#ChiMarathon Chicago Marathon Race Recap – Part 3

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After walking through the doors of our hotel room, I quickly and efficiently scarfed down the drug store sushi with the help of my husband…although, I didn’t ask him for any. But he was kind enough to stand in line and buy it for me so the least I could do would be to share it with him. The eggs and salad I ended up stashing in the cooler. They didn’t seem as appealing as they did a few minutes earlier.

What I did do was drink a lot of water. So much, in fact, I put our supply in severe jeopardy. I was thinking we’d need some more, stat. My husband was thinking of packing up and heading home.

The plans for the remainder of our day had changed significantly from the night before. We were supposed to head to Libertyville, about an hour north of Chicago, to visit my sister in law, who just happened to be there babysitting her granddaughter and granddogs. But, the child awoke Saturday morning to a 104° fever and cough. With my husband and I slated to watch our own granddaughter later that week, we decided it wasn’t worth the risk. If we carried something home with us and passed it along, we’d never forgive ourselves. My husband was ready to pack it up and leave after the marathon, but we did have the hotel room for another night. I had planned to check out early since we were probably going to overnight up north. When he suggested he begin packing her up, I basically whined…

“Nooooo! We have the hotel room. Let’s stay!”

Somehow sitting in a Honda CRV for 6+ hours after running a marathon seemed excruciatingly torturous.

“We can go out tonight,” I pleaded. “…have some cocktails and a nice dinner.” I finished.

“OK,” he responded. “But it is only 1pm now. What will we do until then?”

Legs up the wall

Legs up the wall

I wasn’t quite ready for a shower, in fact, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. But I was pretty certain I had to do something. So after checking e-mails and downloading the photos off my phone, I figured now was as good a time as any to get those legs up in the air. I took my sneakers off, laid on the hotel room bed, and put my legs up on the head board while updating my social media circles on my laptop.

I had been idly chatting away with my husband about certain points in the run, and then after a moment of silence, queried him on what he’d like to do that evening. ((((Crickets)))). Ok. What the hell? I glanced over to find this…

2015-10-11 13.12.24

My husband

Um…who just ran 26.2 miles? And who is sleeping?

The funniest thing about this photo is that just a few days earlier, my sister, who having just been brought home after having her appendix removed, had come downstairs in her home to find this.

My brother-in-law

My brother-in-law

I texted her this photo right away just to assure her that she is NOT alone.

After a half hour of resting the legs, I slowly made my way to the shower. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a warm or a cold one, so I compromised and took both. It started warm. But the cool rinse at the end is what got my blood pumping and finally made the last remaining hint of nausea go away. I was ready to go!

“Let’s walk!” I announced.

“Are you kidding?” my husband replied.

“No. I think the best thing for me is to keep moving,” I said.

So, out we went. We got water first, and carried it back to the hotel before heading out again. This time, we walked further west of the hotel to an area we hadn’t traversed before. Soon, within our sites, was the Merchandise Mart. My husband was mesmerized by this building earlier when we took the architectural boat tour on Saturday. I knew there was a restaurant in the building, so I figured it would be open. We decided to walk there.

It was further than I expected, but it was still a great little hike. The weather was gorgeous. We stopped along the way to read the history and inspect the architecture of the bridges that crossed the Chicago river. We made it inside the Merchandise Mart, although nothing inside was open. Then, we decided to head back to the hotel so that my husband could shower before dinner.

Along the way, we passed two restaurants that we were looking forward to checking out that evening. And I was still on my feet! In fact, checking my fitbit at this time, I had already racked up over 40,000 steps for the day and almost 30 miles. I still felt pretty good.

Out of the shower, and already chugging a beer, he was rejuvenated and ready to go. I had put on my Chicago Marathon dri-fit with my Chicago marathon sweatshirt over my shoulders after my shower, along with a pair of shorts and my Oofos. Putting a pair of shoes on my feet sounded painful. I just didn’t want to dress up. I was comfortable and proud to wear my new gear!

We headed out to restaurant #1 and who do we run into along the way but Marnie and her husband Mike! Yay! I was so happy to run into them again. I was planning to text them to tell them we weren’t going to Libertyville and maybe they would want to meet up with us for an appetizer. As it turns out, they had already eaten, and were pretty much ready to crash. They both finished the marathon, but it was a longer day for them than it was for me. But being able to say goodbye was priceless.

We kept moving and made our way to our first stop. My husband and I never order entrees at restaurants. We like to order a few appetizers to share and then we like to move on to the next place. You get to sample more delicious food that way, without overindulging. Every place is different. You never have regrets because you hit them all.

After a drink and a few appetizers, we moved along. Walking back to the north, I spotted Trump Tower, and had a thought to google it and see if we could at least get inside for a tour. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a hotel and a bar inside!

We must go.

And we did. And I’m so glad that we did.

Cocktails at Rebar

Cocktails at Rebar

The bar was amazing. It had quite the view. I felt a little underdressed, but the bartenders loved that I ran the marathon that day and it started some banter at an otherwise empty bar. The food we had was outstanding , as well as the drinks. We ordered the Hamachi Crudo, which was a raw white fish with avocado puree, yuzu, white soy, and compressed watermelon.

Hamachi Crudo

Hamachi Crudo

Oh my goodness! For sure, it was the best dish of the night. The female bartender was way more engaging, and recommended we head upstairs to the Terrace at Trump, off the Sixteen Restaurant. She said it was the last weekend they’d be open to go outdoors and was so worth the time to check it out. So we did.

And I’m so glad that we did.


Even my husband was dumfounded and reduced to silence before he spewed forth every adjective of “spectacular” in the book. We admired the view for quite a while as we waited for a seat…which we never really got, rather had to settle for a standing table. But, still, it was OK. And probably better for me.

A few more drinks and a few more appetizers, which sadly were not as good as the ones at Rebar. But, the view alone made the entire stop worth it.

2015-10-11 18.30.04

2015-10-11 18.31.28

2015-10-11 18.31.24

2015-10-11 18.33.25

2015-10-11 18.47.48

Nope, it wasn’t cheap. But it was worth it.

The menu at the Terrace.

The menu at the Terrace.

A few drinks later, and we were feeling little pain. We decided that one more stop was in order, and headed back closer to our hotel to check out a place that our daughter had recommended.

Along the way, we stopped for a selfie. When my husband poses for a selfie, you know he is having a good time.

2015-10-11 19.59.59

At the last stop of the night, we ordered Pork Belly in dark chocolate glaze.

Pork belly in a dark chocolate glaze.

Pork belly in a dark chocolate glaze at Prime and Provisions

Yeah. And I finally got my Manhattan. And it was good.

My Manhattan

My Manhattan

No, It was great.

My day ended just as I had envisioned it would. What an amazing time. It was a little rocky to start, but turned out phenomenal.

We staggered back to the hotel, and deciphered the fitbit to learn we had covered another 3-miles that night. It was a 34 mile day for me. Time for a well needed and well deserved sleep. And thanks to my coconut charcoal, I did.

We were up at the crack of dawn and on the road by 7:30am. The adventure was over, but not before one last look at this amazing city.

2015-10-10 14.13.34

Thank you, Chicago.

Until we meet again…

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