The Marathon Doldrums.

Yeah…I got a case of the doldrums. Do you know what Doldrums are? I’m a meteorologist, and in weather they refer to the equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with a belt of calms and light baffling winds (north of the equator between the north and south trade winds in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans). More than not, the Doldrums are known for so little wind and water movement that sailors can get stuck there for days, if not weeks on end.

Funny that as I was looking for a graphic in which to show you the Doldrums, I stumbled upon this one, which may be one I illustrated myself for the late and great Dr. Mel Goldstein and his book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Weather. Life is like that, isn’t it?

The Doldrums

The Doldrums


Yup. The Doldrums. Stagnant would be a great alternate adjective.

I’m stagnant. It is almost as though I wish it were over already. But the fact of the matter is, I’m not nearly ready. I’ve logged nothing close to a 20-miler, and I’m less than 30 days out.

I haven’t been working on my nasal breathing. In fact, I’ve been downright lazy about it. Last weeks heat and humidity wrecked my training. I’m just hoping this cooler weather that has moved in is here to stay.

I’ve been getting late morning starts, thanks to early morning thunderstorms. And I just don’t run well in the late morning. I’m looking forward to some earlier runs in the upcoming weeks. This will be crucial to test out my nutrition and see if it needs tweeking.



I feel confident in my leg. I feel confident in my cardio. I don’t think I could handle an 08:01 pace like I did at Twin Cities, but given the right weather conditions, anything is remotely possible.

This is the final week to ramp up the miles before leveling off to a taper. A half marathon tomorrow should start it all off with what I hope will be a 10-miler on Tuesday and a 16-miler this weekend. Right now, that 20-miler will get done sometime the week of the 19th. The timing should be perfect. I just hope I can pull it off.


My mom and my sisters decided not to make the trip with me this time. I’m disappointed but I won’t be alone, though, as my husband is in all likelihood is going to accompany me. It turns out his sister will be in the Chicago area that weekend as well, so we are hoping to see her the night after the marathon. I hope I can stand for it. Ha ha ha ha!


We’ll be driving, so that will relieve a lot of travel pressure. We can basically take our time after we drop the girls off at school on Friday. I’m excited to see my girlfriend Marnie and her husband Michael as they run their first marathon ever! I haven’t seen Marnie in years!

Plus, other Facebook friends will be there as well. Perhaps an expo meetup would work best? Chime in if you are running Chicago! Let’s meet up! Maybe I need to start a Facebook group…

OK. Suddenly I’m getting excited. A fog is lifting! My heart is racing just a little bit more. I can feel the color coming back to my cheeks.

I’m going to run the Chicago Marathon in less that 30 days!

Can you feel the wind picking up?

How is your fall marathon training going?



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