This is March? #GetLuckyMN 2016 Race Recap

I went, I ran, I finished. That was the goal. And that is what happened. The fact that this race was a complete freebie made it negotiable. Meaning, I could have easily backed out. The fact that I signed up to volunteer at packet pick-up pretty much nailed my desicion to run. After all, I had my bib now, and my jacket, and mingled with all the runners excited to get out there on what was promising to be an amazing Minnesota March morning. Who was I to question that?

We woke up at 5:45 am for a 7:00 am departure time. My husband decided to tag along. But we had to run a few errands first which involved dropping my children off at a friends house as they had a previous engagement that morning. As it turned out, one of them was ill, and ended up staying at home anyway. But despite the pit stops, we arrived in plenty of time.

I love the races at the Union Depot in St. Paul. It is a beautiful building with plenty of seating, and lots of action, not to mention indoor toilets! Granted it wasn’t a super brisk morning, but I had opted to run in shorts and a tank top, so for me, there was a bit of a chill. Walking into the warm depot was the right move.

In the meantime, my husband sat around and waited for me to make my luxurious potty stop.

This was NOT the same Get Lucky Half Marathon as in previous years. In fact, I’d say at the start that the temperature was 20° warmer, if not more. I brought a throw away jacket with me and wore it right until the gun, and then I handed it off to my husband. There was no need to waste it on this race.

Start line under the tressle.

Start line under the trestle.

We were escorted under a trestle to the start line, where we then paused for the singing of the National Anthem. I won’t lie. It was cold under there in the shade, and I soon regretted handing off my jacket. We were under there just long enough for my Raynauds to spark, so I ended up starting off with numb fingers. But it didn’t last too long.

Start Line #Selfie

Start Line #Selfie

They released us in waves, as there was a 14K running alongside the 21K. I ended up departing as the last of the pack of the first wave, and I wasn’t even sure if I was with the RIGHT wave. Glancing behind me, I saw NO one. I was quite confused. It shook me up a little bit but I wasn’t about to stop and ask, so I just kept moving. Besides, I was seeking the sunshine…and I couldn’t reach it fast enough.

There was this awkward turn around, across the median that was full of sand, so it was an obvious slow down, but I wasn’t at this race for speed. I was just there because…well…because I was there. And it was free…and it was a run, regardless. Even if it turned out to be a long training run, it would be that.

We were back on the road and on the course that I’ve grown accustomed to the past three years. I settled in and enjoyed the ride.

We passed a few die hard fans along the way. And the police force seemed especially cheerful this run. I have to think it was because of the weather. By mile 4, I was grateful I didn’t have that jacket.

The first half went extremely fast. I got the message in my ear from Runmeter “Half way acheived” and we hadn’t turned back yet. Looking ahead, I figured the turnaround would be around mile 7.5, and it seemed to be correct. I fueled with my Energybits and Sportslegs after the cones, and then got the 8 mile message. 5+ miles to go, and I was feeling pretty dang good.

I started slow for this run, on purpose. Again, I wasn’t looking for speed rather a good opportunity to try to increase my pace mile after mile and finish hard. With the lack of training I’ve had for Boston, this seems like the tactic I’ll be forced to take for the marathon. And for what it is worth, it seems to be working.

Runmeter Graph

Runmeter Graph

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Runmeter crapped out at mile 10. I have no idea why. Because of this, my podcast stopped playing as well. Now I was running naked, although I did have my Garmin on my wrist. I was able to at least tell where I was, although Team Ortho has their courses well marked.

Runmeter split time through mile 10

Runmeter split time through mile 10

I’m pretty bummed about the Runmeter, though. I was looking forward to analyzing those last few miles. But my Garmin data gave me a pretty good idea of what had transpired.

In the end, it wasn’t a course record, not that I expected one. But I finished in under 1:45:00. And that is good enough for me. In fact, 1:41:17 was the chip time.


My husband got some great shots of me at the finish line, too! I’m always appreciative of that.


As it turns out, it was a great day for a run. But, I was happy to be done with it.

Once more, time to regroup and recover. Time is running short. Boston is almost here!

Have you been able to run in shorts and a tank this year yet?


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