothing beyond that.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’m doing the TC 5K series so I have Valentine’s Day 5k in February, Hot Dash 5k in March and TC 5k in October (all timed this year). I also have two half marathons planned: Stillwater Half in May and Graniteman Mississippi River Run (St. Cloud) in September.

    I’ll probably be doing a Thanksgiving Day 5k in this year again and I’d like to do a 10k as well.

  5. I completed 2 so far this year, doing the Rock n Roll half in New Orleans this weekend. I want to do 3 more this spring but I’ll have to pick and choose since I waited until the prices are about at peek. 🙁

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