Rob's Run Cross Country 5K Race Recap #GivingThanks

Talk about spur of the moment runs. While visiting my family this Thanksgiving, I just happened upon a local race that my sister had previously signed on for. It was a trail run. I think the last trail run I ran was the very first trail run I ran back in 2011. That is kinda sad. But I remember when I ran that one with some local running friends, I vowed never to do another.

Oh well.

I didn’t sweat it much, saying OK to this one. It is rare that I get to do a run with my sister, the Petite Pacer. Besides, I wasn’t trying to win any medals. In fact, I had already done quite a bit of running since I arrived in New York for the holiday.


It began Friday with a 5.35 miler on a really nice running trail that my running sister runs occasionally with her running friends. My other sister, who doesn’t necessarily run, but can walk like no one I have ever known, joined us, and got in 4 miles of her own. Afterwards, we did some coffee and went home to hang with the rest of the family.

Bayville, NY

Bayville, NY

Saturday, I huffed it on my own, running from my sister’s home to the town where I was raised. It is a run I like to take whenever I return to New York. Typically it is an 8-miler door to door to the house where I grew up, but this time, I took a little detour and went further out to the end of town before double backing to my sisters house.

My childhood home.

My childhood home.

It turned out to be an 11.28 miler. And an easy paced one at that. I stopped to take quite a few photos, plus, the route out there is not an easy one. It’s over much of a bumpy, root infested, paved walkway, covered with leaves and debris. In fact, it is pretty much a trail run in itself. I had to watch my footing continuously to ensure I didn’t face plant. But this didn’t bother me. Again, it was more of a leisurely run than any kind of training run. But it ended up preparing me for the run on Sunday morning.

Family #Selfie

Family #Selfie

We did a little bit of partying with the family Saturday evening, and although I didn’t drink a ton, I had enough to leave me with a little headache before I went to bed. I took a few Advil and was in bed by 10:30 pm. My sister picked me up at 7:30 am for a 9:15 am start. I had to register that morning since I had just gotten into Town on Thanksgiving.

As it turns out, my sister was on a team of 4 women. The teams run for total time in their age groups. We learned shortly after I registered that one of their teammates couldn’t make it, so I was able to step in for her. Unfortunately, for my sisters and her remaining teammates, it knocked them down a level, since I’m not quite a seniors master. I was off by just 6 months!

The weather was cooler than it had been. I was able to run in shorts the first few days I was here. But today, I wore ankle pants and long sleeves, plus gloves. I wasn’t super cold, but since I wasn’t running for any PR’s, I just wanted to be comfortable pre-run.

The "Runsketeers" pre-run

The “Runsketeers” pre-run

My sister prepped my as much as she could, as she has run this a few years in a row. But a trail run is a trail run. It means looking down more than looking ahead. And it means jockeying for position. To be honest, though, it wasn’t the run I was excited for as much as it was the opportunity to meet fellow running bloggers The Emerging Runner and She Is Out Running. That was the cat’s ass! But for sure, next visit to New York, we will run something together!

Seldon Hills Warriors

Seldon Hills Warriors

We posed for a giant group photo with the rest of the Seldon Hills Warriors, but never met up with our other two teammates. The GLIRC seems like a great group, much like the MDRA here in Minnesota. Runners sure are great people!

It was a wicked start. About 719 runners on the widest start line ever, funneling down to 2 runners abreast before entering the woods about a half mile in. Then single file down a root infested, leaf covered trail, and out again into a field. Then water stop, and back into the woods, just to emerge again to another field and the next water stop…which was the same as the first, but this time we ran off onto another trail. I’d guess it was a figure “8” route because we came out the same way we went in. I was able to make up time on the fields. It was difficult to pass anyone on the trails and I didn’t want any unnecessary injuries.

Finish line

Finish line

In the end, I had under an 8:00 pace, which was good for me. The coffee klatch and the end was better than the run. And going to an event with my sister was priceless. Yep. A good day!

Great end to a great morning!

Great end to a great morning!

I found out later that I missed Running On Candy, not to mention some other New York running Facebook friends. I don’t know what I was thinking…or not…to let them know I’d be there. Sometimes the brain doesn’t kick into overdrive until it is too late. But now I will remember to do it next time. And there will be a next time.

I had much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. First and foremost, for my husband. He allowed this trip to happen. Next, for my beautiful sisters and BFFs, for opening their homes to me on Thanksgiving day, and a last minute decision to come. Also, to my parents, who came up from Florida. They gave me my life, and my sisters life, and head this beautiful family that is so very precious to me. Finally, for running, and the friends it has brought me, from coast to coast, border to border, and mile after mile.

This is what I’m thankful for.

What are you thankful for this year?



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  1. Kim Hatting says:

    What a great post! I love all your fondness for family, it’s great that you all could partake. I’m working on my sister…I persuaded her to do her first 5K a month ago, and she actually kind of liked the experience. No interest in anything further than a 5K, and that’s OK. I have not done a lot of trail running, but I do love the challenge of it.

    • A Running Chick says:

      It was a great trip, Kim! Yes, I’m always trying to influence my family. I know they are probably sick of me by now… Stick with it!

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