#SecurianWinterRun Half Marathon Race Recap

Yeah. I ran this weekend. It seems like forever that I’ve posted anything about running.

Hey. I guess it has been forever.

January was pretty much spent inside, as the weather in Minnesota turned very inhospitable. Since I’ve been warned upteen times NOT to run in the frigid cold, it meant quite a bit of Zero Runner time, and treadmill time. Mainly Zero Runner, as my treadmill platform cracked in half, and my darling husband had to figure out how to repair it. Mr. Fix It. I’m not sure if I’m blessed to have him around or not. Most would probably just trash the 17-year old treadmill in lieu of a brand new modern one. But, alas, I still have the same appliances in my home as well. And they are 17 years old, too.

Before the repair...

Before the repair…

But I regress. Running was a chore in January and I’m not sure why. Even P90X was a bit forced. It could have well been another bout of adrenal fatigue, but mainly I think it was the sub-zero temperatures. Once it warmed up, I felt myself coming out of the fog. In fact, for my first run outside since the Polar Dash, I did a 10-miler. Just because. And 3 days later, I did another.

First outdoor run since January 1.

That was my preparation for this run. If I could do two 10-milers in 4 days, clearly I could run a half marathon.

And it was forecasted to be a great day for a run.

It wasn’t an early start, in fact 9AM. Sometimes I kind of like them that way because I usually get up at 7am anyway, without an alarm. My husband decided to come along for this one, so that always makes it a little easier as far as prep goes. I can bring it all, and just drop it with him at the start line.

We were out the door at 7:45am, just as I had planned. No parking problems for this race. In fact, we were just a block from the start line. We could have parked for free, but my husband was getting frustrated looking for the parking ramp, so we chose a paid lot.

We sat in the car for as long as we could, since we arrived at 8:30, and were just a block away. Then we headed out. I was thinking that I really could use the porta potty about now, and as luck would have it, we walked right passed a construction site…with a porta potty…and it was open! AND HEATED! Yeah, right?? I jumped right in on that!

I already picked up my race bib and race shirt on Thursday so all we had to do was walk up to the start and go. Still, it was a damp morning, and the 30° temperatures weren’t particularly comfortable. But I wasn’t complaining. I had on a single layer below the waist, and a double layer above, plus a hat and gloves with hand warmers. I had my podcasts locked and ready to go. And I had my sunglasses, too, despite the lack of sunshine.

2016-01-30 08.49.16

My husband took a few photos, but they turned out terrible. At least, I think they did. He was more excited to see the American flag than he was to take my picture. Asking me NOT to smile does NOT make me happy, either. He did get some good action shots at the finish line, though. I’m hoping some of the race photos turned out a little better than this one.

Securian Financial didn’t fool around with this event. It was very well done. It wasn’t a big race, as I heard just a little more than 500 runners were registered for the half-marathon. There was 10K and 5K, too, but they started after my race, so I’m unsure of the numbers.

Everything went well at the start, despite the slightly icy roads. Morning fog and overnight melting left some slick spots, especially on the city streets. Once we were on the river road, things were just wet. I didn’t realize how wet until the turn around when I realized my socks were sloshing in my shoes. Gosh, I hate that.

My runmeter didn’t keep me updated, either. I knew it had started OK, but I never heard an update after it told me it started. So, I literally ran this one naked. I had no idea of my pace, heart rate, distance, etc. I just winged it. I tried never to get out of breath, and I did as much nasal breathing as I could. It really was a very comfortable run for me. It was rather hilly getting out of the city, and all I could think at that moment was that I’d be coming back this way to get to the finish line. I tried not to think about it during the majority of the run.

The volunteers were top notch, and there were a few race fans as well! Everyone was friendly and excited to be there to cheer us on. No, it wasn’t a giant crowd by any means, but those who were there made up for the lack of the crowd. And, the police force was out in full force! I was sure to thank each of them as I ran past.

I have run this route along the river so many times with Team Ortho events, so it was nothing new. And to be honest, I handled it very well. Usually I’m complaining about the long steady climbs on this route, but for some reason, I was prepared for them and ran them well. There were just a few mile posts on the route, and I’m pretty sure the turnaround was after the halfway point. The clock there said 57 minutes, but I couldn’t believe I had only run 6.5 miles in 57 minutes. Sure enough, in another half mile was the 8-mile marker. Now, that seemed more like it. I was on pace for a 1:45:00 half marathon, and I was happy about that.

Thanks to the fact that I practiced my nasal breathing, I had a slower start. This kept everything in check, therefore, I was able to gain some time during the second half. I passed two pacers and their pace groups, and tried to pace with a few younger women who were up ahead of me. We passed each other back and forth, but in the end, they passed me one last time at mile 12, and I couldn’t catch up.

I crossed the finish line alone…which was surprising, and with a 1:43:43 time. When I looked down to shut off my runmeter, I noticed it had recorded the run…it just failed to read me any updates. No worries, though. I was happy to have this one done. With what little preparation I had for it, it really was a stellar run.

2016-01-30 10.44.25-1

My husband catching me near the end.


Crossing the finish with the gun time on the clock.

Crossing the finish with the gun time on the clock.

The Securian Financial building opened it’s doors afterwards, and I was able to collect a bag full of goodies, plus a coffee mug. And, they were kind enough to give me a second mug for Delaney! We didn’t stick around long, in fact, we were off and headed home soon after. I did get this cool print out of my results, however. Of course, it just had the results up to the time I crossed the finish line. But still, it was a neat perk!

The print out after you finish!

The print out after you finish!


Final Race Results.

Final Race Results.

I found out in the car that they had a lot of other vendors there, but I didn’t get to visit any of them. I also missed the after party and seeing some of my local running friends. I have to say that there were no corners cut for this race. I was told that the YMCA opened it’s doors to the runners so that they could use the showers and changing areas as well. Now that is classy!

My Securian mug with my post race #bulletproof coffee.

My Securian mug with my post race #bulletproof coffee.

Pleased? Yeah. I’ll take it. It was a great training run. And it fit nicely into my schedule. I’m not sure what is up next, but whatever it is, I’ll be ready for it. Things are definitely starting to look up.

And not a minute too soon!

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