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So, it is lunch time. You are at work. Within walking distance is a McDonald’s, a Subway and a KFC and the vending machines in the lounge. Gross. What now? Don’t you wish you could have a home cooked meal delivered right to your office door?  What if you could bring one from home, without having to labor for an hour in the kitchen preparing it, packaging it, and remembering to bring it with you?

Perfect Fit Meals could be your answer.

They are like MRE’s for the common folk. Perfect Fit Meals are prepackaged, ready to heat and eat meals that contain no artificial nothing. Of course, eating fresh is best, but I have no doubt that Perfect Fit Meals would be a first runner up.

Perfect Fit Meals (PFM) is the early to market vendor of premium healthy and fresh ready to eat (RTE) meals with extended shelf life.  The RTE meals are USDA certified, hand crafted, portion-controlled, and dietitian designed for busy consumers who value the integrity of whole-some and healthy cooking. PFM’s USDA certified kitchen and professionally trained staff is based in Houston, TX.

Perfect Fit Meals come prepackaged in an air tight, vacuum sealed package. Each meal serves one person. And they each contain, for the most part, less than 400 calories. Inside you’ll find a variety of ingredients which make up each meal. And there is literally something for everyone.

Perfect Fit Meals sent me 3 of 16 different entrees that they offer to taste test for this review; the Herb Crusted Chicken, the Turkey Enchilada Casserole, and the Havana Chicken with Black Beans and Rice. With the help of my husband, whose taste can differ quite a bit from mine, we put the meals to the test. I had him prepare them, since I’m already an expert on reading and following directions. I wanted the inexperienced cook to handle the preparation in this circumstance. Perfect Fit Meals cater to those who have little time to prepare a fresh meal, or little patience. I fully understand that!

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His first experience was a lesson learned. We taste tested the Havana Chicken with Black Beans and Rice first. As it turns out, it was in the microwave less than a minute. Somehow, he read 1-minute on high. Don’t ask me how. I think that may be how all men use the microwave, but I could be wrong.


No, it doesn’t take long to heat since the meal is fresh, not frozen, but it does require a little longer than a minute. He took it out of the microwave with less than a minute heating time, because he heard popping noises coming from the microwave. Had he read the directions, he would have learned that it was perfectly normal to hear those. Since the meals are vacuum sealed, there will be popping as the meal heats and steam is released. He ended up having to reheat it with the packaging off.

Our first impressions was “It’s good!” It certainly wasn’t awful, like many frozen dinners can be. There were things we liked, and things we didn’t like.

What we liked was the fact that the meal was far from salty. In fact, it may not have been salty enough for our likes. But that is OK, because it is always better to have to add your own than to have a meal that is inedible because of the salt or, heaven forbid, the MSG content. In fact, it says right on the label to “Season to taste and enjoy.”

The chicken was slightly chewy, but I think this is because he tried to reheat the meal. Had he followed directions the first time, it likely would have retained it’s moisture.

The rice and beans had a nice, mild flavor. If you are afraid of spicy foods, you will have no trouble with Perfect Fit Meals. They are not spicy. Since my husband and I like a bit of heat in our meals, we added a few dashes of hot sauce to ours. For us, this turned OK into something! Perfect Fit Meals would work, especially for my husband, if I were out of town and he were forced to prepare meals for our kids, without feeding them Subway every…damn…night. I understand, and I acknowledge that Perfect Fit Meals has developed a milder dish for the general public. It is better to be able to add the salt and spices YOU like rather than having the company decide that for you. My husband thought, however, that it would be a nice touch if Perfect Fit Meals included an optional seasoning packet with each meal that might enhance the flavor of their meals.

Here is the nutritional value of the meal.

Havana Chicken with Black Beans and Rice

Havana Chicken with Black Beans and Rice


Notice the low sodium content in the nutritional facts. You can also see the small amount of calories alongside a higher carb content. I try to keep my carbs between 30-50 grams a day, so for me, this meal would bring me pretty close to my limit. (I’d rather have more calories coming from fat and protein to sustain me, but less carbs.) My husband does not watch his carb intake. However, at 6’3″ and 250 pounds, this meal wasn’t quite enough to fill him up (I just had a taste). He ended up reaching into the refrigerator for some leftovers. My husband is also NOT a fan of green beans. The only way he will eat them is if they are super fresh and barely sauteed. And I have to agree with him. Nothing is worse than an overheated green bean. If there were a different green vegetable in this pack, like broccoli perhaps, it would have won him over.


Next we tried the Turkey Enchilada Casserole.

My husband enjoyed this one! He did, however, end up adding a little hot sauce to it as well. I liked it, too. My husband and I are both fans of casserole style meals so this is a favorite. Again, not spicy at all. In fact, one might say “a little bland”. But in this case, again, adding your own salt or spices makes it a more personalized dish. It had a little Mexican flair without any one ingredient being over powering.

Here is the nutritional value of the meal.

Turkey Enchilada

Turkey Enchilada

It is hard for me to determine where the grams of sugar are coming from. I’d have to guess there is some sugar in the sauce. Again, it is high in carbs, so the low carber may not care to choose this entree. But the calorie content is relatively low for those on calorie restricted diets or for those not concerned with their carb intake.

The final meal that we were sent to try was the Herb Crusted Chicken.


This tasted to me like Thanksgiving. In fact, it was Thanksgiving in a little package, except it was chicken rather than turkey. This meal had a little more home style flavor to it. Once again, it is low in sodium. The chicken was moist, but the beans were a bit overdone for my liking. I don’t eat potatoes, however, my husband did enjoy them. After trying the third meal, he said he preferred the Turkey Enchilada based on the fact that it was a casserole style meal. The meat and potatoes, with a vegetable side, just isn’t his thing. He prefers it all mixed together.

Here is the nutritional value of the Herb Crusted Chicken.

Herb Crusted Chicken

Herb Crusted Chicken

Although this meal is low in calories, it is still rather high in sugar and carbohydrates. And I’m happy to see a little bit of saturated fat in each entree. I’m hoping that Perfect Fit Meals is using heart healthy Olive Oil rather than canola or vegetable oils.

We were impressed with Perfect Fit Meals. It is very clear that you are getting great fare at a fair price. For a meal with no artificial anything, it will cost just a few dollars more (recommended price point between $6.49 and $7.99 per meal) than a fast food meal loaded with crappy stuff. How can you go wrong?

Their website reveals quite a few other interesting menu items. The ones that jump out at me immediately are Chipotle Chicken Sausage, Feta Cream Chicken, and the Coconut Chicken. I think that we’ll run to Lunds and Byerly’s to try those next.

Yes, our local Lunds and Byerly’s carries Perfect Fit Meals. Unfortunately, they aren’t everywhere yet. They are available in certain Kroger stores in Dallas, Houston and Detroit metro areas as well. You can go to their website or send your local grocer to the website to learn more. If fresh, fast, food is what you need to make your life easier, than it is worth it to you to check them out and request them at your local market.

How do you stick with your healthy lifestyle when life gets in the way? Do you just cave to the local fast food establishments or do you try your best to keep it clean?

Note: The opinions in this review belong to me, the author. I may accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a sample at no cost to provide honest opinions on such. This post may contain affiliate/referral links per my own discretion.

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