Black Friday Runner Deals!

Time has quickly gotten away from me again this year, and I had full intentions of putting together a holiday list of items for those RUNNERS on your nice list. As it turns out, I’m still going to offer you some great suggestions and a few great deals, as well, but I just won’t go into to much detail about the products. Suffice it to say, this is all stuff I use to enhance my runs, and if there is stuff here you have been hesitant to try because of the expense, now is the time! Black Friday deals are abound…and it is just about here.

First and foremost…

SIGN UP WITH EBATES! This is SO easy to do, and you get cash back for online purchases! 80% of the places you shop online are in the system. I have gotten checks over $100 after the holidays. It is SO worth it. Trust me! Just sign up and go to their site to get to the merchant site through them. Or, download the google toolbar app for Ebates. So easy!!




Let’s start with Onnit. Onnit has everything you need for your fitness arsenal, from supplements to kettle bells, you can find it here. They are dedicated to providing our customers with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being we call Total Human Optimization.

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  • 25% off supplements
  • 20% off foods
  • 18% off fitness
  • 30% off gear
  • 40% off doorbusters, including The Werewolf Legend Bell

Miracle Noodle

Next up is Miracle Noodle. This product I use daily. Miracle Noodles make it easy to give up pasta. Not just for you, but for the entire family. I have successfully integrated Miracle Noodles into our daily diet without a hitch. In fact, many dishes work much better with Miracle Noodles than the typical carb-loaded pastas. This coupon code will give you 15% off at the Miracle Noodle website.


15% Off on all items
Coupon Code: aff15thanks
Validity: November 25 to 30, 2015


Energybits. Do I really have to say more about these? I swear by them. 30 bits before each run. 20 every hour thereafter. 30 Recoverybits before bed. Your life will NEVER be the same. Trust me! Code NEONISMYCOLOR gets you 25% off. ALWAYS!

ENERGYbits Retail Store at

ENERGYbits Retail Store


Thrive Market

It is so easy to buy great food online now thanks to Thrive Market. The deals are always tremendous, and the subscription fee is LOW! Don’t be afraid of this one. You’ll find yourself returning to this site again and again because of their competitive prices on supplements, snacks, protein bars, oils, condiments, even coffee!



Upgraded Self

Bulletproof is my life. I love everything Dave has to offer from the MCT oil to the incredible coffee. I also use the Glutathione Force, and the Bulletproof bars, not to mention the coconut charcoal. You’ll never have a hangover again!

BLACK FRIDAY, November 27 – 20% off coffee, beverages, and oils
20% off all coffee, beverages, and oils at Valid 11/27.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

Saturday, November 28 – 20% off proteins and healthy snacks
20% off all proteins and healthy snacks at Valid 11/28.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

Sunday, November 29 – 20% off supplements and accessories
20% off supplements and accessories at Valid 11/29.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

CYBER MONDAY, November 30 – 20% off sitewide!
20% off sitewide at! Valid 11/30 only!
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

And this month, chocolate is 10% off, including hot chocolate, truffled coffee beans, and new flavors of our chocolate bar! Use the link below to promote this offer.
10% off chocolate at UpgradedSelf! Valid through 11/30.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed


What better way to keep track of your fitness either on your wrist or on your smartphone or both. Fitbit keeps you accountable and is the perfect tool for the OCD fitness geek. I love the alarm feature. Wake up without waking your partner for an extra 30 minutes of peace in the morning!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.41.07 AM



SLS3 offers great compression wear for runners and triathletes! Their big sale begins tomorrow as well. I highly recommend their compression socks and sleeves!


And here is your code for 50% savings. BLACKFRIDAY50



Under Armour

Under Armour base layer ROCKS! I live and run in Minnesota. Trust me on this one.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.53.37 AM

Charmed Running

What runner wouldn’t want a customized shoelace charm? I can’t think of one…

My new Etsy store will have something your runner wants…if not, I’ll make one for you! $1 for each charm sold this month goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital AND you get FREE SHIPPING no matter how big your order! Check it out!



Stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll have more for you as we go through the weekend. Don’t miss out on these deals because they won’t last forever. Hope you get some great bargains!

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