POW! Right in the kisser…

Did anyone get the license plate number of that truck that hit me head on? OMG. Talk about getting knocked out. This was the sickest I’ve been in at least 6 years. And it hit me good.

The flu. That is my guess. Type A. Or Type B. Maybe Type X? Not that it makes a damn bit of difference. Whatever type it is, it whacked me but good. I was bedridden for four days, then sleepless for at least another four. My flu ridden, sleep deprived self couldn’t run, let alone do a workout. Seriously, it sucked. And the worst thing was, there was nothing…absolutely NOTHING I could do about it. I lost my voice, I lost my mojo. I lost my will to be human.


It was the day after President’s Day, the day of the hit and run, and I’m still suffering the consequences. My voice still isn’t back to normal, I’ve got post nasal drip to beat the band, and running has been a complete nightmare.

So, I’ve basically lost 4 weeks of training. Once again, my run in Boston is cursed. I’m thinking I wasn’t meant to ever BQ at Boston. Could that be?

We’ve been hit with some personal issues, too. Add them all up and 2016 is starting off as the worst year ever. Yeah. It sucks.

But I did manage to get a few races in, despite the fact that I was as sick as I was. The funny thing was, I could breathe fine when I ran…I just couldn’t breathe while I was lying down…hence the sleepless nights.

I still need to do some race recaps for both the Half Fast Half Marathon and the Get Lucky Half Marathon. They were run 3 weeks apart. And both were respectable, considering. I’ve also got a local chiropractor who is helping me through my shin and calf issues, which now like to alternate between the right and left leg.

I swear, I’m falling apart.

I find, however, if I can keep my emotions out of it, and smile, regardless, I can run. But finding that can be more than a chore.

Much of my time is now spent over at Charmed Running. I love being able to lose myself in my craft. And I LOVE making personalized bling for my runner friends. The store is overflowing now, and I’m adding more and more every day. I’d love for you to go and browse the store and tell me what you think. Maybe pick up a trinket or two for yourself! Code 2ORMORE will get you 15% off the purchase of two or more items. And I will turn your order around after just one day. Because I like to get my stuff fast, too!

So, I owe you two race recaps, plus I’ll share with you how the hell I’m going to run the Boston Marathon without training for it. Because, it looks like that is what is about to happen.

Here’s hoping your winter is ending better than mine. Spring is right around the corner. It’s gotta get better, right?

How is your winter training going? Where are you running this spring?


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