April Apprehension Brings May Manifestation.

Okay. I’m just as confused as anyone. What happened between the Boston Marathon and today? In just one month (30 days…720 hours…43,200 minutes), I seem to have witnessed runner’s redemption. And it all started with simply running 26.2 miles.

I would have believed Boston would have set me back more than it would have launched me forward. But it seems that this is precisely what happened. Physically, I feel better after the marathon than I did before it. The owner of River Valley Running suggested that perhaps it was because I took the time to recover afterwards. That would be a great explanation…except…I didn’t take the time to recover. In fact, I went for a rather unassuming run on the Thursday following Boston. And then I just picked up a training schedule, like I hadn’t skipped a beat. As I loosened up, I noticed my inner leg pain had diminished, almost magically. My chiropractor couldn’t explain it either. But it is very apparent I left something behind in Boston.


The acupuncturist that I see on occasion once told me I was “allergic” to the cold weather. She recommended that I not run in the frigid temperatures, and that doing so would be do more harm than good. When she explained it to me at the time, I couldn’t help but agree with her. But, be that as it may, I still got out there and ran this winter. It wasn’t a typical Minnesota winter, however, so maybe that is why my injuries weren’t as severe this year as they have been in previous years.

Then again, maybe it is all in my head.


Regardless, May has been a different beast. I’ve been fatigued. Again, this is a typical May symptom of mine. But I dove head first into Ketosis after the Boston Marathon hoping to shed a few unwanted pounds. And I have. So perhaps the lack of pain in that inner calf area is because I’m lighter. I’ve almost convinced myself that if I could get down below 115 lbs. again, all my problems would be solved. The fatigue could be explained by the ketosis, or it could be a bit of adrenal fatigue. Certainly not to the extent that I experienced it last year, but being as that I’m currently going through “my changes”, anything is hormonally possible.

My runs have been deliberate. They’ve been slow and easy, for the most part. They haven’t caused me any undue residual discomfort or pain. I’ve been consistent with foam rolling, and occasionally taping my left Achilles. I’ve also been aiding my recovery with compression socks and topical muscle liniments. I suppose, perhaps, it is the combination of all these things that has made May merrier.

But who am I to question it.

colordash kida

Grandma’s Marathon is June 18th. And I’ve done nothing in preparation except to stay mobile. For now, it appears to be working. It would be helpful if I could get at least one run in, a 16-20 miler, that would just put my mind at ease a bit before I attempted another 26. I still have a month to do this. Although, the calendar ahead is overflowing. Charmed Running will be at InSports Foundation Colordash this Saturday, and at Team Ortho’s Minneapolis Marathon on June 4th. Not to mention, somewhere in between, this runner turns 50. Yep, let’s celebrate that jump in age group with even more vindication than previous birthdays. To say I’m anticipating it is an understatement.

Suffice it to say, I’m not complaining about anything. Yeah, my pace has taken a hit. And no, I haven’t had any PR’s this year. My be all and end all has been to just keep running. And to do so with ease. I’m kind of tired of struggling with injuries and inconvenient runner’s discomfort. I want to be free to run again. I want to swing out of bed and know that the first step won’t be a doozy. I don’t want to anticipate the “push off” of my run with trepidation.

I just want to run.

So let’s hope May’s manifestations bring about June jubilations.

What are you looking forward to runningwise this summer?

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