Women Rock Super Starlet Race Recap – Part 1

It came, it went. In a flash, it was over. I’m not sure how I survived the weekend, but somehow, I came out rather unscathed.

This will undoubtedly be my longest race recap ever. If you want the abbreviated version, just hold out for Part 2. Part 1 is filler…but if you like to read my blog posts, don’t pass it up. It’s kind of a funny story, unless you have a sick husband. If your husband is anything like my husband, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Of course, the blog post is in jest…but I’m thinking many of you can relate.

My recap for this event starts mid week, when it became apparent that my husband had contracted something rather serious from our recent trip to Kansas.


It began inconspicuously enough, but quickly escalated into a full scale belly bug. My first thought was “STAY AWAY FROM ME!” While my next thought was, “Crap. Am I going to be able to leave him home long enough to be able to volunteer on Friday and run on Saturday?” Yeah, when my man gets sick, he gets sick. I couldn’t well enough desert him when my girls needed to be places on Friday and I needed him to bring them there.

I was able to plan enough in advance that all he’d have to do was bring them to school on Friday at 3pm. I could take care of the rest after my volunteer shift ended on Friday. I’d have to stay up late and jeopardize my good nights sleep before the half marathon, but that would be the price I’d pay in order to do what I had on my schedule.

As it was, it almost all came to a screeching halt…

Friday: Volunteer day at the Women Rock Expo.

My husband must have asked me a half dozen times when I was leaving and when I’d be home. And I must have answered him at least a dozen times. I knew he didn’t sleep well the night before because I didn’t sleep well. So, I went on to do P90X without him in the morning, and did an abbreviated version of my PT exercises so I could get out the door by 9:30 am. I left everything in place for my daughters, including money for their dinner at the school. I collected the gear I wanted to exchange at the Expo, and the gear I’d need for the evening run. I made a thermos of Bulletproof coffee, and packed a Quest Bar and an avocado for snacks. My husband was behind the locked door of the bathroom as I was heading out, so I gently let him know I was leaving, and that all he had to do was get the girls to the school by 3:00 pm. He meekly responded “…ok.”



Honestly, I couldn’t wait to escape. A 10-hour volunteer shift would take care of the sick husband anxiety I was plagued with.

I was gracious to have the free, covered parking at the expo, since the rain had started in earnest, and I was gracious to be working at the packet pickup tables. I knew it would help make the day fly by. We got hit early and hard. But by 12:30 pm, the initial rush was over, and it really never picked up again in full force as it did in the morning. In fact, by 1:00 pm, we got a crew of Cross Country kids who pretty much took over the tables. The rest of us just had to supervise and answer odd questions from the registrants.

I got all of my gear exchanged on my break, gathered my goods for the Monster Dash Half Marathon in October, then hung around with my fellow volunteers. By 3:00 pm, I was feeling pretty peaked. I texted my husband to see how he was faring, and the answer wasn’t good. It just made me feel worse. Thinking that I was only halfway through my shift made me question why I volunteered to be on my feet so long the day before a half marathon. My husband failed to respond to my last text message, so I figured he wasn’t too pleased with me being gone all day, either. I took a seat soon afterwards to eat my avocado, and made the decision that this race would be what it would be. I wasn’t sure I could give it my all judging by how my legs were already feeling. And I had to be able to follow the half marathon with the 5K run to finish the challenge. At this point, that meant more to me than PR’ing the Half Marathon run. It would have to do.

The perfect sign for me to see on Race Eve.

The perfect sign for me to see on Race Eve.

About 6:45 pm, I gathered my stuff and got changed for the 7:30 pm start of the 2.5K. This was to be race 1 of the Women Rock Super Starlet Challenge. The weather had cleared nicely, and it was fairly cool outside for that time of the evening. I made the absolute, stupid decision to park closer to the start, when all I had was a 20 minute walk from where I was already parked. Deep inside, I was thinking, “…if I park closer, I can leave faster, and therefore mitigate the situation that might ensue if I don’t get home in time to fetch my children.” I did not anticipate the fact that my GPS could not navigate me to the free parking lot due to road construction in St. Paul. So, I ended up finding a random spot in a pre pay lot 10 minutes before the race, but not before my GPS threw me back on I-35S headed home. I had driven 6 miles out of my way to get a half mile closer to the event start. Just my stupid luck.

Start line of the Women Rock 2.5K

Start line of the Women Rock 2.5K

But, I got there with minutes to spare, just to run 2.5K, or 1.5 miles, to fulfill the first leg of the trifecta. I ran easy, not too fast, but not too slow, either. I wanted to get it over with and get home. As soon as it ended, I collected my medals…

2015-08-30 16.39.24

(one for Delaney! #Irun4Delaney) and did not pass GO. I just kept walking straight to my car. As I did so, I checked my mail…and lo and behold, the results were already posted.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.50.41 PM

I was on the road and close to home by 8:30 pm. but my daughter couldn’t come up with a time yet as to when the band would be finished at the football game, so I texted my husband. I thought I could get an idea about the status of the patient. I queried as to whether I should just go sit in the parking lot of the school and wait for them, or just head home. I thought now if he was feeling better, he’d volunteer to pick them up himself. But that never happened. He gave me no clue whatsoever and I was afraid to ask, so I figured even a half hour at home would allow me to gather stuff up for the morning if I was destined to pick up the girls. I was planning a 6:00 am departure, so that meant a 5:00 am alarm. Oooooh, it was going to be another long day.

As it turned out, he was in no condition to pick them up, so I was able to shower, slap an ice pack on my leg, and get a few things done before picking them up around 10:00 pm. Yep, it was not going to be a sleep filled evening for me. I offered to sleep in the guest room, but he beat me to it…which helped somewhat. But he used our bathroom all night long, and that kept me up every hour, until finally, my alarm buzzed at 5:00 am. But I was already awake. I crawled out of bed.

Race Day – 5:00 am


At this point, my husband informed me of his horrible night of slumber, of which I was already aware, and asked me if we had any Pedialyte in the house. Um….our children are 15. That answer would be a resounding “Nooooo.”

After speaking in what seemed like a foreign tongue for 3 minutes, he convinced me he needed Pedialyte because he was beyond dehydrated. So, being the wife that I am, I offered to forfeit my race day so I could run to Walmart to fetch his electrolytes ASAP. His eyes widened to the size of saucers to respond, “Oh, no. It’s not that bad. I’ll be fine. Go ahead and go.”

Hmmmm….mixed messages. Or else I did not interpret him correctly at that unGodly hour. I knew I had some electrolyte powder in my running gear, so I offered that up to him in exchange, at least until I could get to Walmart after the race. He accepted, albeit hesitantly.

I continued to prepare for a 6:00 am departure, and was asked at least a half dozen times again when I’d be home. After answering and drinking his electrolytes, he sauntered off back to bed, and I managed to get out of the house on time.

End of Part 1.

Find Part 2 here!

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