Infections, Intentions, and Introspections. T-Minus 4 days to Boston

A sinus infection. Who’d have thunk it? I suppose if I were smart, I’d have gone to the doctor earlier. But I assumed hormones, or allergy, or anxiety before I even considered a sinus infection. After all, I had no congestion, no runny nose, no mucus…no nothing. Except a headache and what felt like a noggin full of fluid.

“There are two types of sinus infections,” the doctor told me. “The bacterial kind and the viral kind.” She stated. “There is a chance these antibiotics won’t do a thing.”

“…but I can tell just by looking at you. It’s a sinus infection. I see it in your face.”

Who knew?



Call it mind over matter, or a placebo, or a bacterial infection. Whichever you choose, an hour after I took the first dose, I blew chunks out of my nose (sorry for the picture that painted). The next thing I knew, the tickling behind my cheeks turned into sneezes. And the headache, although still present, can be deadened with Advil.

Thank heavens! Hopefully I got it in enough time. I figure four more doses before I have to get on a pressurized airplane. Oooooooh, I can only hope.

In the meantime, taper runs have been hideous. Either it was the fact that I was still in recovery mode from Saturday’s 10-miler (I believe that was the half of it) and/or the infection. I have to admit, I’ve been off my keel…lacking in mojo…and irritated as hell…without being able to determine why. The infection explains it all.

Last night, it came to a head. I just wanted to cry as I was foam rolling and everything from the knees down HURT…and my head HURT…and my husband was talking through Shark Tank as I was trying to watch it. And, it was warm. And I was uncomfortable. So, he dug out a fan, and I poured myself a shot of Jack Daniels. Before I knew it I was fast asleep and it was before 9:30 pm.

Today was an entirely new monster.

But it was a good monster.

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Yeah, I still had to take some Advil. And that may have helped my sore calves. Or, it could have been the weather. It was warm, but there was a glorious cool breeze. It could be that the antibiotic I’m taking is doing its job and everything else is coming back around. Or…it could have been the Jack (Daniels). No matter. My faith is restored. I’m rather certain I can get through 26.2 miles.


Of course, when I submitted my application for Boston 2016, I had envisioned so much more. I didn’t just want to get through the 26.2 miles. I saw myself PRing this grand race, or at least avenging my 2014 run. I was determined to remain healthy and injury free. I wanted justice! (If there is such a thing in the realm of marathon running.)



But today, as I was running, I had this thought. I have many Facebook VRF’s (virtual running friends) who are hurt, or injured, or sick. And that brings me back to 2014, where my first Boston run was hampered by the stress fracture/reaction.  It always seems inevitable that being 100% at Boston is nearly impossible. I almost think that happens for a reason. The running Gods have it all planned before you even toe the line in Hopkinton.

You see, just qualifying for Boston is the gift. That is the honor. That is where you put in tireless effort and were paid with enormous dividends. Getting a BQ at Boston? Getting a PR at Boston? That would be a bonus…if you make it happen, well kudos to you. But getting into the Boston Marathon is where the heroes are made. This is why so many cheat their way in. They just don’t have it. They don’t have what it takes. When they get there, they too won’t BQ or set a PR. They’re deeper in the hole than the qualifiers. Do they care? No…they just want to be in it. So desperately, in fact, that they’ll break the rules to get there.

It is sad. But it is almost understandable.

Those of us who are sick and/or injured…it’s almost like Boston planned it that way…they want us to slow down. They want us to interact with the crowds. They want us to savor the experience. We runners have to get over it. We have to tell our OCD runner’s brain that this is allowable. We have to give ourselves permission to slow down and smell the roses…the sights, scents, and scenery that IS the Boston Marathon.

Yeah, I hurt. Yeah, my training sucked. Yeah, Boston won’t be a huge success like my Twin Cities marathon run. But who cares?

It’s Boston.

It’s the Boston Marathon.


Let’s do this.





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  1. Dee says:

    Good luck! Enjoy!

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