Well, Trip My Trigger! T-Minus 7 days to Boston

The other day my Chiropractor/Graston guy told me I was a rather lucky runner. To this date, I have had no issues whatsoever with my feet, my knees, or my lower back; the three most common ailments for which runners are treated.

Nope…not a one.


You knew there was a but…

Apparently I have shin splints to beat the band.

Mine aren’t the typical shin splints. Mine are the kind that are deep in that calf area, and that mimic a stress fracture. Here is what my Graston guy says.

Shin Splints, aka medial tibial stress syndrome or MTTS is a common injury of the lower extremity and one of the most common causes of leg pain in athletes. Medial tibial stress syndrome is essentially an overuse injury most commonly of the leg muscle flexor digitorum longus. MTTS is a soft tissue injury which may lead to irritation to the tibia.

MTTS can be extremely painful and is often confused with a stress fracture. A person with shin splints may only experience pain while running or she may develop a persistently painful point on the tibia which can range from tender to the touch to exquisitely painful. These painful spots are the result of the involved muscle(s) pulling on the outer, highly innervated (and thus painful), covering of the bone called periosteum. While the pain may be so intense that it can be alarming it is in fact relatively benign.

Medial tibial stress syndrome responds favorably to Graston and Active Release Techniques and to a lesser degree to self myofascial release (foam rolling) and eccentric stretching of the posterior leg. Ice, Kinesiology taping and NSAIDs may help in the short term, but anything short of tissue work will be lacking. Medial tibial stress syndrome/shin splints will not go away on its own, so if you suspect you have MTTS I recommend being evaluated by a physician with soft tissue training.

Um, yeah. So that is why I see him.

The crazy thing is, though, as we began to fix the issues that cause my MTTS, I developed a secondary injury. That being a tender left Achilles. And let me tell you…that injury sucks!


As I was in between appointments when this sucker appeared, I did my own research and stumbled upon this blog by Grace Lim-Clark. It all made sense, so as soon as I could, I got to work.

And it works! After doing this for almost a week, at least 3x a day, the Achilles has taken care of itself. I’m very relieved. I used a lacrosse ball instead of my opposite knee to apply the pressure. Have Lacrosse ball, will travel…it’s coming with me for certain. Now I just gotta keep up on the rest of the shins and calves.

7 more days…just 7 more days.

But check out Grace’s Tri-Bulations. It’s an older blog, but she’s got some great stuff hidden on there.

All I need to do now is get rid of this headache, magically heal my shin splints, pack my suitcase, and get my anxiety levels down to the point where I actually remember to breathe.

Yeah…that’s the ticket.

How close are you to your next big event? Are you ready to rumble?


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