We Interrupt This Blog Post…

I was just getting ready to publish a review and giveaway of a very exciting product when it was interrupted by my friends who sell the product. It is nothing to get overly worked up about, it will post soon. My friends just wanted to make some adjustments to their webpage before I published the review and sent you over there.

So, in the meantime, you get to hear me ramble about my running.

((((((((Yawn)))))))) Ho hum, I know. Try to stay focused, though. Maybe it won’t be an entire waste of a few minutes of your day.

Just as we were adjusting to Minnesota’s little cool snap, Mother Nature decided it would be rather comical to remind us that she can still turn up the humidity. It hasn’t necessarily been hot, but the air has been so thick with moisture that just breathing can be a chore. Thank goodness it has been overcast more times than not, because when that sun is beating down, it makes it that much more oppressive.

This has made the past few days almost down right unbearable to run. In fact, one day I just succumbed to the dreadmill, just so I could get it done.

Thanks to last weekend’s trip to Kansas, and this weekend’s Team Ortho Women Rock Super Starlet Challenge, my Monday speed work has come to a complete halt. Yeah, I’ll need to pick it up again soon, as the Chicago Marathon is just 4 weeks away. But I’ve successfully managed to keep my Tuesday and Thursday runs intact. The only fly in the ointment this week is a swollen face.

Yeah, you read right…a puffer fish. It kind of sucks. And it sucks more that I have no idea what has caused it.

Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish

I noticed it at first last Monday morning as we headed out of Kansas. I blamed it on the alcohol, that I may have consumed…perhaps. Sometimes a little too much Tequila makes me swell in the cheek area. Of course, it didn’t dawn on me, until a week later, that we did take a 3 hour hike through the tallest assortment of weeds and shrubs known to man in central Kansas. I found it odd that I didn’t get bitten by anything. But it is quite possible that I contracted something in that tangle of tumbleweed. In fact, the night after I saw the doctor, I did notice the obvious swelling in my ankles. Were they swollen all week and I just hadn’t noticed? How did I run the Starlet Challenge this weekend with swollen ankles, anyway? Or were the symptoms just that delayed?

I have no answers. And I still don’t. Over the counter allergy medicines aren’t hitting it hard enough, so I’m still waking up puffy and swollen. The next step is Prednesone…and I’m avoiding it like the plague. I’ll let it go another week before I subject myself to that horror.

So, after taking Sunday off, I slugged through my Monday P90X workout, then headed for the doctor. Afterwards, I decided to not run that afternoon.

However, Tuesday I got out there, and managed to pull out 10. It was the first of the month, after all.

Tuesday's Ten

Tuesday’s Ten

Wednesday was another P90X day, in fact, legs and back. I must have brought it because I noticed I could barely make it to the toilet bowl.

I also subjected myself to the treadmill on Wednesday. Honestly, I thought I could sweat this thing out…whatever it is. And I hadn’t done much speedwork at all recently. Basically, I went up the ladder for 5 miles, starting at 6.0 and working my way up to 7.6 for five minute intervals, before cooling down at 6.0 again. It was laborious. And I was literally exhausted. I’m surprised I pulled out what I did.

Wednesday's Dreadmill Run

Wednesday’s Dreadmill Run

Thursday, I got out there as early as I could. The humidity was forecast to be high, and the dense fog in the morning proved that outright. I did notice some fall color at the park, however. It looks like we are on our way. I also noticed my face was rather lumpy. Clearly, it is worse in the morning, and maybe it gets worse when I run outside? I don’t know…but I’m hoping it goes away very soon.

Thursday's Ten

Thursday’s Ten



A hint of fall.

A hint of fall.

So, that is my week up until this point. I’m just trying to hang in there, and act as though everything is normal. It is the best I can do. Friday’s plans include P90X Shoulders and Arms, and I’m aiming for a long run on Saturday. If life plays out as I hope, a 16 miler would be perfect.

I signed up for a double header on Labor Day, since we aren’t going anywhere. It is a 10K and a 5K back to back. What the heck? I have nothing better to do. And it will be a great shake out from Saturday’s long run, and a great prep day for next Sunday’s Half Marathon.

I hope your Labor Day plans are more exciting than mine! Be sure to look out for that product review I mentioned at the top of the blog post. And have yourself a great holiday weekend!

Any runs planned for the 3-day weekend?


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