A Groovy Kind of Run.

Oh yeah. I’m running. Have I mentioned that lately?

I’m a runner and this is a running blog…first and foremost. Sometimes I forget. Recently it seems like I’m forgetting all the time.

I’ve gotten into a little running groove. My runs are more planned these days because I’m trying desperately to stay off of the main roads. Driving to a park or a running path takes extra time, so all of that needs to come into consideration on my run days. The treadmill runs are easy because I only have to walk downstairs. And to be honest, I look forward to them a little more than the outdoor runs because they are fast and simple, and I have access to everything I need.

Training Log this time last year.

Training Log this time last year.

My training has been slow and methodical. And everyday I run, I think that I am no where near ready for a marathon in some 50 days. But, when I think back to this same time last year, it is quite obvious I felt the same way. Things really didn’t start clicking until late August or early September. I’m almost certain I’m following the same exact track as I did in 2014 which led to the awesome run I had at the Twin Cities Marathon. So I’m not in panic mode quite yet.

The weather has been fickle. And there is no doubt I run better in the cooler Minnesota mornings than I do in the warmer late mornings or early afternoons in full sun. I am also running better after a rest day, and running better in my Newton Fates. The pair I’m in are quickly accumulating mileage, so a new pair will be required pre-marathon. Looking back to last year, I was three weeks out with my brand new pair of Fates so I’ve got a new pair on order.

Love my Fates!

Love my Fates!

My pace seems a little slow, personally. They have been averaging around 8:40 for a 6+ miler. I’m not sure why, but it feels like all my runs are happening in slow motion. The nasal breathing might play a factor in that. Right now, I can do an entire 10 mile run just breathing through my nose. It almost feels unnatural to breathe through the mouth! It has certainly kept my heart rate in check, as well, which was one of my goals for this season. It will be interesting to see what happens when I incorporate mouth breathing with the nasal breathing for the longer runs in September.

Profile from Saturday's run.

Profile from Saturday’s run.

I’m shooting for two pre-marathon long runs. One of 16 miles, and the other of 20 miles. These should happen the first week and third week of September. Then I should be good to go…I hope.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.01.01 PM

Today, I was able to muster a little speed work after recording a podcast with Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie. Yep. I’m a starlet! Ha ha! Really though, you’ll be able to hear me on Low Carb Conversations on Friday, August 22nd. It was an exciting opportunity to share my story about why I went low carb, and discuss recent headlines regarding health and nutrition in the news. Also joining Jimmy, Cassie and I was Jess Paige, an inspiring young lady who found this lifestyle at an early age. I wish I had as well. (You can find Low Carb Conversations on iTunes as well!)

Just a wee bit sweaty.

Just a wee bit sweaty.

Back to the speed work. My max pace today was 6:40. Here is the rundown:

5 minutes at 5.5.
2 minutes at 6.0.
1 minute at 7.5.
2 minutes at 6.0.
1 minute at 7.6.
Increased minute interval by 0.1 each round with a 6 minute cool down at 6.0.

Max pace 9.0 or 6:40.
All nasal breathing except at 50 minutes when I had to take an exceptionally large GASP. Yeah, it happened. But that is alright. It was still a super run. I’m hoping these little speed sessions will give me the boost I need to pull out another Boston Qualifier in Chicago.

Yeah, another week closer to October 11th. Am I anxious? A little, but far less than I was a few weeks ago. I now believe I can pull this thing off, as long as I play it smart and not get into my head about it. All I have to do is pray for great, cool, fall weather and no major surprises between now and then.

Let’s do this!

How is your training going? What is your next big event?



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