Saving the Blog From The Gallows.

Blogging is becoming a chore. Not only that, but somehow it has ended up at the very bottom of my “to do” list. I have sooooooo much to talk about, but most of it you’d probably find very uninteresting, unengaging, and probably exhausting to read about.

However, I realize that I do have regular followers. I have disappointed you. I have let you down. So, I will try to give you a month’s worth of blogging in just ONE post. And then, I promise, more regular updates to follow.

If you haven’t heard by now, I’ve started a new venture. I named it Charmed Running. It began as a hobby to fill my own need for original, awesome shoelace bling, and has turned into something I did not expect. It pretty much occupies me 40 hours a week. Much like a full time job, in fact. On top of that, I’m still trying to run, workout, feed my family, keep up with the bills and the housework, and get a few hours of sleep. Oh…and the foam rolling. I can’t forget the foam rolling.


My craft began on etsy. It is still there, in fact, but recently I copied it over to it’s own entity with the hopes of making Charmed Running universal. It has been a slow, involved, process, and since I’m doing it all myself, it has eaten up every last minute of my day. Sometimes I look at my masterpiece and I love it. Sometimes I hate it. But for now, it is up and running. And it will do.

Screenshot 2016-02-16 21.39.25

I’ve also become an official vendor for the I Run For Michael organization. That means I’m permitted to sell items with their logo with the understanding that a portion of my earnings goes back to I’m very excited about the new partnership! It is one I don’t take lightly as the organization brought me together with my running buddy, Delaney Skye.

Neon Is My Color went through it’s own turmoil as well. My husband went to share my blog with our accountant but there was nothing there. When I tried to determine what the problem was, I realized it had been down for a few days. It took a few hours to bring it back up, but my original template was basically blown out of the water. There was no way to recover it. I had to start from scratch. I had enough of a backup so that all I had to do was reload some graphics and links, and reformat a few things. But still and all, it was a week of my life spend fixing what WordPress had broke. It sucked. But I think I finally got it all back under control.

On top of all of this, there has been running. Oh yeah…running. I’ve got the Boston Marathon coming up in just 9 weeks. And I’m seriously unprepared. At least, I think I am.

My running has actually taken a turn for the better. I’ve got a local Graston guy who is helping me with some calf/shin issues, and my foam roller, which has become my new best friend. I’ve got an indoor arena in which to do my speedwork and tempo runs on Tuesday and Thursday, and a rather mild winter to get outdoors on the weekends for the long runs. My longest thus far has been 15 miles. And it wasn’t an easy 15 miles. That is why I’m concerned about Boston. But my tempo runs are getting easier, and I’ve been negative splitting the majority of my workouts. All this has to be good.

Unfortunately, I’ve got something brewing in my chest right now so I’m a bit leary to take it outdoors again unless that temperature is above 30°. Saturday is my next event…a half marathon…which I felt compelled to sign up for. Why? Because someone decided I should be the cover girl for the race this year. When I saw this, I nearly died!

Screenshot 2016-02-16 21.38.54

Yup. Had to sign up again this year. All I can do is hope whatever is in my chest is gone by then. The weather is predicted to be divine by Minnesota standards with a high near 41° under sunny skies. One can only hope…

On top of all of this, just dealing with the logistics of getting to Boston in April has been nothing but a giant headache. I’m pretty sick and tired of the airlines price gouging every event it possibly can. Getting into Boston that weekend direct would cost my husband and I $1600 in airfare alone! Dear God! I finally did some finagling to fly us into Hartford. Now I just have to get us from there to Boston the least expensive way possible. If anyone has any ideas…

My aches and pains are present and accounted for. At first, I blamed my age. I’m getting older every day. There is no question about that. But I’ve come to realize that I need to take better care of myself. I need to get more sleep. I need to foam roll. I need to hydrate. I need to rest when I’m tired. And I need to NOT run a few days a week. I know. Pretty basic. But this stuff has to happen.

I had the idea that I’d actually follow a training program for this marathon. I even purchased Hanson’s Method hoping that would be my magic bullet. But, I started too late, and I fear there is no feasible way to catch up with the training plan. So, once again, I’m winging it. Much the way I did for Chicago. If I can get in a 16-miler and a 20-miler before the event, I’ll be satisfied that I can finish it in a respectable time. Knocking on wood, of course, that there will be NO intense injuries this time around.

I’m still carrying around a few extra pounds, too. And it has been nearly impossible to get back down to the weight where I feel comfortable doing extended runs. In fact, this will be my final attempt to shed some weight before this event. I’ve cut out just about everything except meats, fats, and veggies and added in Amino Acids and Omega 3s. I’ve even given up my Quest bars, of which I am extraordinarily fond. I have, however, been fueling my longer runs with a little bit of UCan Super Starch in the bar form. I’m particularly fond of the new cinnamon flavor.

So, in a nutshell, you’ve got the last month of my life. I’ve got a great recipe to blog about next, and then a wonderful product for longer distance runs. Life goes on. The thing is, you gotta keep up with it. And I promise to do just that.

I’ll let you know how it goes on Saturday. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need every ounce of it!

Do you have a running blog? Have you lost your mojo? Share it with me here!

2 Responses to Saving the Blog From The Gallows.

  1. Gina says:

    Great post Teresa! As far as your blog you don’t let people down when you don’t post. You want it to be the authentic you and if you don’t feel like posting.. Then don’t! ???? Good luck on Saturday! You will kill it for sure! -Gina

  2. Todd says:

    I do have a blog but few people read it. I treat it more as a journal. I think I’m old and boring, haha I’m not a very fast runner but it brings me peace so I keep running. If I make the top half of my age group I did good. I’ve tried other things and have always came back to running and bicycling. As I said above I believe it to be therapeutic. Seriously, I don’t know where I would be without aerobic exercise. Keep at it! Good Luck in Boston!!

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