Lakeville Pan O' Prog Race Recap

I’m just a wee bit behind with my race recaps. Between the kids and their band activities, their driving classes, and the surprise arrival of the new granddaughter, it’s amazing that I can get anything done at all!

The Lakeville Pan O’ Prog 4-miler is our local run…you know, the one that is just 10 minutes away. And it is a good thing, too, because it happens pretty early in the morning. As for the name – Pan O’ Prog – (Panorama of Progress), I’m not sure if I want to meet the marketing genius who came up with that name or not. However, it has been the slogan for 49 years, and my husband and I still snicker at it every summer.


I do enjoy the run, though. It’s never overly crowded, and there is always plenty of parking. So, it’s a no-brainer. And you always run into people you know. And that is always fun!

My husband wished to accompany me this year, which is always a nice treat. But the 7:45am start still meant a 6:00am wake up time, which is kind of a bummer for a local run. And, unfortunately, I had a lousy night sleep the night before. I’m not sure why, but there has been so much on my mind, from our friend Jeff, to my pregnant step-daughter (at the time). In fact, the evening after the run, we were expecting her and my son-in-law over for dinner so I had some food prep to do when we arrived home.

We were off a little after 7:00am. I picked up my race packet and was surprised to learn I signed up for the 1-mile run, too. What WAS I thinking? This time, the 1-mile run was after the 4-mile run. I’d have to decide later if I’d actually do it.

We ran into a few of my running friends from a nearby neighborhood. These are the same ladies I run the Monster Dash with plus a few other local events. It is always great to see all of them! Unfortunately, my mind was not working correctly due to the lack of sleep, and I inadvertently forgot a few names. I swear, I have early onset Alzheimer’s…or else just a terrible short term memory.

I hit the bathroom late, and as I emerged, it was time to hit the start line. I spotted my husband just ahead, camera phone in hand, ready to snap me as I passed!

Me, waving to the hubster.

Me, waving to the hubster.

It started out as a lovely morning. In fact, the first mile of the run wasn’t that bad, but suddenly, the wind turned off and the humidity turned on. Ugh! I quickly backed off of my pace and decided to wait it out until mile 3. As I ran, I saw Laura and Stephani pass me. They are a few of the friends I referred to earlier. They are younger than I am, so I figured they could handle way more than I could. HA HA! In fact, I paced behind Stephani for quite a while, until I saw her take a walk break and passed her by. I think this was about mile 3, and I tried at this time to pick up the pace.

I felt barfy. Ugh…the humidity was that bad. For the first time ever while running an event, I felt like I would lose my cookies. I didn’t eat any breakfast, so all I had to lose was bulletproof coffee and some energybits. Still, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

At around mile 3.5, I passed by my friend Laura who was clearly fighting the awful humidity as well. And a few minutes later, I crossed the finish. Gawd, that sucked! I met up with my husband and we walked around the circle of the park a few times so I could catch my breath. He thought I did well, and later I would find out I came in under 30:00, which is the time I ran the Farmington Dew Days 4-miler. This pleased me, considering the weather was much worse for this run. I did notice, however, that I didn’t have a stitch of leg pain throughout the run, nor did I have it at the finish! This pleased me as well.

2015-07-11 08.27.22

My husband wanted to head to Fleet Farm after the run, but I knew it was going to take a while for the award ceremony. I had asked in advance if I could get a medal for Delaney, so I wanted to hang around. I sent him off and went off to find the race director.

The 1-mile was slated to start soon as well. But I was still a little nauseous, so I decided to nix it. Although, I did have to stop and think twice.

In the meantime, I met up with all my friends and we chatted up the run, plus some other gossip. I quickly lost track of what I was doing when my husband pulled back up after running his errands. And then I learned I got 2nd in my age group! So, we sat around for another half hour, collected the booty, and shoved off.

2015-07-11 16.30.13

No, not a PR for this run, but still a respectable time. I can’t help but think that next year, I’ll graduate to the next age group. My husband says that then I’ll be a true contender. I just hope I can keep it up…and stay injury free until then!

Another year, another Pan O’ Prog!

Another year to snicker…

How are your summer events going? Is it hot and humid where you are?

Author’s Note: I just realized that the Lakeville Pan O’ Prog and I are the same age! We will turn 50 together…that means 2016 has GOT to be my year!

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