Learning to Crawl

They say that as one ages, the body tends to revert back to the days of infancy. I’m sure you’ve seen it, or perhaps you have had a parent decline, or maybe played caregiver to an elderly friend or family member. In general, once the physical body has had enough, one might need assistance doing the most basic everyday tasks, such as eating, changing one’s clothes, or even needing to don diapers.

I often feel this way after a grueling running event. Yes, the marathon stands out, although, sometimes a half marathon can be completely draining, but not to the extent and duration as the full.


Last year, I was running on fumes after the Twin Cities marathon. Not only did I run my fastest marathon to date, but soon after, I ran two half marathons. During one of these, I set a course PR, and at the other I set a general half marathon PR. Then, I just kept running.

This year, however, after running Chicago, my next few races were “meh”. Mainly, because I had a few irks and quirks. My right hamstring remained tight and whiney. Because of it, I developed a mirror image owie on the right tibialis posterior, much like my left legged injury of the previous spring. Perhaps if I had just slowed to a stop, I wouldn’t be in the situation that I am in.


it is obvious that it is time to revert back to infancy in regards to running. I need to learn to crawl again. I need to start at the very beginning.

The marathon ages you. Much like an elderly person, if you run the race with all you’ve got (or live your life to the fullest), you will eventually burn out. Your body will yell, “ENOUGH already!” And it will beg for a break.

I’m ready to give myself this break.

In 8 weeks, my training (life) will begin again. Boston will be 16 weeks away come January 1. I want to be brand new before that training begins. I need a clean page with which to write on. I want a flawless background to paint my masterpiece. I need to be ageless. I need to feel no pain. I need to be reborn.


After running Chicago, I vowed to my husband as we walked back to the hotel, that my Boston Qualifying days were done. I didn’t want to run fast anymore. I just want to finish the race.

But…wouldn’t it be grand to #BQ at Boston?

Yeah, I’m hard to kill.

With 50 around the corner, I’m getting the inkling that my possibilities might become endless again. Well, at least for another half decade. Why should I start holding back now?

I do need to play it smart, however. I have a perfectly wonderful Zero Runner, which I paid a hell of a lot of money for, sitting in my basement. This will be my weapon. This is going to help me #BQ at Boston. I’ll need to devise a plan…

In the meantime, I’ll just continue to crawl through the next two months. It will go by fast. Because, as you know, before you know it, those babies are walking.

I better not blink.

Is your running season just getting started or are you looking to take a late Autumn break as well?

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