Secondary Infections, Second Chances, Seconds Out.

Marathon recovery is the pits for the most part. It can be rather depressing once the fanfare dies down. For a few days, however, there is no doubt you are the glowing marathoner who will share your experience to anyone who will listen. This includes the fellow at the gas station who pulls up behind you and asks if just ran the Boston Marathon, well, because, you are wearing the jacket on a warm and sunny 70° day.

But after a week or so, everyone soon tires of your 26.2 mile tale, and life continues on.

Now what?

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My life didn’t slow for a second. It was back at home to children with a very full schedule. Having to get up at 5:30am the morning following our return wasn’t fun at all. And my sinus infection wasn’t improving either. Yeah, it was a little hard to get used to the lower toilet bowls in the house, and the stairs seemed particularly challenging, but it didn’t last long. In fact, by Thursday I had attempted my first run. It was far from pretty, but it was a run, nonetheless.

I managed to get out for a few more runs as the days progressed, and I found that after the initial shock, my body seemed more relaxed and at ease than it did before the marathon. I began to wonder if I left all the crap behind in Boston. Is that possible? I mean, the quad issues, the hamstring issues…they were all but naught. The only nagging discomfort I had was the ol’ left achilles and calf. Yup. The original Boston injury.

First things first, though…the sinus infection morphed into something else. It started with the sore throat from hell and then the head cold from hell. My husband suggested a call to the doctor just to see if he would extend the antibiotic. Which he did. And since I’ve been on it, it has been clearing itself up. So it seems it was a secondary infection. I’ve been very unlucky in the health department thus far this year.

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Before I knew it, May had arrived. And I remembered I have another marathon to run on June 18th. HELLO?!? What the hell was I thinking?

Well, call it a second chance at nothing, because I already qualified for Boston at Boston. I could treat this as a fun run, or I suppose the miracle of miracles would be if I felt so great, and had the perfect day, I could get a marathon PR!

Who am I kidding?

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But WAIT just one minute. Do you know what happens between now and June 18th? I turn 50! Yup…new rules…new age group…new qualifying times. I gain 5 whole minutes for Boston. That is 300 seconds. Hmmmm. What can I do with 300 seconds?

Already, I’m getting waaaaaaaaay to far ahead of myself.

But, to be honest, the runs are going well. The workouts are good. I’m starting to shed some pounds, and when I’m not sick, I’m sleeping soundly. With all these pieces coming together, the puzzle might be solving itself.

New Prague Half Marathon 2012

I have a half marathon on Saturday. This is the infamous New Prague Half Marathon, where all the madness began. I ran it first in 2012 with my sisters and husband cheering me on. I ran it in 2013..but had to skip 2014 thanks to the Boston incident. Then I ran it in 2015. I’m not looking for a PR by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just looking to run 13.1 miles. My longest run since Boston was a 10-miler last week. It wasn’t fast. But it wasn’t slow. At this rate, anything is possible. Anything.


I’ll be selling charms at the packet pick-up. It will be my first race event. It’s not a well attended race, unfortunately, but I’ll get some feedback from other runners and hopefully a few sales.

I’ll repeat myself. Anything is possible. Anything.

The post marathon blues? I’m seconds out from the conquest. I’ve had them harder. This time, they are bearable. Perhaps having Grandma’s on the horizon is a good thing.

One thing I know for certain, is I know nothing for certain. Time will tell with this one.

Seconds out.

Are you struggling with the post marathon blues? How do you cope?



2 Responses to Secondary Infections, Second Chances, Seconds Out.

  1. I’m slowly coming down from my post marathon high–hoping to avoid the blues this time around. One thing that is helpful is my PF is still calm. I think the lack of running before the marathon is helping my recovery. Who knew? What a weird experience this has been. Thankfully it turned out wonderfully!

    I can’t believe you’re running another marathon in June. I’ve got a few halfs planned this year but nothing farther than that. My body needs a break.

  2. Carla Mallen says:

    I still haven’t come down from my two marathon highs. Hash villa April 2015, and NYC Nov 2015. Still riding those. But I think that’s because it’s never fully sunk in that I’ve actually run two marathons, 6 mos apart! It all is still so surreal to me. I look at my Road ID bracelet with the clip on that says 26.2, and I figure, who did that? Certainly not me. Same thing when I see the 26.2 stickers on my car. I actually feel guilty they’re there cuz I don’t believe I’ve actually run them. Yet, when I look at public tures, or see memories in my mind, I can vividly remember the exact moments and how I felt at each step. Truly amazing experiences which has me running NYC again this Nov.

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