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Headbands have never been my thing. I think my head is shaped weird. Any time I put something around it, it snaps off the top like a rubber band and takes half my hair with it.

I’ve always been envious of women who can wear headbands. I know that they have many advantages, like keeping the stray hairs that don’t fit into your ponytail out of your face. Or protecting your forehead and hairline from the harmful effects of the sun.

My only alternative is a visor or hat, which can get very sweaty in the summer. Not only that, but add a decent gust of wind, and off it goes…invariably under a fast moving truck on a slow country road.

When I sold my Charmed Running Running Charms at the Run New Prague packet pick-up last month, I met a fellow vendor who was also invited to sell her wares there as well. As fate would have it, her name was Theresa, too. With an “h”. How crazy is that?


Theresa makes and sells these stretchy, fabric headbands. They are beautiful! To me, they are glorious eye candy because headbands just don’t work for me.

The women who can wear them and do wear them stopped by Theresa’s table with a glint in their eye and a Cheshire smile on their face. Yes, they fell in love. And I can’t blame them! I’d buy them just to display them somewhere in my home! The colors, the patterns, the soft fabric…they could be someone’s dirty little obsession.

We had a wonderful afternoon, fighting the heat and the gusty winds just to make a few bucks at the packet pick-up that day, and after all was said and done, we exchanged items. Theresa gave me a beautiful Hooda band in a neon coral color, and I gave her a “Suck It Up, Buttercup” charm in exchange. I promised her a review of her band, and I’m just getting around to that. Yeah, life gets busy…and sometimes you need a kick in the pants to remind you to do things.

Here is my kick in the pants.

A former co-worker of mine, when I worked in TV news as a meteorologist in Connecticut, well, she was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. They took a nice little piece off of her forehead. I nearly fell over when I saw the photo on social media. I mean, I’m in the sun…running…everyday, nary a thought about my forehead and hair line. This is where many find melanomas because it is the place most exposed to the sun.

I don’t like hats in the summer, because they get too hot. I do apply sunscreen, but not always to my forehead, because it drips into my eyes…and then they burn horrendously. Visors are OK, for the most part, but they still get sweaty.

Hooda band on a hot day

Hooda band on a hot day

This particular band that Theresa gave to me was the material that wicks away the sweat. This was a bonus. It makes running in it in the heat of the day that much more bearable. Of course, mine is neon, which is a plus on darker, more dreary days.

Hooda band on a cold day

Hooda band on a cold day

To be honest, I love my Hooda band for all the right reasons. It protects my forehead from the rays, it keeps back my stray hairs (I find these super annoying), and it collects the sweat before it can roll into my eyes. However, I still have a small issue with it staying on my head. Of course, I wanted to wear it like all the fashionable women do…above the ears, and across the hair line. But this doesn’t work for me while I’m running. I, instead, have to lower it over my ears, and across my forehead. Here, it will stay. And I’m actually quite happy with that. Because when you think about it, the tips of my ears are now protected as well as my hairline and forehead. And damn…it looks pretty good, too!

Theresa has an Etsy store called Hoodahatz. Yes, she makes hats. And she makes gators, too, in warmer fabrics for winter. I can’t tell you how cute and colorful they are. But I urge you to check them out. She makes them all by hand and will custom design them for you as well!


These are just a few of my favorites in her store this month.

So, if you’re a headband wearing gal, you won’t be disappointed in your Hooda band. Stop by her store and tell her I sent you!

How do you protect yourself from the sun in the summertime? Do you worry about your sun exposure?

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