Travel Log: Stardate 69236.5 T-Less Than 2 Days

We are en route to Chicago.

The day didn’t start at all as I had planned. At least I slept last night, somewhat. And I showered this morning. And my husband got the car and cooler packed.

We did have quite the sqabble over the GPS after we dropped the girls at school, but I won’t get into the nasty details.

The important thing is that I don’t think I forgot anything. Besides, its not like we are going to Mars. Chicago does have Walmarts and Walgreens. And coffee. In fact, they even have bulletproof coffee according to my stepdaughter. I must go seek that cafe out.

Bulletproof Coffee in Chicago

Bulletproof Coffee in Chicago

I could sit here and babble on for hours about my stress levels. But instead, I’ll work out a little Pre-Marathon FAQ for your entertainment.

How do I feel?
Yesterday, I had some tightness and muscle spasms in my right hamstring and Piraformis. Kind of a bummer. It put a pretty good damper on the day. I had a lot to accomplish yesterday, too (like getting my hair colored. Hey…the grays were popping out everywhere, even making my ponytail look crappy.) Sitting in the car seemed to have exasperated the issue. But after I was done with everything, I did some foam rolling and sat on a tennis ball for a while. And I took some Advil. It helped, but this car ride that I’m on now will tell a lot as to how it is really doing. It is fine if I don’t think about it, but when I do, I start to feel it all over again. In fact, I’m going to take that tennis ball out and sit on it while I’m in the passenger seat. Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

Blonde again.

Blonde again.

What I thought was a head cold wasn’t a head cold at all. Just a little allergy, I believe. It has pretty much worked itself out, which is good.

My four-day long headache ordeal is gone, too. I’m thinking it was part of the allergy thing.

My left shin/calf is pain free. Halleluiah!

My biggest concern is this hamstring issue. I brought along my foam roller and will certainly work it out both tonight and tomorrow night. I might even consider a bath tomorrow. We’ll see how it feels.

Am I ready?
I don’t think I could be more ready. No, I didn’t train as hard this year as I did last year for Twin Cities. Well, let me rephrase that…the quality wasn’t there. The quantity was pretty close. There is still some lag from what I believe to be an adrenal issue from the spring. It has taken me this long to recover from it. I know, that once this marathon is over, a rest will be warranted so that I don’t end up in the same place this coming spring as I did last spring…or the spring before that, for that matter.

Will I PR?
I have faith in myself to accomplish anything I believe. Yes, I think I can PR this run. As long as I play it smart. If I try to be an ego-driven maniac, it won’t happen. I have to keep my head screwed on straight, and face obstacles as they arrise. I need to remember the small stuff, like fueling and taking some sips now and again. And I have to have fun with it!

What will be my biggest obstacle?
The weather. Upper 70s suck. God willing, I’ll be done before noon and the heat of the day. If those temperatures average in the 60s during the race, I should be OK. Not great, but OK. This could very well prevent the PR for me. That and my hamstring. Two big concerns that I can do nothing about.

Will I BQ?
I feel more confident that I can at least do that. 3:55:00 should be doable, even with the obstacles.

What I really want right now?
To be done. And having my Manhattan. And wearing my medal.

What am I grateful for?
Being able to do this…at all.
My husband, despite his GPS technical knowledge, or lack thereof.
My children, who deep down inside…well, I’m sure they are cheering me on.
My friends and supporters on Social Media. You all mean so much to me. Thank you for your support.
Running. My BFF.

Oh, and bacon. I’m always grateful for bacon.

Mmmmmm. Bacon!

Mmmmmm. Bacon!

Are you ready for your marathon?

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  1. Kellen says:

    The Chicago marathon will be my first marathon this weekend! I could not be more excited! I totally agree with you and hope the weather doesn’t hit upper 70’s since I will be the one running into the early afternoon. At least I trained in San Diego temps of 80+ so hopefully that helps get me through. Good luck!

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