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Why I’m #bulletproof
A while back I posted my journey to becoming Low Carb/High Fat and the benefits it has brought forth. In one of my recipes, Bulletproof Coffee, I discussed how the founder of the mixture, Dave Asprey, began his own journey and as an entrepreneur, developed his own brand of coffee as well. I had suggested that you could just substitute any coffee in the mix, but I have since recanted my original suggestion.

It must be Bulletproof® Coffee. And here is why.

I read the book.

Yeah, sounds petty, but it is true. I read all about Dave’s reasoning behind his Bulletproof® Coffee beans and had to see if what he says is backed up in his brew. Well, it is.

Here is the deal. I used to be a 3-4-5 cup of coffee a day girl. In my former years, I had it light and sweet, like many New Yorkers. This meant a generous splash of half and half with two spoons of sugar. After I married and had my twins, my husband introduced me to black coffee. Black as sin. And I liked it! So, in recent years, as coffee has become a regular part of my diet, it was quite a few cups of the stuff in it’s full caffeinated glory.


When I discovered butter coffee, my coffee habits changed drastically. You can’t down a cup of butter coffee. You have to nurse it for a few hours. Yeah, you may have to reheat it once or twice, but it never loses it’s awesomeness.

My limit is now two cups of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee a day, each with a tablespoon of Kerry Gold butter, a tablespoon of Bulletproof Upgraded Brain Octane Oil, a tablespoon of Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein, a half teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon, and a half teaspoon of Vega Maca. Every other day, I add a few drops of Gabawave to the mix.

I had been using a no name brand of coffee in the Keurig to make my potion but decided after reading Dave’s book that I’d give the coffee a try.

What a difference.

If I hadn’t tried it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. But there is a noticeable difference.

It’s NOT a caffeine buzz. In fact, not by a long shot. There is no “buzz” so to speak, but there is an awareness of clarity that makes your brain function better. It levels out your mood, and makes stresses easier to handle. The taste of the coffee is also stellar.

“…your body is so starved for healthy fats that you feel like you can’t get enough. It will take your body a week or two to fully turn on its fat digestion systems when you switch to a high healthy fat breakfast of Bulletproof® Coffee. If at first it is a little too rich, try using less butter initially then build up to the amount you like,” adds Dave.

After a few failed attempts at putting the coffee into a Keurig refillable K-Cup (I couldn’t get the coffee strong enough), I opted to purchase a 3 cup French Press Coffee Maker.

It is safe to say it has been life changing.

Here is the trouble with a lot of the coffee out there. It contains toxins. Mold toxins, in fact. The more acidic a coffee is, the more toxins it contains. There is a regulatory committee who has decided how many mold-toxins are allowed in coffee. Seriously! This tells you that in fact, your coffee can and most often DOES contain mold! And you can be drinking it right this minute. How would you know? Well, you can tell by how your brain functions after you have a cup of it. Do you feel out of sorts or do have trouble concentrating after a cup of java?

“Toxins in cheap coffee steals your mental edge and actually makes you weak, but clean coffee is actually healthy, and gives you important antioxidants,” according to Dave Asprey.

Here is the official #Bulletproof method to make Bulletproof® Coffee. Dave also dives into the reason why his beans are better.

Sure, Bulletproof® Coffee is more expensive than what you would pay for grocery store coffee. But you are assured that the coffee is mold-toxin free. With the addition of butter and MCT oil, you’ll find that you drink less of it a day because a cup of it feeds your brain for a longer amount of time, without the nasty side effects and the dreaded caffeine crash. Therefore, a bag of Bulletproof® Coffee lasts a bit longer than the lower priced grocery store coffee.

Upgraded Self does offer ground coffee in K-Cup like pods as well. The Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Cartridges are extremely convenient. The cost turns out to be about $1.00 a cup. Seriously? Still less than what you would pay at your favorite coffee shop.

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And if you are looking to support a low carb lifestyle, then I highly recommend their Hot Chocolate and Chocolate bars as well!

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