Farmington Dew Days – Race #Recap

This was another one of those runs where I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to run it. It is a 4-miler. Farmington Dew Days also hosts a 1-miler, and earlier this year, back when I was feeling better, I signed up for both. It was just $2.00 more, and to spend a whopping $17 on a couple of timed runs seemed like a bargain. I’ve never run a true 1-miler and I thought it would be fun to see what I could pound out.

My PT gave me permission to run it, as long as I didn’t aim too high and push too hard. Famous last words, right?

But in fact, what made me consider holding back altogether, was the weather. With a broad band of thunderstorms moving through an hour before the race was due to begin, made me wonder if it would even happen at all. My husband kept saying he didn’t think it would clear in time, but a glimpse at the radar that morning said differently. We decided to go for it as there were no updates posted on the Facebook event page. Yep, he rode along, in the best cheerleader fashion that he could muster.

I didn’t have to do too much prep work for this one, as it was a shortie. But I did make sure I got my Energybits, and my Bulletproof coffee in the morning to get me going. I also wore my Brooks Launch and took along my Newton’s just in case it was raining. This way, I’d have a spare pair of dry sneakers, just in case.

We arrived around 7:30 am. The 1-miler began at 8:00 am. I got my packet, and my special medal for my #IRun4 buddy, Delaney. Then, just like that, it began to rain again. The hubster and I took shelter under one of the giant tents set up for the weekend events happening in Farmington for the Annual Dew Days. He kept checking the radar and was quite certain it would end just in time. As the rain trickled off 15 minutes later, I decided  to go ahead and run the 1-miler as well. I was there, and I figured if anything, I’d get a decent shake out from the run.

Start Line #Selfie

Start Line #Selfie

There wasn’t much delay at the start for the 1-miler, and we were off in no time. I took it relatively easy, despite the fact that my leg felt pretty good. The recent rain had left the road rather wet, so when I ran, I back splashed water and dirt on my hammies and butt. Ewwwww. Such a horrible feeling!

After I started, I almost wished I hadn’t. All I wanted to do was open it up but my brain kept telling me “…don’t do anything stupid, Neon.” So I pulled back. At the half way point, I passed a dad and son and heard the elder say “You are halfway there!” Thank goodness, I thought.

I ended up with a 07:04 finish, but I’m sure that if I were at 100%, I could have easily pulled in the 6’s.

I got a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to recover in time for the 4-miler at 8:30 am, but literally within minutes, I was good to go. My husband and I muddled around for 20 minutes or so, watching the Kids Fun Run, and then awaiting the 8:30 am start, which ended up being more like 8:40 ish. Better for me, I thought, with a little extra lag time.

2015-06-20 08.37.37

A little after 8:40 am, we were off. I went out too fast and too hard, and I knew it immediately. I had no recourse but to dial back after mile 1, and by then it was a bit too late. I took it as an omen and just backed off. The next mile was spent trying to find a comfortable pace where I could breathe. My cardio has taken a hit due to the fact that I’m not running up to speed these days. All this did was depress me and make me wonder if I’ll ever return to where I was as a runner. In my attempt to get over this thought, I found a little tyke…maybe 14…to run along side of for a while. I figured if I could keep up with her, I had nothing to complain about.

At about mile 3, my running friend began to fall behind, so I just kept at the pace I found myself in. I think it was a little less than 8:00. I was able to finish there…with very little discomfort. I crossed the finish at exactly 30:00. Not sure if that was an omen, either. All though, if it was, I don’t know what it meant.

I’ve PR’d this course at 28:13, so this wasn’t a keeper. But it was a finish. Last year, I wasn’t able to run it at all! Perhaps a sign that things are looking up for Chicago.

2015-06-20 10.01.32

I also managed a third place age group ribbon for both the 1-mile and the 4-mile. That was a pleasant surprise. And, I finished my 13th timed event of 2015. It looks like I’ll for certain make that 15 race goal I set for myself back in January.

We ducked out after the awards presentation, despite the fact that they were getting ready for a rib tasting contest later that day. Dang…wish we could have stayed around! It was starting to smell amazing!

The best news, however, wasn’t what happened during the run, but what happened after. And that was nothing. Absolutely nothing. No residual pain in the tibia. Just some minor discomfort the following day when I attempted to run on it. But it dissipated quickly. I certainly hope I’m on to something, and come July, we can kick this incident to the curb!

We are halfway through the year. What is your race count thus far in 2015?


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  1. Great job “holding back”…lol… Can you believe I’ve never done a one mile race? I do love those mile repeats Becky makes me do for speed work, but I’ve never gotten less than 7:30.

  2. Jenn says:

    It’s hard holding back when you just want to go, go, go! I hope that you are feeling better and ready to go for your big events ahead.

    My count is at 11 for the year, so far. More to come!

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