Can you see me now? #Tuvizo Review

I’m always astounded by the number of runners out there who insist on wearing gray or black. I’m not really sure what they are thinking. I realize that those colors are “slimming”, but for goodness sakes…it matches the road! Many times, wearing these colors makes you indistinguishable from your surroundings. A driver who is paying just minimal attention will no doubt NOT see you running on the side of the road. It is bad enough that drivers are already distracted with the advent of cell phones and the like. Certainly, they don’t need additional help gambling with your life.

Neon is my color for a reason. I love to run. I love to run the paved roads.
I want to be seen.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped by drivers on my route, even squad cars, to tell me that I’m highly visible in my neon attire and that it is appreciated. Yep. Neon is my color. Wear something bright, people.

If you still choose to wear the darker colors, there are alternatives, one of which I highly recommend. It won’t mess with your running, but it could easily save your life by increasing your visibility at times when you need it most.

Tuvizo’s line of running vests are exactly what you need. Actually, it is more like visibility straps that you wear like a vest. It is virtualy weightless, and won’t interfere with your running. It comes in two magical colors, pink and yellow, and in a few sizes as well (both are adjustable to nearly any size). It can easily be worn over your running uniform. There is no need to worry about overheating in Tuvizo’s running vests as they are just a series of straps.

In fact, they are great for bicyclists, too. Or for anyone who needs to be seen.

Tuvizio’s visibility is second to none. You WILL be seen. For this I have no doubt. In fact, when I first emerged around the corner of the kitchen, my husband literally shaded his eyes with his hand.

“Geez! That is bright! Wow! That is something else. Let me put it on so you can see!” He did just that. And I was amazed!

No, it can’t force a distracted driver to take better care when approaching you on the road, but it will take visibility out of the excuses. He certainly can’t say he didn’t see you.

It is always best to assume nothing while road running. You need to pay just as much attention to the driver as you would expect him to pay to you. Watch them, always. Be prepared to make a move.

Here is how Tuvizo describes their product and how it will benefit you.

The Secret to Your Safety on the Roads – the Tuvizo Reflective High Visibility Safety Vest

Can you “Be Seen” on busy roads with distracted drivers?

– Accidents involving pedestrians/cyclists and vehicles occur daily
– Main cause of such accidents is drivers not seeing the pedestrian/cyclist
– How clearly can a driver see you?

How to “Be Seen”

– Wear high visibility
– Wear reflective
– Choose comfortable gear that you will use

Benefits of the Tuvizo Reflective Vest

– Bright colour greatly improves visibility
– Reflective strip reflects light of headlights back to drivers
– Easy to wear and comfortable
– Simple to adjust
– No batteries required

Product Highlights

– Suits many activities including running, cycling, dog walking or motorbiking
– Useful in any environment to enhance visibility, particularly the road
– Provides a large area of reflectiveness on the torso, the area most seen by others

Fitting your Garment

– Adjustable straps allow modification to your fit
– Soft stretch elastic provides a comfortable, secure fit without restriction
– Easy to take on and off with ergonomic buckle, even with cold or gloved hands
– Fits from child to adult
– No burr fastenings to snag clothes

The Tuvizo Reflective Vest Offers

– Easily seen in daylight and reduced light conditions.
– Light, functional, comfortable and adjustable design.
– Integrated with highly reflective areas for when being seen is vital.
– Provides user with an easily seen yellow high visibility garment.

Now, let me show you some photos. Tuvizo sent me the pink vest. The first photo shows it without the flash on the camera. This is just regular indoor lighting in a bright sunlit room.

Me in the Tuvizo vest.

Me in the Tuvizo vest.

Here is how it looks with a flash camera

Tuvizo Vest, photographed with a flash camera.

Tuvizo Vest, photographed with a flash camera.

Now, here is how it looks from a distance of 15 feet.

From the back

From the back

From the front

From the front

This is a reflective vest. This is visibility. This is what we call “being seen”. It is something you shouldn’t take for granted. Be smart, please.

The Tuvizo vest is available at Amazon. Get yourself peace of mind for less than $20. I’m sure you will agree the investment is priceless. What would you pay to be seen?

Tuvizo in Pink

Tuvizo in Pink

Tuvizo in Yellow

Tuvizo in Yellow

Of course, I like both colors, because they are neon. But I’m particularly fond of the pink.

The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. In fact, here is a screen shot of a conversation regarding Tuvizo on my Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.08.39 PM

I urge you to check out Tuvizo! Here is the link to their website, but you can only purchase the vests on After you purchase this amazing product, come back here and tell us what you think!

Can you be seen? Tell me how!

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