Kenyon 5K Run for the Roses – Race Recap

Run like a Kenyon

“I don’t know…”, I said to my husband as we left the house that morning. “I might be just one of ten runners in this race.”

You see, I found the race page on Facebook the night before so I could ask how the road conditions were. I wasn’t sure if I should bring my screw shoes or not. And when I found it, I realized I was the only person who even knew the race page existed and the only person who responded that I was “going”. Hmmmmmm.

Then, I looked up the race last year, and I saw the list of 20 entrants. Yup, 20.

Okay, then. If anything, I have a really good shot of winning my age group!

When I told my husband this on the way out, he laughed hysterically and said, “Heck, you could win the whole damn thing!”

Well, when we arrived and saw the dude warming up in the Speedo version of running spandex, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. But it did look as though there were more than 20 runners this year. And that was good.

Backing up a bit, we left the house around 10ish for an 11ish arrival. The run began at 11:45 am, which is something I am not accustomed to. I did take a 7:45 am yoga class earlier that morning, but still refrained from eating anything too hearty. I just made myself a Bulletproof coffee and had a few leftover bites of a Quest bar from the night before as we made our way to Kenyon.

Kenyon's Finest in the background

Kenyon’s Finest in the background

It’s a quaint little town just to the east of Fairbault, MN. And it is pretty little. It wasn’t hard to find the race headquarters or find a place to park. Looking around, however, there were slick spots. I didn’t bring my screw shoes so my pink Newton Fates would have to do, because that is all I brought with me.

Grabbing my race packet was easy, and they stated the race started right outside the building. This gave us 45 minutes easy to wander through Kenyon…which took a total of 10 minutes.  So, we spent 20 more minutes sitting in the parking lot in my husband’s car, then drove off to get some gas and use the rest room at the local gas station. That took care of that.

Start of the Kenyon 5K

Start of the Kenyon 5K

We parked back in the spot we had before, and when we saw the guy with the bull horn, we left the car and crossed the street. I realized then how cold it really was. The bank thermometer said 9°, and the wind was pretty stiff. I cursed the fact that I didn’t bring a face mask.

We didn’t have to wait long, however, and my husband was kind enough to take some pictures and some video. I’d guess there were 40 runners this year, give or take. But at least they doubled their numbers from last year! Good for them!

Kenyon 5K Start Line

Kenyon 5K Start Line

The guy in the spandex took off, and I knew if I had a chance to finish first overall, it was gone. And there was a fellow in a Boston Marathon jacket ahead of me. He looked to be about my age, and I tried my damnedest to keep pace with him. But he was light on his feet, and I was clomping along, trying to establish a 7 something-ish pace to take me though the 3 miles. But the first mile, just dodging icy patches and running directly into the icy wind quickly took a toll on me. I was breathing very heavy, and my lungs already hurt. It took everything I had to tell myself to relax and just ease into this current pace. In fact, it was at least mile 2 where I felt like a human again. The final mile went fast, and for that I am grateful. I did manage to pass one fellow along the way. But basically, the way we went out was the way we finished.

There were a few fans on the course, and many volunteers to direct us through the run as there were quite a few twists and turns. I was so happy to recognize that I was back on the main drag that we had just walked on because it meant I was almost finished!

High Fiver from the spandex dude

High Fiver from the spandex dude

The guy in the spandex high fived me as I crossed the finish line. My husband informed me that I was the first female to cross and there were just 4 or 5 ahead of me…including the Boston Marathon guy.

There were a handful of us who finished faster than 25 minutes. And overall, the group was pretty dang fit, because awards were presented around 12:45 pm in the firehouse. I learned then that the guy in the Boston Marathon jacket was in the 50-59 age group. And he was good. I swear, he wasn’t even sweating. Any other day and I would have gone and chatted with him a little as he was there by himself, but I was with my husband, so I refrained.

A two-medal day!

A two-medal day!

So I got two awards that day! One for being the first female finisher and one for being first in my age group. And all of that is a first! My husband said I should have gotten an award for winning the most awards. He cracks me up. He seemed to enjoy himself, though. Of course, visiting a Minnesota city we have never been to before is always an adventure. Except you can never find a decent cup of coffee in a small town.

The best thing is I had my own photographer.

The following day marked the 1st of yet another month, and the 1st day of marathon training. I considered taking the rest day, but knowing I had P90X coming up on Monday, I opted to run Sunday and take Monday as the running rest day. I had more gumption than I imagined and managed a little over 5 miles at a nice clip. I guess now I know why I’m whooped today.

That would race number 5 done for the year. Next up is the Get Lucky Half Marathon in two weeks. I am not ready for this and I don’t think I’ll even come close to last years time. I may just need to back off entirely for this one and go out there that morning and give it all I’ve got. Today, I’m ok with it…cause I’m exhausted, quite literally.

But, I did run like a Kenyon! Even if it was just a 5K…

Are you ready for a new month of running? How many miles did you run in February?



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  1. Dave Hardt says:

    I love it! You are so awesome! I am glad I know you and are apart of our village!

  2. I enjoyed this read! I still think I’ve really done something if I can break 30 minutes in a 5k, but hey I’m out there and improving! I participated in the #February100miles challenge and completed it with 102 and some change. I am ready for a new month got 2 half’s on the books 2 weeks apart and one is near the beach 🙂 Bring on Spring!

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