Running. It's My Lobster.

It’s coming back. It’s all coming back. I can finally say that. It has been a long road, somehow longer than coming back from last year’s injury. It seems my cardio has suffered two fold this time around. And, the unexplained weight gain has wreaked havoc on my gait. I think I finally do have an explanation for it, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m carrying at least 5-8 pounds more than I was at this time last year. That sucks. And it sucks for my pace.

I’ve got a few less than 50 days until Chicago, so there is some hope I can get back to my marathon weight. But, I’m still struggling to make any great progress. Changing things up might be the next best bet. I’m not quite sure how to proceed with that, but I have a few ideas.

The nasal breathing has really worked wonders. For Thursday’s run, I did more of a combination of breathing, beginning nasally, and then finishing the last lap using a combination. This wasn’t planned. I was just feeling wiped out after the third lap (10 miles) and I really wanted to get in a fourth. It was the only way I could fathom getting it done at a decent pace.

Thursday's Runmeter Data

Thursday’s Runmeter Data

Looking back at my Runmeter data, I have to chuckle. Do you see that heart rate increase during lap 2? It’s funny, but there was an acquaintance whom I ran side-by-side with, back and forth with, etc. the entire lap. She approached me early and said she’s be running my pace so she might come up on me once and again. She asked if I minded, and I said, “Not at all!” But it appears that my heart DID mind! How crazy! Was it a little secret competition? Was it just because I knew she was right behind me? Was I afraid she’d show me up? I really didn’t care at the time, honestly. It was a gorgeous morning, and I was enjoying the cooler temperatures. I was being careful not to strain on the uphills, and give it a little extra on the downhills, just like I would in a long race. But having her run next to me pumped up my adrenaline enough to raise my heart rate, despite keeping my pace in control.


What does THIS tell you about race day? Obviously, it’s gotta elevate the heart rate all by itself. And that would make for a tougher run. Even just having someone run up on your backside will pump it up. This kind of stuff fascinates me. And it is something I’d love to investigate further. How could I prevent it? Better yet, how could I control it? Perhaps it would do me some good to run with a buddy to get used to that other physical body in close proximity, urging me on and stealthily making my heart flutter.

Gawd! I love this thing called running. I love figuring out how to get better. I love determining what makes it worse. I love putting it all together until the final piece completes the puzzle of the perfect marathon run. The fact that I’m approaching 50 makes it that much more intriguing, but also makes me verklempt. I wish I had started earlier in life.

But, there is no going back now. The best I can do is continue to do what I do. And hold out all hope that I’m doing it right. Because running completes me. As Phoebe would say, “It’s my lobster“.

Yep. Running is my lobster. Let’s just hope it doesn’t swallow me whole.

Is running your lobster? If you couldn’t run, what would you do instead?


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