#Skins Compression Wear Product Review

Fall. You love it, you know you do.

It is probably my most cherished season. Unfortunately, here in the upper midwest, it doesn’t last very long. Before you know it, the wonderful cooler weather is replaced with sub-freezing temperatures. I’m lucky if I can make it to halloween and still run in shorts.

My problem is, I’m not a fan of Capri pants. It is either shorts or ankle pants. The high road, or the low road. No in between for me. This makes fall running particularly challenging attire wise.

This is why I was intrigued when Skins contacted me and asked me to review their product line. Since I never buy Capri pants for myself, this seemed like an opportunity to not only try them for the fall season, but see what Skins is all about. Killing two birds with one stone. Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Skins Compression Wear

Skins Compression Wear

Skins sent me neon. NEON (Abyss was the print name)! How can you go wrong with that? At first, I had some sizing issues and I had to exchange out the first set of attire that they sent to me. Unless you are familiar with a specific brand, sizing can be a nightmare. Mostly because companies have their products outsourced to other countries. Each country has their own idea of “sizing”. Sure, measurements can help, but to be honest, I’ve rarely found them to be spot on. Everyone is built differently.

Their Motto? It’s equipment, not clothing.

I, for one, am typically a small in everything. But I have a broad back and chest from P90X, yet I have no boobs. Finding sport bras that are fit are one thing. Finding sports bras that are comfortable is a whole other ball game.

In shorts and tights, I wear a small. But I never found Capri pants to fit the same. I’d go up to a medium to keep them from binding up just below my knees, but then the waistline would be too big, and I’d fear they would fall down around my arse while I was running. How embarrassing! I’ve read product reviews where this has actually happened to some women. I couldn’t imagine.

Still on the fence about which Skins to try, I settled on the 3/4 tights and matching sport bra. Skins has a sizing calculator at their site. Enter your height and weight for bottoms, and a recommended size will appear.

Skins Sizing Calculator

Skins Sizing Calculator

At first, I went XS on the Capri pants and S on the bra, but both were too tight. Granted, they are compression attire, but I didn’t even feel like I could run in them without significant binding or chafing. My friends at Skins were happy to resize my order, but unfortunately, were out of the matching A200 Speed Crop Top in a medium so I opted for the A400 Speed Crop Top in solid black instead.

I finally had the opportunity to try my Skins for a test run after the Chicago Marathon. The temperature had dipped down to freezing here in Minnesota the following week. I was slated to babysit my granddaughter in the northern suburbs that week, so I put them to the test, running in unfamiliar territory.

I had a long sleeve Fila top on over my sports bra. I still don’t have the courage to run in just a sports bra alone. I usually cover up with a tank, tee, long sleeved top, just a jacket, or a combination thereof.

Temperature 38°, clear skies, no wind. Brisk, to say the least.

Performance? Excellent! Not too tight. Breathable, yet surprisingly comfortable. I can’t call the Capri pants “warm”, but I can say that I wasn’t cold. I had to look down at my legs a few times to even check if I had anything on at all.

Reinforced compression at hem.

Reinforced compression at hem.

No binding, no chafing, and they certainly did not fall down around my arse. I believe that the contoured sides around the calf area keep the lower hem of the Capri from binding below the knee. I couldn’t feel the end of the pant leg which is the number one reason I don’t care for Capri length pants.

Elasticized waist and drawsting

Elasticized waist and drawsting

The Capri pant has a wide elasticized waist band, with a ribbon draw string. I didn’t find I needed to wrench the drawstring tight, but I did tie it to act almost as a buffer so that they wouldn’t loosen enough to slide down with gravity and motion.

Hidden key pocket

Hidden key pocket

They also have a hidden key pocket in the back. I don’t use key pockets for keys, but I do use my key pocket to hold a tissue or lip balm in winter. I just wish this pocket were up front for easier accessibility.

Let’s see the specs on the Skins A200 Women’s Compression 3/4 Tights:

Don’t ache for a better body. SKINS help you work out longer with less pain the next day – so you can get active again sooner and get the body you want faster.

Look good, feel good. Seasonal colours draw inspiration from the catwalks and flattering lines give you a slimmer silhouette and comfortable fit.

Whatever the weather. No more excuses! Our fabrics optimise your body temperature whether it’s hot or cold out there and provide 50+ UV protection in non-mesh areas.

76% Nylon – 24% Elastane

Performance? As for the Skins A400 Women’s Speed Crop Top, performance was similar. No chafing, no binding. Surprisingly breathable and comfortable. Slightly large in the cup area for me. As I said, I have no boobs. But since I wear something over my sports bras anyway, this wasn’t much of an issue. If I wore it without anything over it, I might choose a thicker padding.

A400 Women's Speed Crop

A400 Women’s Speed Crop

The A400 Women’s Speed Crop Top features mesh fabric in a small semi-circle at the chest, and in the back on the upper half of the bra. It also features removable padded cups.

Removable padded cups

Removable padded cups

Let’s see the specs on the A400 Women’s Speed Crop Top:

  • Medium impact support
  • ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot
  • A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • Racer back construction for freedom of movement
  • Slick Neoprene straps for comfort – will not dig into shoulders
  • Removable cups for customised fit
  • Brushed terry under bust support absorbs moisture
  • Power mesh inserts for ventilation

Note that the current A400 Women’s Speed Crop Top has a zippered opening up front. Mine does not. I might also add that all of the Skins logos on the garments are reflective.

I can’t say too much about how the fabric holds up at this point. Each item has only been laundered twice. I do not machine dry my performance wear. I allow it to hang dry. So far, so good. There doesn’t appear to be any pilling or significant change in fit, stretch or amount of compression.

Me in my Skins!

Me in my Skins!

How do I feel after running in Skins? Pretty good! Can I compare it to CWX Compression wear? I don’t think that I can. CWX Compression wear is thicker and seems to be more compressive in nature. I never felt like I could wear my CWX in fall or spring. It just seemed too warm overall. So, I always opted for the ankle pant for winter. And I mainly reserve my CWX for wearing around the house after a significant event. I’ve had much success this way in keeping the DOMS to a minimum. You can read about Skins compression technology here.

Skins has some great print options as well. But, the Abyss print I received makes me very happy. It is SO me. And it matches all my Fila tops that I run in during the fall and spring months! What a bonus!

My Skins match my Fila tops!

My Skins match my Fila tops!

(Yeah, I’m OCD when it comes to matching gear. Just ask my sister, The Petite Pacer.)

Worth the price? That depends. For some runners, price is no object. You run in what makes you comfortable even if it is spendy. A warm climate runner might spend the money on Skins whereas a cold climate runner would spend it on CWX. The cost is similar. The actual product differs in that respect. It is all relative.

Rear view

Rear view

I have purchased compression wear from brands such as C9 Premium for Target, and Road Runner Sports. In my opinion, they can be just as effective at a lower price point. But whether they will last as long, or hold up as well after significant wear would need to be determined.

The fun prints might make up for it all.

Skins provides all types of attire for Triathletes, including compression tri suits, shorts, calf sleeves, and tanks. They also manufacture cycling jerseys, jackets, and bibs and thermal attire for cold weather sports such as skiing.

So, check out Skins! I’m certain you will be impressed with what they have to offer. Their customer service is top notch. Also, the reviews on their products are worth reading. I was comforted by the fact that several others felt the need to “size up”. Take that into consideration when you order.

You can find Skins on Facebook, too! Be sure to like them, and tell them who sent you!

Do you wear compression clothing? Why? Which is your favorite piece of compression running gear?

Note: The opinions in this review belong to me, the author. I may accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a sample at no cost to provide honest opinions on such. This post may contain affiliate/referral links per my own discretion.

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  1. Great post! You look adorable to boot and you DON”T need to be self conscious about running in a sports bra! You look fabulous!! Definitely will be checking out the website for sure!

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