Cozy Phones – Lycra Headband Headphones #Review

Recently, I was asked to test and review a new product on the market that combines the comfort and functionality of a headband with the technology of wired headphones.

Cozy Phones began with a simple idea; a set of headphones that could be worn while sleeping. The headphones were embedded into a soft, fleece, headband that not only stayed on the head of the user, but was comfortable to sleep in as well. From there, the company designed a similar product for children, who found it difficult to keep earbuds in their ears, and then a product for the active user as well. Cozy Phones became what they are today.

Cozy Phones come with a storage bag.

Cozy Phones come with a storage bag.

When Cozy Phones approached me with the opportunity to try their product, I jumped at it. I’m always in the market for new ways to listen to my podcasts and audio books while I’m running. I don’t listen to music much anymore during my training runs. But I do like to hear my Runmeter updates through my headphones. I have also begun to experiment with binaural beats, and have heard from biohacking experts such as Ben Greenfield that falling asleep to them gets you the most bang for your buck. But how do you do that with the typical headphones?

My only concern for the active aspect was that spring was already in full force. I don’t particularly care for a headband in the warmer weather. I just sweat way too much. I like an open head. In fact, once the temperature is above freezing and there is no wind, I’m naked from the neck up.

If you know anything about the upper mid west, you know that the most predictable thing about the weather is that it is unpredictable. So, I’m glad I waited a few days before finishing this review, because much to the advantage of Cozy Phones, the temperatures dipped below 30° during the morning hours this past weekend.

The first time I tried Cozy Phones, it was a wee bit too warm. The temperatures made it to 50° that day, and I felt I couldn’t give them a fair review. But with the cooler weekend temperatures, the perfect opportunity arose for me to give them a fair workout.

2016-05-04 11.38.10

Upon first inspection of the Cozy Phones, I thought that they might be too big for my minuscule head. But after an initial “test”, they seemed to fit comfortably. I plugged them into my iPhone and was immediately taken by the braided cable cord. It was soft and flexible, and didn’t kink or snarl in the least bit. It was relatively long, too, which at first bothered me, but then I realized if you did choose to sleep in them, you would want that extra length. For running, it is easy enough to wrap around a phone belt, or feed under your shirt and sports bra, if need be.

2016-05-04 11.38.02

I could barely hear anything after turning the audio on for the first time. And I concluded that there must be a way to adjust the speakers housed in the headband. Yes, Theresa. This is why there are instructions included. Following them carefully, I needed to adjust the inner speakers to a position just over my ears. IconForSiteAfter I did that, it turned out that they were too loud and sounded a bit too harsh, so I readjusted them and backed them up to have them sit just above my ear cavity. This was a better spot for me. However, the sound out of the speakers seemed a bit tinny.


Running in the for the first time, I found the fit comfortable. They stayed in place, as well. However, as I mentioned early, with the warm temperatures, the Cozy Phones were just that…too cozy. Thank goodness I was able to test them in the cooler temperatures that we had last weekend.

With the morning numbers in the low 30s, and the accompanying wind, it was the perfect trial for the Cozy Phones. They kept my ears toasty, and they helped to defeat the wind noise, too! I did find, however, that the sound still seemed to be a bit harsh or tinny. That might be more of an issue for the music lover. Since I listen to podcasts and books, it doesn’t affect me all that much. I also found I missed having a microphone on the cord since I occasionally have to answer texts from my family and I do so with Siri on iOS. No microphone meant I had to remove my phone from my waist pack to speak into the phone speakers in order to speak a message or answer a call.

A cooler day for Cozy Phones.

A cooler day for Cozy Phones.

However, THIS would be the perfect weather in which I would utilize the Cozy Phones. Early spring, and then early fall through the milder winter days, I could certainly put these to good use. They are easy to wear, easy to adjust, and they are easy to pack into a waist bag to take along to any run or event. And even on the sweatiest days, I’m happy to report that you can remove all the electrical parts and wash your headband. This is a definite plus.

It is also apparent that these headphones in a headband would be perfect for travel, whether by air or by road, and would be perfect for napping or meditation. In that respect, they fit the bill.

Cozy Phones come in the cutest styles for kids. This one I would wear!

Cozy Phones Kids Headphones in a headband

Cozy Phones Kids Headphones in a headband

The active models are black, with choice of colored hems in pink, blue or white, or choose the solid black.

The sleep models are fleece lined (like the kids models) and come in gray, lavender, violet, or leopard.

Cozy Phones also boast exceptional customer satisfaction as well.


I’m Paul, the founder of CozyPhones™.

We’re a small family-owned business. We started off by selling our sleeping headphones on Amazon, then developed our own brand of fun, comfortable, kids headband headphones and named them CozyPhones™.

We’re a veteran owned, U.S. based business. We appreciate each and every customer, we value your feedback and we promise 100% satisfaction with our products.

If you’re not totally satisfied, contact us and we’ll make it right.


For the few dollars more or less that you would spend on a spare pair of Apple earbuds, the Cozy Phones are a great alternative, and I think you’ll find the advantage to using them in the cooler temperatures.

Cozy Phones are also available on Amazon, and ship in two days with a Prime membership, or you can opt to order them from their website. Shipping is free here, too!

Do you run with headphones? Which do you use, and why do you like them (or dislike them)?

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