Goldy’s 10-Mile Run – Race Recap

And they’re off! The final race before the Boston Marathon had finally arrived. 10 miles. Some might say that is a little ambitious just 9 days out from a significant marathon. Some might say it is just right. To me, this was the run that would tell me exactly what I needed to know. And what is that, you ask? Well, could I handle a 10-miler with significant effort? Would my lungs hold out? Would my legs hold out? How would I feel after the event was over?

There were a few flies in this ointment, however, before even toeing the line. The first of which is a dreadful headache which had been haunting me since Wednesday prior to the run. At first I thought it was a caffeine headache. You know, the kind you get when you indulge in one too many cups of java. That is what it felt like, anyway. But the troubling part was that even a couple of Advil couldn’t knock it out. Damn. That is not normal for me.

The next morning, it was sitting at my back door, like a whining puppy. I thought I might have it licked, but lo and behold at around 3pm Thursday afternoon, that puppy thrust itself through the doggy door and deposited a nice steamy pile at my feet. More Advil, and again, little relief. I prayed to the Running Gods above that I was NOT coming down with the sore throat virus that my daughters were just getting over. This could just not be. I started slamming down the zinc and the Vitamin C in hopes of thwarting anything that might be trying to rear its ugly head at me.


Unfortunately, this time the headache stuck around and I awoke Friday morning with a banger. I made it long enough to fix my girls breakfast and get their lunch together, than I informed my husband I was heading back to bed. I just wasn’t too sure what else to do. Sleep seemed like a reasonable solution.

When I awoke at 9 am it seemed under control. I decided to hold off on the P90X. I had a Graston session scheduled for 11:30 am. I figured if I felt OK after, I’d give it a try.

But I never really felt great. I opted instead for a walk on the treadmill, and a lot of nothing the rest of the day. Still unsure of what this thing was, I figured I’d give myself a little break.

I headed to bed early that night after a smackeral of whiskey and when I awoke Saturday morning ahead of my alarm at 5:30 am, headache free, I decided I’d give it a whirl. What the heck. If I got there and the headache ensued, I’d just turn around and head home.

2016-04-09 07.57.23

Yep 18° at start time!

I arrived at the race at 7:15 am for a 8:00 am start. It was cold. Well, the thermometer said it was cold. To be honest, I didn’t feel all that cold. It kind of felt like it would be a comfortable run. I was sweating the idea that I have over dressed. I had a long sleeved dri-fit tee on under an Under Armour long sleeved Cold Gear hoodie, and long spandex pants. I had my mid-weight socks on, and gloves with hand warmers. And a hat.


2016-04-09 07.40.43-1

It was pretty chilly mulling around the start line. I got out there at 7:40 am, so that meant 20 minutes of mulling. But it went fast. And I didn’t need to use the porta potty even after a cup of coffee. Standing in the middle of the crowd kept it pretty warm, too. They had a memorable start, saluting a young boy struggling with brain cancer, as the race was sponsored by St. Jude. He was to run the 5K race that morning. These pre-race presentations put it all into perspective. We are all so blessed to be able to do what we do. Even with a headache.

My goal this run? Just to run…test the legs…test the lungs. I wanted to do as much nasal breathing as I could, and save the heavy stuff for the hills. I knew there were going to be quite a few short steep ones on this course.

I couldn’t even remember the time I got last year on this run. But they changed up the course this year, so it hardly mattered. What did matter was playing it smart and seeing how far that might get me.

Let’s do this.

Start Line #Selfie

Start Line #Selfie

Nothing too exciting to report at the start. I was a little stiff, but that worked itself out rather quickly. I was passed by quite a few pacers early on, but I just let them go. I didn’t want to be lulled into a pace I couldn’t maintain for 10 miles. I also brought the gear along that I hope to run with in Boston. It was my 2-bottle Nathan Hydration Belt, and my newest acquisition, the Buddy Pouch for 6+. My thinking was to strap the Buddy Pouch to the belt. And it appears to be working rather well. The only trouble is from getting the phone into and out of the pouch. But, I’m not going to be that anal about my start, so I’m not sweating it. The fit is good, and running with it is comfortable. The belt actually seems to stay in place better, and I’m not fooling with it as much while I’m running. I just can’t twist the belt around to the front very easily, so I’ll have to just reach around to get anything out of the Nathan pouch.

I remembered bits and pieces of this course from last year. The short steep hills were killers, and still were. But I stuck to my guns and took it easy going up, being careful not to get my heart rate too high. Going down was the easy part, and I always made sure to make up some time when I could.

I ran past all the water stops, as I had a bottle on me. I had to remember to actually take a sip now and then, but I saved the big swig at the “half way” point when I took my EnergyBits and Sportslegs…oh, and an Advil I had stuck in there for the heck of it. The half way point was more like the 6 mile point. I swear I felt like a new person after I fueled at 45 minutes. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Continuing on, I realized I hadn’t seen many photographers, if any at all! That was kind of a bummer because I got some good shots on this course last year…at least I think I did. Now I can’t remember. But I digress…

There were a few fans out on the course. Not as many as last year, but a few. It was a pretty chilly morning, after all.

As we approached the main start area near the end of the course, my Runmeter told me we were at mile 9.5. This told me that there would be no lap around the stadium as there was last year. I’m pretty certain that was a mile long lap, and I knew we didn’t have the mileage for it this year. I was right…just a quarter of the way around, if that, before we were ushered into the inside of the stadium. I was so preoccupied with getting across that finish line and getting the extra medal for Delaney that I didn’t notice if they called my name or not after I crossed. I shut down my Runmeter and Garmin at just about the same time. I think I crossed at 01:18:xx.


Official Results – Goldys Run 2016


What I DID notice was my virtual running friend and fellow blogger Gina from Run GINA Run! It was so great to see her there, get a #selfie with her, and have the opportunity to chat with her! YAY! So many times I’ve gotten messages from Facebook friends that they were at the same event as I but I never got the opportunity to meet up with them. Either that, or I forget (***slap forehead***) to get the dang #selfie! Well, I made up for it this time!

Run GINA Run and Neon Is My Color

Gina and Me

All in all, a great run. After Gina went her own way, I waited to pick up my tech shirt, and then headed off to my car. I got one last photo with the stadium behind me.

2016-04-09 09.34.25

And I was so relieved to be able to walk to my car with little discomfort, actually NO discomfort. BONUS!

So, that leaves us here. I still have the damn headache. Last night (the night after the race) I got little sleep. My heart was racing. It had nothing to do with excitement, either…I think I should have abstained from the Manhattan and just had the whiskey. Live and learn. I actually put an ice pack on my head this morning and it seemed to help.


After struggling to get out of bed, I got a few chores done, filled a few Charmed Running running charm orders, and headed out for a little jaunt. It was slow and deliberate, and although my lower legs were talking at me, I managed 4 easy miles. When I finished, I iced and elevated and it made all the difference.

8 short days to go. I hope I can hold out that long. Here’s to Boston. Let’s do this.


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  1. Gina says:

    Wishing you all the best for Boston! So good to see you!

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