Down to the Nitty Gritty

We are less than 16 days out from the most infamous marathon on the globe and I’m running it.

What did I do to train for it? Absolutely nothing.

Well, very little, anyway.

You see, the year started with frigid January weather. Since my physical therapist recommended that I not run outdoors in the subfreezing temperatures, I spent a record 22 days doing indoor exercise. Much of this was done on the Zero Runner, as my treadmill was out of commission, thanks to a split belt platform. By the time my husband had repaired it, I was able to get outdoors for a few miles before hitting my first half marathon of the year, head on, at the end of the first month of the year. By then, I should have been 4 weeks into my marathon training. But I had just gotten started.

Along comes February and a few good outdoor runs before another cold streak hit. This one as it turns out, was colder than the January freeze. At least now I had the repaired treadmill. Unfortunately, the running doesn’t last too long because I get hit with the flu bug of flu bugs. In fact, I call it the 6-year flu, because you only get hit with it every 6 years or so. I’m not sure why this had to be my year.

Recovering from that was a bear, but I think running the 2 half marathons that I did while I was rather ill probably helped me to recover faster. I got the crap out of my lungs. In fact, my husband, who caught the same bug, is still coughing to this day. I’m not.

Fast forward to March. I ran my heart out. I tried to make up for lost time and lost miles. I decided that I wouldn’t run for speed, rather just try to rebuild my endurance and try to pull out a 16 and 20-miler that month. In the end, I was successful, but tight muscles in my lower legs dampened my spirit.

I found a local graston guy who has not only helped me physically, but mentally as well. He is nothing short of enthusiastic about my running…and continuing to run…despite my maladies. I can’t thank him enough.

Now, here we are, almost there. My training week came to a close with a 20-miler on Sunday the 27th followed by a run everyday, culminating in a 10-miler on the last day of the month. And I gotta tell you…that run sucked. It took everything I had, and then some. I retreated to an epsom salt bath immediately afterwards. And I sunk into a deep depression. I felt like shit. I prayed I wasn’t getting sick. And I vowed to take Friday off no matter what the circumstances.


Well, I did, although I did do P90X. The only thing that made up for my completely crappy day was a big shoelace charm order for Charmed Running. It kept me busy enough to keep my mind off of it for much of the day. But by evening, I began to fear the worst and think that once again, my Boston run would be totally marred.

I awoke this morning knowing I had signed up to run a local 25K. But temperatures plunged into the 20s overnight with winds up to 40mph. 2 years ago, it was the same kind of windy, cold weather, that while attempting my final long run, sent me down the rabbit hole with the stress reaction. My gut told me “don’t do it, Theresa. Don’t do it…” so I didn’t do it. Instead, I took a hot yoga class, and opted to try the treadmill…just a few miles…to see how the legs felt. At the same time, I aksed my Graston guy if he could fit me in this morning. It all worked in my favor. By the time I left his office, I felt like I turned around 170 degrees.

Tomorrow will be warmer, and I’m hoping to run a little further. My last “long” run will be Goldy’s Run on Saturday. The following Saturday I’ll be on a plane to Boston. And that will be that.

So my plan for the next two weeks…decide on a sneaker…choose a few possible running outfits…get my gear together…get a massage…do P90X…get a lesson in taping my own calves from my Graston guy…try not to overeat…get lots of sleep…and run…slow and steady. And pray. I’m going to pray. Hard.

No, I might not get that PR at Boston, but I’m fairly certain that given the perfect weather conditions, I can get a BQ at the very least. And I’m hopeful to turn it into a great social event as I plan to meet up with some fellow virtual runners.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

And that’s the truth…


Are you tapering for your marathon yet? How are you faring?

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  1. petitepacer says:

    You’ll do fine. You’re a nut on the course, pushing yourself regardless.

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