Hello. Is There Anybody In There?

Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m not so sure why I’ve allowed myself to get so behind on my blogging. It isn’t so much that I don’t want to blog, but more like it is harder and harder to find the time to blog. I always believe, year after year, that the summer will open up so much more time for me to get things done, yet it seems like just the opposite. Summer somehow does nothing but swallow hours. There is no doubt that there needs to be more of them in a day, especially when it comes to summertime.

I have a theory about this. Since there is really no set schedule, especially where my daughters and school is concerned, and our schedule set by transporting them to and fro, that I tend to take up more time preparing and recovering from my morning workouts and runs in the summertime. Instead of rushing from one routine to the other, I find myself mindlessly taking longer breaks, or sleeping in a few minutes longer, or stretching out my morning, thinking to myself that the day won’t really begin until after noon. That, by the way, is when I partake in my first meal of the day (after my workouts), and when soon after (or not) I get down to business. What kind of business? Charmed Running, filling orders, doing social networking, and seeking out the next event where I can sell my shoe charms and paracord charm bracelets. Before I know it, the afternoon is gone, and it is time to prep for dinner. Since everyone is now home for dinner seven days a week, it becomes more than a challenge. And since I don’t leave myself time to do a weekly grocery store run, I’m instead taking a daily or bi-daily run to pick up fresh ingredients for whatever it is I’m going to prepare that eventing.

Even Yoga has gone by the wayside. I used to take 3-4 classes a week, but now I find myself only attending two, if I’m lucky. How has this happened?

We’ve had a few major setbacks here at the the Neon household. This has meant that more and more emphasis has been placed on Charmed Running. If I’m not running a race or event on any particular weekend, I’m selling charms at it instead. And if there is no race or event to sell at, we are at the local farmer’s market selling them. I spend the remainder of my week building up my selling inventory for the next event.

My husband has even given me an ultimatum. Charmed Running is too important right now. I’d better forgo the Saturday race events in lieu of setting up shop at the farmer’s market. This doesn’t make me happy. But I understand it.

So, what is a runner, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and fitness fanatic to do? Forgo her blogging? This doesn’t make me happy, because above all, the one thing in life that gives me tremendous amounts of pleasure, is writing.

Here I am, sitting in the car on our way for a weekend away….the first weekend away this summer…and I finally get a few hours of time to put some words on virtual paper.

Where to begin? I’m not so sure.

I suppose I can begin by letting you all know that, yes, I am in fact still running. It hasn’t been all good. But it hasn’t been all bad, either. I’ve actually started a bit of a running streak, thanks to a facebook group where we challenge each other each month to, well, run. Since I hate letting my virtual teammates down, I run. And I run a lot. And I run everyday. The good thing is it doesn’t matter how fast I run, just that I run. So I’ve taken the opportunity to do some experimentation with my runs for much of the summer. This includes some different running shoes, experimenting with fueling, getting runs in at odd times of the day, and slowing it down…a lot.

This hasn’t bode so well for the races that I have ran. In fact, they’ve been lackluster at best, at least as far as my running is concerned. I’ve gotten nothing close to any kind of PR and have achieved very little in the way of age group awards. And, my heart rate, despite how well my heart rate training has come this summer, soars during any kind of race or event as I attempt to kick up the notch, above and beyond where I’ve trained.

As we are now in the middle (almost end) of August, I have been forced to completely rethink my marathon training. By now, I was hoping to be deep in the thralls of training for the Kansas City Marathon on October 15th. But, my lackadaisical attitude has clearly taken a toll. I’ll admit, I attempted to add in some hill work in July, albeit just one day a week, and then allow August to be the month where I’d add in the speed work. I’ve actually been pretty good about it. The only fly in the ointment is I feel like I’m running on concrete legs. I just can’t get up to speed. It is either a sign of my age or the fact that this 10 pounds I’m holding onto just won’t let go…no matter what I do.

I’m seriously beginning to believe it is the latter. I need to dump this weight. I just don’t know where to start. No, scratch that. I’ve started so many times this summer, and with great results, just to end up a few weeks later just where I started…deflated, mortified, clueless, and weighing no less.

Now what?

It appears that everyday has to be a fresh start for me, at least until the girls are back in school and we can get a schedule in place yet again. By then the weather should give a little. Cooler morning temperatures should allow me to get out there for longer runs, weekend events will wind down, and the farmer’s market will close for the season.

I’ll go back and fill you in on some of the most interesting running events of my summer, plus a few of the races, and we’ll move on from there. We’ve got two months to go before I run my third marathon for 2016. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, unless I want to PR it. I began the summer with that goal in mind, but it appears to be dwindling under a hot summer sun, and a clock that loses hours by the second.

So, in the words of the immortal Theodore Roosevelt, I’ll do what I can with what I have, where I am.


Let’s get back to blogging.

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