Women Rock Super Starlet Race Recap – Part 2

Race Morning:

As I said at the end of Part 1, I did get out of the house on time. And it was the perfect time, because I arrived as one of the first in the very same parking garage I parked the previous night. Just $5 to park…a veritable bargain. Plus, it was close enough that I could run back to my car between races.

I took everything I needed to take right there in the car. It was 6:45 am, so I downed my EnergyBits, my MeStrength with my Keto OS, and my additional MeStrength filled water bottle, I tucked into my hydration belt. I packed up my pill pocket with my hourly EnergyBits, tissues, Carmex, and my phone. Last minute, I decided to tote my eyeglasses, because it wasn’t at all sunny, but I like to run with my sunglasses on. My eyeglasses would make things much easier on my life before and after the run. I put them in a soft case and slipped them into the pocket of my hydration belt. My keys…darn it. With no husband/coat hanger/built-in bag drop guy, I’d have to bring them too. They went into the single pocket as well.

I headed down to the start line at 7:00 am. There was a pleasantly long line of porta potties, and everyone was waiting in line at the half closest to the start line. I just walked further down, and there was no lines, no waiting. I grabbed one and got down to business. In fact, it wasn’t even used yet so it was perfectly clean! BONUS! I sat in there a few minutes to gather myself and stay out of the chilly morning air.

Out of the potty and on to the start line. 7:15 am. Perfect! And it was chilly, but I didn’t bring anything to throw away. I just did a lot of shuffling around to warm up, and made my way to the front of the line.

Half Marathon Start Line

I was surprised to see some elite runners there. You can tell by the way they dress. Oh yeah…they’ll be fast. And they were! It is fun to watch them go at the turn arounds…if only…

Elite racers at the start of the Women Rock Half Marathon

Elite racers at the start of the Women Rock Half Marathon

I had time to snap a start line selfie, and figure out what the heck I was going to listen to on my headphones. I was so freakin’ calm before this run. I’m not even sure why, but I was where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. I saw pacers, but didn’t really care. I was just going to wing it. It should be a fun run!

Women Rock Half Marathon Start Line #Selfie

Women Rock Half Marathon Start Line #Selfie

We were off on time. I started my runmeter and my Apple Watch and stuffed my phone into my race belt pocket along with my eyeglasses and keys. It felt good to be moving and generate some warmth!

Photo Courtesy of Bob Iwaskewycz

Photo Courtesy of Bob Iwaskewycz

The race course was changed last minute by Team Ortho, so I knew there was an early turnaround. This also meant we wouldn’t have to fight the hill at the Ford Plant. This was a good thing. But still, it can be a challenging course if you don’t run it smart. I felt smart this morning. Since I had no agenda, I can honestly say I just ran. I didn’t push it, but I wasn’t a slacker, either. I ran to where my breathing felt good. I slowed down up the hills, and made up time down the hills. The 1:37:00 pacer and pals passed me, and I let them go. I was OK with it. I didn’t want to get caught up in a pace group this morning. I was actually just enjoying the run, the small crowd, and the scenery.

After the first few turnarounds, we headed out for the long straightaway. If I figured it out correctly in my head, we’d be heading back to the start line (finish line) at around mile 8-9. After that, just 4-5 miles to the end. It seemed doable. I made sure to replenish my EnergyBits and take a swig of MeStrength just after the turnaround. And then I heard my name! Gina, from Run Gina Run shouted me out! HEY GINA!! So great to hear a familiar voice!!

I ran with the same small crowd of women up to that point. And then it hit. A second wind. A strong second wind. I picked up my pace quite a bit but felt not at all fatigued or out of breath. I went with it. And it took me all the way to the finish. Well, with one big exception.


The 10k’ers. God love them. They had every right to be there and run, too. But Team Ortho had us merge at their turnaround, or with about 3 miles left in the run. So, it went from having empty roads to having to serpentine through hundreds of women. And they weren’t running my new found quickened pace.

I felt badly, but I kept warning them, “Coming around to your right…Coming around to your left…” so I wouldn’t startle anyone. I’m pretty sure I added on a mile just weaving in and out of them. But they were considerate and moved over when they heard me coming. Did it slow me down? I’m not sure. I was happy with my finish, but it is possible I could have come in a few minutes faster had I had the road all to myself.

I poured it on the last 50 yards or so. I heard my name rattled off by the announcer, and crossed in what looked to be less than 1:40:00. Yeah! Perfect. I couldn’t ask for better than that.

Women Rock Half Marathon Results

Women Rock Half Marathon Results

I got a medal, asked for another for Delaney, and grabbed a cup of water. Then, I just kept moving…not quite sure what I planned on doing. There weren’t any food lines here, so I found myself at the entrance of the park rather quickly. I just decided at this point to head up to my car. I was dripping sweat, and I knew there was a towel there. I’d dry off, drop my medals, refuel, and head back down to the 5K start line.

The parking garage was warmer than outside, so it probably saved me from getting super chilled. It was 9:20ish and the next race wasn’t until 10:00 am. It turned out perfect. I had just enough time to do it all. And as it was, I got back down to the crowd too early, because I did start to cool down to the point of uncomfortable. I found myself shuffling around again, to warm up. But, I got another start line #selfie for the 5K. And again, I felt so calm. I actually felt refreshed enough to run again. I was amazed at how much I had left in the tank. Let’s do this!

Women Rock 5K Start Line #Selfie

Women Rock 5K Start Line #Selfie

We were off on time yet again. This time, there were just a handful of ladies in front of me. I passed some, and not one passed me. It was fun! And I had so much left. I just ran it. At this point, I was done, and I knew there was a glass of champagne waiting for me. I was cold and ready to be finished. So I just brought it. But still, not to any uncomfortable extent. Just with what I had left.

Women Rock 5K Results

Women Rock 5K Results

Carrie Tollefson put the Starlet medal around my neck, congratulated me…and I thanked her. Yep. I was done! WOOT!

2015-08-29 10.25.01 HDR

All done!

I got two of each medal since I’m running for Delaney…

2015-08-29 10.34.15 HDR


(THANKS, Team Ortho), and didn’t need any water this time. I headed straight for the party area, lined up for a bag of goodies that I’d take home to the family, and got that glass of champagne. I took some more selfies and posted some photos to my Facebook wall. But, when I pulled out my eyeglasses, I realized I had put a giant ding in one of the lenses. It must have been from my car keys being is such close proximity to them in my hydration belt pocket. Darn it! I’d have to stop at Walmart on the way home to see if they are still under warranty. Then I remembered I had to stop for the Pedialyte anyway…plus stop at Fleet Farm for some chicken feed. Life goes on, I tell ya. It just goes on.

I headed out…satisfied and grateful for yet another opportunity to get out there and run!

My fourth Women Rock Champagne Glass!

My fourth Women Rock Champagne Glass!

Will I do it again next year? Abso-stinkin-lutely. This is one of my faves. And the challenge wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated!

Another successful Team Ortho challenge and another set of beautiful medals!

2015-08-29 15.42.42-2

Have you ever done a series of runs in a weekend? Which ones? And what was your total distance?

Note: If you are interested in learning more about Keto OS, send me a message. I am allowed a limited number of invites to the Ketone Burning party!



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  1. Katie says:

    Hope I wasn’t one of the 10k runners to get in your way! I’ve done women rock 3/4 years; while I often hear negative comments regarding team ortho, I to enjoy this event! I wonder if I saw you at packet pick up and didn’t know it! Good job with the challenge!

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