Meal Enders #Review and #Giveaway!

I’ve always been a sweet tooth. Once a sweet tooth, always a sweet tooth, despite the fact that I am now #nosugar.

Sure, the cravings have diminished greatly, but sill, after a savory meal, I get the urge to pop something sweet. Normally, after dinner, I’d reach for the dark chocolate. And I admit I still do, except now it is 90% or greater cocoa content chocolate that I grab. But when I saw these MealEnders Lozenges, it looked like a product that I had to try. It combines a sweet sensation, along with a potent blend of ingredients that turn off that compulsion to eat, after you’ve eaten!

Sounds like a great concept. Almost too good to be true.


Here is the skinny on MealEnders.

MealEnders’ active-taste formula rewards and resets your taste buds, distracting you from the temptation to overindulge.  First the delicious Reward Layer treats you to the sweet taste of dessert – a signal we typically associate with the end of a meal.  Then the Inner Core’s Active-Taste Layer releases a proprietary blend of gentle, cool tingling sensations on the tongue, which engage the trigeminal nerve, distracting your mind from the urge to continue overeating.  You can feel your MealEnder go to work instantly.

It’s actually quite interesting, and that tingling thing…yeah, it happens. It almost reminds me of a sore throat spray, but without the horrible taste. These taste very different. They are actually quite pleasant. And when used as directed, do appear to turn off the urge to eat more after a meal. I can’t quite tell if it is because your tongue is a little bit numbed after holding the lozenge in your mouth for the allotted time, or if it is actually stimulating your brain. Either way, I wasn’t interested in eating anything else after consuming the lozenge.

Now I get where After Dinner Mints come from because I believe they do almost the same thing. The peppermint stimulates your brain with a completely different sensation that says “Meal over! Stop eating now.” You could almost get the same result with a thorough tooth brushing after a meal. But, alas, we all don’t carry around our Oral-B with us during the day, and the sugar content in After Dinner Mints is quite appalling.

And, the mints don’t have to be minty, necessarily. MealEnders successfully incorporated 4 flavors into their lozenges including Cinnamon, Citrus, Chocolate Mint, and Mocha (my personal favorite).

They all leave you with that tingly sensation at the end. And, they are all pleasantly flavored.

MealEnders’ unique duo sensory taste formula is made from a stimulant-free blend of flavors and ingredients, all held to the highest food safety standards.  MealEnders contain only 2 grams of sugar and 15 calories per piece. The outer Reward Layer is made from premium dessert ingredients.  Our chocolate-covered flavors, for example, use fine Guittard chocolate.  The inner Active-Taste layer relies upon MealEnders’ proprietary blend of natural and artificial food flavors that we call the Actissert™ Blend.

Still, at 2 grams of carbs per lozenge, they aren’t the best choice for low carbers, especially if you need one after every meal. But if there is one nagging meal (for me, it is dinner) that you want to shut down afterwards, this might be your meal ticket.


I don’t necessarily believe MealEnders complete theory on why we overeat. Yes, their facts are straight, but sugar and carbohydrates, namely processed foods, are of the addictive nature. Your brain isn’t nourished by them, rather is stimulated by them. (Fat and protein, on the other hand nourishes your brain, so you can become satiated by eating the proper amount of it.) In turn you eat the empty calories in sugary carbs, and want more about 20 minutes later after your blood sugar has spiked. Just reducing the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in your diet will naturally curb your post meal binging.

But, some still may need that stimulus that feeds the willpower to stop eating. If that is you, then these might help.

How would YOU like to try MealEnders Lozenges? They are allowing me to allow you to enter a GIVEAWAY right here on my blog. You can enter to win 4 bags of MealEnders. That is a bag of EACH flavor to try for free!

Here is all you need to do.

Blank Foil Food Or Drink Bag Packaging with valve and seal isolated on white

Enter the giveaway! How easy is that?
MealEnders 4-Pack Giveaway

Thanks for your support, and good luck!

Do you have a sweet tooth, too? What do you do to curb it after a big meal?

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  1. Gigi says:

    I have been wanting to try these……I eat too much sugar!!

  2. Carla P says:

    I can’t wait to see who wins! Good luck to everybody. Thanks to you and MealEnders for the chance to win!

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