It Could Be Worse…But It Could Be Better

I just want to run.

Yeah, I know I’ve started many other blog posts with that statement. But, this is a running blog after all. I run. It is what I do.

Trying to explain this to a non-runner can be torturous. That is why I started this blog to begin with. I wanted to be able to share my running adventures with like minded folks who get why I want to share my running adventures.

My good sense about running, especially after last years disaster prior to the Boston Marathon, tells me that I can not diagnose myself. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and see a professional.

And sometimes, the answer you get from the professional isn’t always what you want to hear…even though the news is good.

You heard me.

Good news=Not so good news.

The good news is we know that my tibia isn’t fractured. The bad news is we don’t know what the hell is wrong with it.

There is nothing. No swelling, no redness, no radiating warmth, no pressure points of pain…

It just hurts after I run. And sometimes when I run. And sometimes not at all.


The prognoses? I won’t injure it any worse by running on it…despite the fact that it hurts. And I’m already doing all the right stuff by massaging it, doing exercises and stretching, applying ice, applying heat, soaking it in Epsom salts, and doing some foam rolling. The only thing I’m not doing that he recommends is Advil…three times a day. So, I added that.

And lo and behold, amazing things are already coming into play.

I’ve also been prescribed a few PT sessions, so I’ve booked my most favorite PT ever for Thursday of this week. And today, I had a massage with a little active release therapy on my lower leg. I really can’t tell if it helped because I’m taking the Advil. But if you asked my honest opinion, I’d say “yes”.

The Liver Meridian

The Liver Meridian

My massage therapist is also into Chinese medicine. And she listened intently as I described my symptoms. She said my pain source links directly to the Liver Meridian. At first I thought, “……right.” Then she pressed on a pressure point on the top of my foot and I nearly fell off the table. When did that start hurting? I hadn’t noticed it. She explained it was the starting point of the Liver Meridian. And I vowed to research it when I got home. Here is what I found on Liver: Wood-energy yin organ:

The Liver Channel Pathway, Acupuncture Points, and Internal Trajectories

Beginning by the inside of the big toenail, the liver channel crosses the top of the foot, passes in front of the inside ankle and up the inner aspect of the leg through SP-6 close behind the edge of the bone.  It continues past the knee along the inner thigh to the groin and pubic region, where it circulates the external genitals.  It connects with the conception vessel in the lower abdomen and continues up around the stomach to enter both the liver and gallbladder.  Connecting with two surface points on the ribs, the channel then dips into the ribcage, runs up through the throat, opening to the eye, and ends at the crown of the head where it connects with the governing vessel.  A branch circles the mouth.  From within the liver, another internal branch reaches the lungs, and this restarts the cycle of qi.

Hmmmm. She also said that the natural body detoxes in spring…as it should purge before the new growth emerges. And DAMN if this didn’t happen to me at the same stinkin’ time last year. Holy crap! The question that pops up in my head now is, did I actually ever HAVE a stress fracture? We never saw it on the x-ray. We never saw it on the MRI.



Then she said, if we didn’t hit the source of the discomfort in the massage today, she would recommend some acupuncture. At this point I thought, “Ok, who is crazier, her or me?” But when I got home and went through the chain of events with my husband, HE said the same thing…acupuncture! And he (gulp) AGREED!

“Well, yes…you should try it. There is something about that Chinese medicine that works for those unexplained maladies.”

Unexplained. My injury is unexplained.

Ok, then. Since it is included in my Yoga membership, if my symptoms don’t settle out in a week or two, that will be my next step. At this point, I’ll try anything.

But, I’m hopeful…I’m praying that we hit it today. And I’m playing my next half marathon moment by moment. It is Saturday. And I’m still not sure I’m gonna run it. But anything can happen.


I believe in anything.

Have you ever had an unexplained pain or area of discomfort? How did you remedy it?

5 Responses to It Could Be Worse…But It Could Be Better

  1. Jen says:

    I was super reluctant at first but have been using acupuncture to help with injuries for the past couple years and it has helped so much. Believe me I looked into the research and it has been supports for ever. I thought like yo it was worth a try and now I’m a believer. Good luck!

  2. Butch says:

    I found I want to run too, but still on hold till between Sept. and March, Yeah that’s what I thought too, quite a wide spread there Doc! Everything else is dropping early, early prognosis 8-10 weeks with crutches and boot, off in 6 weeks initially 8+ weeks of Physical Therapy, he scheduled me 2 times per week for 4 weeks. Maybe just MAYBE I’ll be running in Sept/Oct. range instead of that 1 year non sense!!!! I hope you get fixed quickly!!!

  3. Oh yes. Been there. Time off will do you wonders. Sadly.

    I hope it calms down and you’re back on the road soon.

  4. Michelle says:

    Sometimes these aches and pains are the bodies way of saying it needs rest. I hope you feel better soon!!

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