Sock It To Me – SLS3 Compression Sock #Review and #Giveaway

SLS3 Butterfly socks in Pink.

If I had a dime for every pair of compression socks I owned…

Yeah, I’d be rich.

Well, maybe not. But it is nice to dream!

I was recently asked by SLS3 to test and review a pair of their compression socks. SLS3 makes compression socks and sleeves and sells them at competitive prices. What makes them different? SLS3 Compression wear has been conceived with the notion that starting from scratch, with the best materials on the market, makes the best products. Rigorous testing and retesting, as well as superior quality control makes their defective return rate less than .05%. It is this attention to detail that gives their products the edge.

SLS3 line of compression socks and sleeves.

SLS3 line of compression socks and sleeves.

Founded by two German pro triathletes with a few dollars and a passion for creating the best athletic wear possible, SLS3 has become what it is today.

Not only will you find compression socks and sleeves, but you will also find tanks, tops, capris, shorts, swim caps, fuel belts, and even custom jewelry! It is a site worth investigating.

SLS3 Butterfly socks in Pink.

SLS3 Butterfly socks in Pink.

SLS3 sent me the Butterfly Compression Socks in neon pink, of course. Here is what SLS3 says about this product:

SLS3 Butterfly compression socks boost bloodflow by about 34%. This increases oxygen delivery to the working muscles to enhance their performance. The circulation improvements also help the body eliminate metabolic waste products like lactic acid more easily. The combination of these effects allows you to work longer and harder, delaying the onset of fatigue.

The SLS3 Butterfly compression socks offer more targeted, significant support to the achilles tendons, tibias, calves and ankles, thus boosting the ability to reduce common ankle and foot injuries.

They are recommended for running, cycling, walking, triathlon, skiing, traveling and lots of other uses.

The supportive effect and compression of SLS3 Butterfly compression socks reduce muscle vibration drastically, which leads to less soft tissue damage and less sore muscles. Your recovery time will be significantly reduced.


  • 20-30 mmHG of graduated compression
  • Seamless TekWeb technology
  • Muscle Stability
  • Increased Bloodflow
  • Web knit for more support of arch
  • Cooling effect and UV protection

Upon first inspection of the socks, I was immediately drawn to the design. They are unique and feminine at the same time. The pink is bright and visible and the butterflies catch the eye.

SLS3 Thigh Highs?

SLS3 Thigh Highs?

The socks slid on with ease although they appeared to be a bit too long for my calf. This has always been an issue with me and certain brands of compression socks.

Stacking up the natural stretch of various brands of compression socks. From left to right: Spun, 2XU, Tiux, CEP, Pro Compression, SLS3

Stacking up the natural stretch of various brands of compression socks. From left to right: Spun, 2XU, Tiux, CEP, Pro Compression, SLS3

My instinct is to pull them up over my knee, but of course, that is not what you are supposed to do. Believe it or not,  I have tried running with them this way. Invariably, they end up sliding down below the knee. This, in turn, causes the upper band of the sock to create a bit of tension just behind the knee, at the top of the calf, cutting off the circulation, and leaving in it’s wake a red, irritated mark encircling the upper calf.

Reset to below the knee...

Reset to below the knee…

...then redistribute compression.

…then redistribute compression.

To defeat this, my solution has been to attempt to redistribute the compression in such a way that it is equal from the ankle to the top of the calf. So, rather than pulling the sock up with tension, I first position the top of the sock to the desired location on the lower leg, and then massage the sock into place from the top to the ankle. In general, this works. But some brands still leave the red mark.

SLS3 did not do that. In fact, after my runs, I successfully threw on a pair of jeans afterward and was able to go about my day with the socks still on, without any significant discomfort behind the knee. My calves felt great. The socks do the job!

I also found no significant rubbing or chafing from SLS3. I have had issues with brands such as Spun compression in the past with chafing behind the heel, and excess sweat build up. I completed 4 runs of 6+ miles in these socks and have no complaints.

Still curious, however, I posed the question to SLS3 about what to do with their extra long compression socks. Were they designed that way on purpose? And, how do you force them to fit properly? Here is how they responded:

The lycra fabric that is used in most compression-wear is extremely elastic. As such, you can stretch it up to your thigh if you wanted. However, because it is also compressive, it will shrink back to its original optimal stretch length overtime. This is why most socks and sleeves have what seems to be an excessive amount of material, it needs to be made that way to compensate for the compressive shrinking properties that will pull it in.

How you put on our socks was perfect. The idea is not to pull it up as high as they can go, but equally distribute the material. They should function just as perfect for you as someone with longer legs.

So there you have it. Ask and you shall get an answer to even the most nagging questions. Ever wondered how to wear compression socks? Now you know!

Overall, I’m impressed with SLS3 and their line of compression wear. I’m intrigued by their FXC Compression Day Sleeves, and would love to test those out as well.

As they say…and as you know…a runner can’t have too much running gear. Especially if they believe it makes them faster, stronger, or better!

I’m so excited that SLS3 has allowed me to offer you the chance to win a free pair of compression socks! All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter below to be eligible for a chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! Hey, and if you are impatient like I am and just want to get in there and start shopping, use this code to get 40% off NOW!

Do you prefer compression socks or sleeves? Why? Or do you just go with the standard sock?




22 Responses to Sock It To Me – SLS3 Compression Sock #Review and #Giveaway

  1. Taryn says:

    I wear both, but the sleeves are a little bit tighter and help with the tendonitis I’ve had in my left calf/ankle since October.

  2. Cora Kirkpatrick says:

    Thanks bunches for hosting this giveaway for free #SLS3 socks! YOU ROCK!!! I bet those socks do too! <3

  3. Jenn says:

    I have always wanted to try compression socks! Thanks for the info on wearing them correct and putting them on. Excited about the SLS3

  4. stephanie odell says:

    I love the butterfly ones. Thanks for the chance and info on a product.

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  6. robin parker says:

    neon is my color also! i would rally like to try #SLS3 compression socks. thanks for a chance to win!

  7. Holly E says:

    I love all the great color options of these compression socks; nice!

  8. Natalie Pender says:

    Awesome #SLS3 giveaway! Neon is my color too, but of the pink persuasion!

  9. liz l says:

    I’m training for my first marathon this year- #SLS3 would be useful!

  10. Dot says:

    I wear a standard running sock during my runs. However, I’ve just started wearing sleeves after my long runs, and they’re awesome. I’m considering getting socks too so that way my feet will be happy too.

  11. Wehaf says:

    I’ve never tried compression socks; I hope I win a pair of #SLS3 socks so I give them a whirl!

  12. Tessa says:

    Love the butterflys!

  13. Ken C says:

    I love neon colors, want to try #SLS3 compression socks, thanks for the giveaway

  14. I love compression socks! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!!

  15. Thank you for linking up! I have a million socks too but I have never tried SLS. Hmm…must get on that!

  16. Mary says:

    Theresa.. today I told you I didn’t like to wear socks. The sleeves look like something I would wear as they wouldn’t confine my toes. I love your web page and facebook page. After volunteering with you all this time I would have never guessed you to wear neon.

  17. Ruth C says:

    I love neon colors, #SLS3 are great socks

  18. Amanda C. says:

    I haven’t tried sleeves yet, but I want to! I am a CEP fan but admittedly haven’t tried many others. Your review of these socks makes me want to try them! Awesome colors too.

  19. sarah says:

    I have always wanted to try compression socks. This would be a great way to try them! #SLS3

  20. Carla S says:

    I have never tried compression socks before. I wear low cut athletic socks right now.

  21. Farrah says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! I’ve never actually tried compression socks before (unless you count unintentionally tight socks ;_; ), but have always been curious about them! The butterflies are so cute! :]

  22. I would love to try compression socks. It would be the first pair for me.

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