Goldy's Run 10-Mile Race #Recap

I signed up for what?

Here is another one of those races that I must have signed up for as I was finishing up my celebratory Manhattan from the last race. Why do I do these things?

I was this close to not going. But then I got an instant facebook message from my virtual friend Michelle who asked if I was running Goldy’s.

“I’m signed up for it,” I told her.
“Are you?” I turned the question around.

She told me she was, along with her girlfriend. And after a message exchange, extended an offer I couldn’t refuse. A ride along with running compadres. Really, it was my only roadblock to NOT going. How I was going to get there with as little fanfare as possible so as not to disrupt any family activities?

As it turns out, it was all good. And it was a great day for a run! It meant an early 5 am start to the day, but what the heck. My husband actually got up, wished me luck, and went back to bed. I thought that was very noble of him! And I was debating the clothing choices so much so that I brought along a complete change up, just in case. In the end, I decided on shorts, compression socks, a long sleeve top with attached hood…just in case. Oh. And my gloves. (Raynaud’s).

With the leg still giving me some grief, I hadn’t run all week. In fact, my last road run was the Ron Daws 25K exactly a week before. The only aerobic activity I did this week was some Zero runner and stationary bike miles. I tried to refrain from any unnecessary pounding. It also took me a few days to recover from that 15 miler. Yeah, it was that hilly.

By Wednesday, I was feeling good enough to consider running the 10 miles. Still, I’m puzzled about this injury. I did get an amazing massage on Tuesday and learned a few things from the massage therapist. I also must add that my chiropractic sessions are going quite well. Personally, I’ve noticed some great improvement with my running form. And because of the treatments, the inner thigh pain that I am frequently plagued with, due to my imbalanced hips, is virtually gone. That is great feeling! If only I could figure out what is going on with this left lower leg again.

But, I digress.

We arrived at the run fairly early so we sat in the car and chatted for a while before heading out to the bathrooms. Talk about cutting it close…

There were potty lines and they were unorganized. There were two runs that morning, a 5K and the 10-miler. Many of the 5Kers stepped out of line since us 10-milers were starting first. That was kind…but still, we stepped out of the potties just in time for the starting gun. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the gatekeepers would not let us enter at the start line location. Instead we had to walk back the length of the full corral and then make our way to the front of it. When we reached the 10:00 pacer group, the gun fired. I quickly lost sight of my two compadres, as they planned to run together and began jogging ahead. But, in retrospect, for me, this was a good thing. It made me slow down at the start…because I had no choice in the matter. On such a beautiful day as it was, and me not running for a week, I needed the speed check. Otherwise, I would have went out like a maniac. And since I had not a clue how the elevation would be for this run, it turned out to be a God send.

At mile 3 or so, I caught up to a comfortable pace and passed the 8:00 pacer. I basically stayed there the remainder of the run. There were short ups and downs, but nothing too drastic. Still, it was just enough to make me slow down a bit on the uphills so I wouldn’t crash and burn later. And, I took advantage of all the downhills, picking up the pace without landing on my face.

There were a few fans on the route, although most of them were volunteers. I was quite surprised being that it was a University run. I expected to see more students out there cheering on the runners. There was some music, too, which helped with the fanfare. This 10-miler was actually a 2-person relay run as well, so just a little after mile 5 was the relay exchange point. This was a relief to see, and my cue to pick up the pace for the second half. I decided last minute NOT to wear my hydration belt for this run, and at this point, I wish I had. I was thirsty and plain water wasn’t cutting it. I had to take my Energybits at mile 6 or so, and I find it much easier to take them with my water bottle rather than with a Dixie cup of water. This kind of sucked. I had to stop to take my water breaks. And it may have ultimately prevented the PR. Live and learn.

Finish line #selfie!

Finish line #selfie!

The race ended with a run encircling the TCF Bank Stadium where the Minnesota Golden Gophers (and Minnesota Vikings) play football. I have never seen it up close, and I was quite impressed. (Don’t tell ME we don’t have any money). I was also rather impressed at it’s shear circumference, because it must have been a half mile jaunt around that stadium! Who knew?

Can you see me in the Jumbo-Tron? Hint: I'm wearing NEON!

Can you see me in the Jumbo-Tron? Hint: I’m wearing NEON!

Finally, we were ushered into the stadium and down the field where at the finish line, we could see ourselves cross on the Jumbo-tron! Very fun! I glanced up to see 1:18:something on the clock, and I knew that I had crossed the start line a little late. My Garmin said 1:17:47 and it turns out that I finished in 1:17:36. Not a PR, but I’m still pleased with my overall time considering the hills. My previous PR of 1:15:03  for a 10-miler happened at the Monster Dash in 2013 and that was a net downhill run. And I ended up 4th in my age group.

Goldy's Run Results

Goldy’s Run Results

I hung around the finish line for my running friends to finish and they were only 15 minutes or so behind me. Afterwards, we headed up to the concession area to collect our food items and exchange a shirt (not the best looking color, I might add), and then headed out. And, we found some fellows to snap a photo for us, right in front of the Scott County engraving, where we all hail!

Paula, me, and Michelle.

Paula, me, and Michelle.

I didn’t have much leg pain with this run, until it was done. I was a little worried at first, but by the time I got home, it had relieved itself, until later that evening. Sunday morning was a whole other ballgame. I did get out there on Sunday for a little walk just to shake it off and it helped tremendously.

But, I’m taking the rest of this week to recover for Saturday’s 15K in memory of my daughters’ childhood friend, Carina, who passed away at 12 from lymphoma. It is the Hot Chocolate 5K and 15K run, and I’m very much looking forward to it! The weather looks wonderful, and I raised over $1000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities. I had a personalized bib from Races 2 Remember made for the event…and I know Carina will be there cheering me on!

My Races 2 Remember Race Bib in memory of Carina.

My Races 2 Remember Race Bib in memory of Carina.

And so it goes.

After this run, my family arrives for my daughters’ confirmation ceremony, and we plan to head down to Rochester for the Athleta Unleash the She. I’ll be doing the 10K with my sister, while my mom, sister #2, and twin daughters do the 5K walk. It will be fun just to do something with all of them as we don’t have the opportunity to get together very often! I’m looking forward to it. And, I’m looking forward to a little break afterward.

How about you? Do you like to run with a friend, a group, or alone? Or do you like to mix it up?



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  1. I’m a solo runner. But I love going to races with friends! It makes it so much more fun!

    Great job on the race!

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