It Never Rains In California. Or Snows, Right?

I think I deserve a vacation.

My husband and I have taken just two…yes two trips without our children in our almost 16 years of marriage. Why? I guess because we always thought leaving anyone with the burden of our children and household would be just that…a burden.

Or maybe, it is because neither one of us knew how much the other one really wanted to get away.

Personally, I love to get away. Being a home maker is tireless. The cooking, the laundry, the cleaning, the prep work…especially when help is limited or non-existent. Sure, we eat out now and again, but in my effort to help everyone live and eat healthier, I have taken on the extra burden of meticulously preparing meals and grocery lists, and preparing school lunches, etc. It seems like I’m in the kitchen more than I’m in my home office.

The weather has been a kick in the pants, too. First the tireless winter, then a shot of spring…and then winter again. Full force…do NOT pass GO.

Our backyard yesterday.

Our backyard yesterday.

I kind of get tired of it.


My husband has been threatening to take me to California for years now. Why California? Because I have never been there. No, really. I haven’t.

I use the word “threatening” because since we talked about it, about 5 years ago, it has yet to happen. And it came up again this year, as my oldest step-daughter offered to watch my kids while we take this threatened vacation.

God love her.


I swear, we hemmed and hawed over it since October of last year. I don’t know why. I kept saying I wanted to go, but my husband either didn’t believe me, or was just waiting for me to make the first move. As it turns out, it was both. I had to get in his face and say, “I WANT TO GO!” and then I had to sit at my computer and figure out air fare, travel times, and the like. And then suddenly, after it was booked, the light turned on in his brain, and he got a little excited about going.

Sheeeeez. Sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself or it never, ever gets done.

So, we’re off…and I’m thrilled! I need this. He needs this. We need this. Everything else, including running, weight lifting, and marathon training? It will just have to wait. Time for an adventure!

And time to get out of dodge.

See you next week!

Do you have to plan your own romantic getaways? Or does your significant other take care of that?

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  1. Jenn says:

    Oh, that’s wonderful! I’m so glad you are getting away!

    We are both huge travel-lovers. Mr PugRunner needs ZERO excuse to pick up and go somewhere. I’m usually the practical one who points out all the flaws in the plan. Don’t get me wrong, I love going away, and I do my share of the planning, but it can’t all be a vacation, either.

    Have the best time! Enjoy every second!

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