Fueling the Fire – Part 2: #Energybits

This is Part 2 of a three-part series.
Find Part 1 here.
Find Part 3 here.

I’m all into educating myself, if you haven’t already figured that out. I listen to podcasts on a regular basis, usually during my runs, and occasionally when I’m hanging upside down on my inversion table after my run. I like keeping a finger on the pulse of the health and fitness world. This includes the wacky world of biohacking. Biohacking is basically the “science” of getting a leg up on oneself by turning oneself into an experiment. I do this all the time. When I find something that I believe brings about improvement in whatever it is I’m trying to improve upon, then it ends up in my daily regimen or routine. Well, at least until the next best thing comes along.

One of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis is Ben Greenfield. He is a former bodybuilder turned triathlete, turned extreme endurance athlete, turned obstacle runner, plus a few other tosses and turns in there. He’s the king of biohacking. And he is also a really nice guy. I know this because I had the opportunity to meet him in person, and do some of his grunt work for him on his pinterest board last year. But I digress. If you want to learn how to make yourself better at anything health and fitness related, tune into Ben.


The other day as I was glancing at my podcast list and trying to decide which one to cue up on one of my long runs, the word “algae” caught my eye. I saw that Ben would be talking to the leading expert on Algae that day, and immediately, I knew who it had to be. Catharine Arnston, the CEO of Energybits. Of course, I was right. And I was excited.

I’ve already heard Catharine’s story, from her own lips, in person, at the 2014 Boston Marathon. It was at the expo when I had the first opportunity to meet her. She is an extraordinary woman, and her story follows suit. But that is not what this blog post is about, and I’ll let you listen to it yourself on Ben’s podcast.

We are here to talk about the bits. And if you haven’t tried them, well, then, you don’t know what your missing.


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I, for one, got  re-educated on them by tuning into this podcast. I thought I knew everything about algae. But, suffice it to say, my knowledge just touched the tip of the iceberg. I get why Energybits work. I understand how they power me through a marathon as my sole source of nutrition. Yet, I’ve always questioned the amount that I used and when I used them.  When I heard Catharine reiterate my exact dose, 30 bits to start, then 20 every 45 minutes to an hour after that, I began to wonder. What would happen if I instead took 10 every 30 minutes rather than wait until I feel like I have to take them? It seems logical to me that it is better to keep the energy flowing at all times, rather than just when it starts to noticeably fall off.

I decided to try my own experiment. And I did so at a local park, where I have the opportunity to pass my car every 3.4 miles as I run. This seemed like the perfect scenario to test my theory.


First and foremost, let me begin by telling you that I typically run fasted. If I do put something in my belly, it is a cup of coffee, preferably bulletproof, or a bite of a low sugar bar, like Quest or Generation UCAN’s Superstarch bars. And even then, it is just a bite. Any more that that, and I feel weighted down in the belly. When I take a dose of Energybits during my runs, it hits me with amazing force and velocity. I get an instant surge. Seriously, I can feel it. And it isn’t so much a physical surge as much as I believe it is a mental surge that tells my physical self that I am energized. However, as I learned from this podcast, it is likely a little bit of each.

Needless to say, the experiment was a whopping success. It was a rather warm day when I gave this experiment a go. And I have to admit, after every dose, about a mile after taking it, I knew that my next dose was just 2.4 miles away. And they flew by. Both the time and the miles.


But will it work at an event? I have enough trouble remembering…er…well…not necessarily remembering, because I always remember. More like being willing to stop every half hour to take a dose of Energybits. Stopping every hour takes guts as it is. Why? Because I’m always afraid that once I stop moving, I’ll never be able to get started again. Bizarre? Perhaps. But I’m guessing one out of every other runner feels this same anxiety.

There hasn’t been any other fuel like Energybits that has been as successful for me as Energybits. They are the real deal. They work. They fuel me through my toughest runs. And if I forget to take them, or neglect to take them, the toll it takes in my runs is glaringly obvious. They contain nothing artificial. There is no sugar, no glucose, no fructose, no artificial sweeteners. They are purely green. If you don’t care for the taste of green, well, then swallow them like aspirin. That is what I do. Energybits are more than just a placebo effect. Spirulina is a superfood. And with Energybits, it instantly hits the system because there are NO FILLERS. There aren’t any other algaes on the market that can make this claim. Just go ahead and do an inspection of the ingredients from other Spirulina sources. You won’t find one comparable.

And while you’re at it, try the Recoverybits, too. Take them immediately after a hard event, or in the evening after an easy day. You’ll notice faster recovery times, and less DOMS. Chlorella algae is a toxin flusher. So use it to flush out your system after you’ve worked the bejesus out of it. Also use them after a deep tissue massage or if you’ve had a wee bit too much alcohol at your friend’s 30th birthday celebration.

Many people complain about the cost of Energybits, but if you base the cost by grams per recommended dose, you will find that it is right there in line with stuff you find on Amazon. Their stuff comes in different size tablets and different recommended dosages. And, that stuff has more stuff than just pure algae. You won’t find a better bargain than Energybits, in so far as price, quality and purity. I am an ambassador for Energybits. I believe in them. And my coupon code will save you 25% off your entire purchase every damn time you restock. Try them. Use them. You can’t abuse them.

In part 3 of this Fueling The Fire series, we’ll talk electrolytes, and the best damn sugar free one on the market today.

Have you ever tried something so radical during your runs, that you doubted it would work, yet it did? Tell me about it!

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  1. Rick Wimmer says:

    How many do you take every 30 mins?

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