Just when I thought I was out…

I swear. I can’t even quit with dignity. Instead, my body says, “It ain’t over. There’s no givin’ up yet.”

How can I complain? I don’t want to quit anyway. I just want to run…and run…and run.

Last week, after a combination of some leg pain, serious mood swings, hormonal imbalance, and a severe lack of sleep, I told my physical therapist that I’m just about ready to call it. Nothing is working. There will be NO comebacks for this lady. I was down…I was out. I was being handed my hat.

Suddenly, however, the thought that perhaps I’d try one more thing before last Saturday’s 4-miler. I haven’t had a Graston session in weeks. They kept me running through May. I have always had great results after a Graston session. Could she sign me up at her office?

Graston Technique

Graston Technique

She did. It was the most intense Graston session I’ve ever had. This Graston boy worked not just one but both calves, and everything else below the knees. Yeah, I was a little bruised on Friday, and had to take an Advil midday because of a little calf cramping. But I ran the Pan O’ Prog in Lakeville on Saturday without an iota of pain. Nothing…nill…negatory. And I probably could have PR’d it, had the heat and humidity not been so awful after a mile into the run. Clearly, my aerobic capacity is waning due to the lack of quality runs.

And after the run? Nothing…nill…negatory.

Was it the magical Graston session? I have to think that it was. After every session I had in May, I was able to have successful runs afterwards. I know it has something to do with it. Plus, the added exercises, the icing and leg drains, and possibly the Exogen. Even the walk/run intervals that are now a regular part of my routine…I think it is all aiding in the comeback.

I’m certainly experiencing another kind of recovery. I’m not sure if it was overtraining, or an adrenal issue, but the significant weight gain I had been experiencing is finally reversing. And the sleep issues came to a head this weekend. Finally, I feel like I turned a corner, or hit rock bottom…probably the latter because I swear I heard a loud “THUD”.


I just hadn’t been able to make sense of what was happening to me, because I felt as though I had changed nothing. Why was I suddenly struggling? Well, I shouldn’t say “suddenly” as I felt the change as early as March, and that surprise trip we took to California. That entire ordeal seemed to have started a chain of awful events in my health and running ability. I’m almost tempted to give it all the blame.

After that trip began the downward spiral. It took weeks for my gut to heal, and then the injury started up, and then the weight gain. Sleep was starting to play games with me again. I even moved out of the bedroom and into one of our guest rooms. I was getting desperate.

Days turned into weeks…which turned into months. I managed a few races, but not with great difficulty. Finally, though, things started happening this week. Saturday’s pain free run couldn’t have come at a better time.

And if ALL of this isn’t nearly enough, my step-daughter decided to have her baby on Sunday! She wasn’t due until early August, but obviously Miss Sienna had other plans. Yep, I’m a gramma. And I’m pretty darn stoked about it!

Me and Sienna

Me and Sienna




I’ll have my Lakeville Pan O’ Prog race recap up next, and then reviews of some great products I tried out this past week. My reviews are way behind as I haven’t been running as often as I’d like. I apologize to the vendors who have sent me samples to review. I will get to you soon!

And, it is also time to start talking Marathon Training. Yeah, I’ve been avoiding it. But now I need to get started. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, so Monday I’ll launch my program with what I hope to be another BQ run at Chicago! A girl could only hope…

Tell me about your BIGGEST comeback ever!


2 Responses to Just when I thought I was out…

  1. Mary says:

    congrats on the new grandbaby! My 6 year old is also a “Sienna”

  2. julie katz says:

    congrats on the grandbaby. the bow on her hat is bigger than her head. haha. i whine then i think about it could be so much worse. take an advil and keep moving.

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