The Early Bird Gets The Race Entry

I don’t know why I dawdled so long to register for my February races. I kept believing if I waited until 10 days out, I could check the weather before I committed…like I’ve ever done that before. Perhaps it is more because I really truly believed I needed a break from hard core running, because unlike the normal runner, when I run an event, I always go all out.

Clearly, Minnesota is not having it’s typical crappy winter when February races sell out. And the ones I wanted to run sold out. Not just one event, but two. Two February Minnesota events…SOLD OUT.


In my frustration, I began searching in earnest for two other events to replace the two I didn’t register for in time. And in my earnest, I immediately signed up for the first two I found, not really thinking them out. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. But one thing is for certain, I have time to regret my decisions, if they are regrettable. And time to train for them, if I want to maintain a PR streak.


I was most disappointed for missing out on the Hypothermic Half marathon because the medal looked really cool. Yeah, it’s always the bling, right? No, but really…because it was a Sunday and I thought it would be great to get the entire family out there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. The day I went to register is the day they closed registration. Bummer.


I settled instead on the Half Fast Half Marathon, north of St. Paul. It would be a longer drive, and it is on a Saturday morning rather than a Sunday. My husband might want to tag along, but my daughters would have a Speech Meet that day so they could not attend. Still, it looks like a scenic run, and one that I might enjoy. I can always do the Hypothermic next year, should I give myself enough time to register.

The second I planned to run was the Twin Cities in Motion Valentines Day 5K. Who would have thought that one would have sold out? They did do a lot of advertising for it. In fact, my husband even commented that he has never heard a race so hyped up on the radio before. The day he told me he heard the ad, I decided I had better get on the ball and sign up for that one…but alas…it too sold out.


In retrospect, I’m ok with it because the weather does look terrible. By terrible, I mean temperatures near zero for a high! Ugh. I did that for the Polar Dash. I don’t need to do it again. I did find the Kenyon Run for the Roses 5K, further south from me near Fairbault, on February 28th. This is a nice small town run that won’t even begin until almost noon. I’m not too thrilled about the start time, but it is a timed run, and should be a fun event! Since it is just a 5K, it will be over lickity split, too. I’m sure I can coerce my husband into coming to that one with me. And maybe we can have a lunch afterwards.

I just find it so bizarre that these runs sold out. That has never happened to me before which tells me either I am a good doobie and register when I’m supposed to, or these runs are becoming more and more popular. Everyone wants to run these days. and I don’t blame them! The events are a fun way to stay accountable, get a few friends or family together, and do something fun that requires a little sweat equity. Getting out doors in the winter is hard. These kind of events make it a little easier, and certainly a lot more fun.

I just hope that by the time the 21st comes around, the temperatures rebound a bit from the cold spell we are expecting for the next 7 days. But I guess, even if it doesn’t, I’ll be out there anyway, wondering why the hell I insisted on signing up for two runs in February anyway.

But, I’m that kind of abnormal runner, right? Or perhaps, I’m abnormally normal.

Have you ever been too late to register for an event? Which one and when was it?

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  1. Pam says:

    Ahh, it does seem that more and more runners are signing up which makes race entries more difficult. The Disney races fill up the day of registration. I have been lucky this year and got into NYC Marathon early with my qualifying time. My local races have never sold out so I can decide the week of a race.

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