A List Maker No Risk Taker

I write lists. Yup. With a pen and a piece of paper. I’m old school. My husband thinks this is silly with all the technological gadgets we have these days.

“Why don’t you just put it on your phone?”

I’m not saying his suggestion isn’t well warranted. Because, 3 times out of 10, I forget to bring my list, and invariably end up calling home so he can read it off to me. It would make sense for me to get an app to keep my lists on so that I always have it on me.

But I like to write. I like the feel of writing. I like nothing better than a brand new pen and a notepad to jot things down on. Even if it is garbally gook…I just like to write. And then cross it off.

Things to Do.

I find myself writing three kinds of lists most often than not. Those would be grocery lists, To Do lists, and pre race lists. The nice thing about the pre race list is that it doesn’t have to leave the house. So, it is one I can’t easily mess up.

What I can mess up is forgetting to put something on it. Let’s face it. A pre-dawn wakeup time for a morning race means a half awake me and I don’t work well half awake. That list can make or break me. For the most part, I end up bringing more with me than what is on the list. That is because I can just throw it in my car “just in case”. This could include garbage bags, a roll of toilet paper (because you never know), breakfast, a thermos of coffee, a change of clothes, extra shoes, my iPad, or what have you. Granted, you don’t always need these items, but somehow they end up making their way along with me to an event.

Longer races typically require more “stuff” than shorter races. In fact, I’ve been known to run out the door to a 5K without even writing a list! I know…scary.

Half marathons, however, are a different story. I like to carry my own fluids, not to mention my Energybits, hand warmers, tissues, Carmex, plus a handful of other items in my fuel belt…just in case.

Then, I need to think out my race attire in accordance to the weather, plus bring along some extra layers just in case those meteorologists are off a little.

For the most part, the items that always make the list for the longer runs are the fuel belt, the Energybits, the Carmex, a Quest bar, tissues, which sneakers I’ll wear for that run, my Garmin (which I can never remember), my foot pod for my Garmin, my Fittie, and the printed directions to the race. I have those for the same reason I write lists…

It’s a process. And I wonder to myself if my fellow runner friends do the same. Maybe it is because I’m getting up there in years and writing lists has always been a security blanket for me. Maybe it is just the way I was taught to do things. Sometimes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as they say. My lists have saved me me many a time from being scatterbrained, as I typically am.

Half Marathon Checklist

Half Marathon Checklist

My list for tomorrow is fairly standard. And I believe I have it all. All that is left is to decide on which shade of neon I’m going to wear.

That can be a checklist all in itself.

Which shade of Neon?

Which shade of Neon?

Are you a risk taker or a list maker? Paper or electronic?


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