Was I Ready to Get Lucky?

These days, I’m not as anal about running events as I used to be. In fact, it is safe to say the thrill is gone. More than likely it is because I haven’t been thrilled about my running.

I did have a great run of runs in Florida last week, when I made the last minute decision to visit my parents. It was a trip long overdue. It was mainly a mercenary visit. I just wanted to be sure mom and dad are OK. I would have loved to have spent a day on the beach. I won’t lie. But the weather wasn’t cooperative this visit. And, as it turns out, it just wasn’t in the cards.

Without the ability to do P90X regularly while I was there, I opted to run. And I did so everyday. Mainly because I could. And because the weather was amazing. At least, for me, it was.

Perhaps I did too much running in Florida. In the few days leading up to my trip, I didn’t do much running at all. I had my colonoscopy the day before I hopped on the airplane. So, I didn’t run that day, nor did I run the day of my trip. But, Friday morning, my first full day in Florida, I arose at 8am, ready to rumble. My mom informed me it would be too warm that late in the morning, but there was a stiff breeze, and a sunless sky. With temperatures in the lower 70s, I was raring to go.

My first day out, I went for an easy 6+, vowing not to take on too much too soon. It took me about 4 miles just to warm up. And forgetting I was in Florida, I forgot to lube up, too. I didn’t not want to suffer with the chafe so early in the visit. I decided to end it there.

But I followed it up the following morning with 10 miles, and then 10 miles again on Sunday. Why? Because I could, I suppose.

There was some fun to be had, however. Dad took my mom and I to an elegant restaurant for an awesome lobster dinner on Sunday night. I also took the opportunity to get my dad fitted with some sneakers. I was pained by the ones he was currently wearing. No wonder his feet hurt him. Mine hurt just looking at his! With all the research I had done with my own running shoes, and working on the cues I received from him and my mom, I decided he needed a pair of Altra’s. Luckily, I found a local running store that sold them and we headed in so he could try a pair on. He was rather reluctant, and said he was willing to try them, but would rather buy them online afterwards, because he felt that they would be too expensive otherwise. I wasn’t going to argue with a determined 83 year old man. If I could just get him to try them on, I’d feel like my trip was worthwhile.

The running shoe store guy took a good look at my dad’s gait, and how he walked back and forth across the store and agreed with my shoe decision for him. As luck would have it, he had a pair in stock in my dad’s size. And they were on sale, although still not “cheap”.

But after putting them on his feet, my dad’s eyes glistened like Cinderella. A few paces up and down the aisles had him more than convinced. He had to have them.

“I’ll take them!” he said.

I was more shocked than anyone.

Out of the store we went, although he didn’t want to wear them home. We had to put his Lock Laces in them first. It was OK by me, but I hated to see him put those old, dreaded sneakers back on. And with them on, he once again, walked like an old man.

And I’m glad I offered to change out the laces for him. He never could have managed on his own, and likely never would have put the sneakers on because of it. So, my time and effort was well spent. In fact, the following morning, he went for a walk at the local mall. That is how great his new sneakers felt!

I also had some great time spent with my mom. We talked about family, food, recipes, marriage, life…and it was nice. I miss them so much. It has been so hard for so long to be so far away from them. When life goes south, the last thing you want to do is involve your family. So I have been avoiding everyone I love for so long. It was time to fix that. I’m so glad I did.

Me and my mom and dad

My running continued, too. By Sunday afternoon, I felt a little whooped. But when I awoke Monday, I still had some life left in me. I backed it down to 7 miles that morning, and upped it back over 8 on my final morning, Tuesday. I knew it was the last opportunity I’d have to run in shorts and a tank top for quite a while, so I grabbed it.

Later that afternoon, as I boarded the plane back to the frozen tundra that is Minnesota, I knew I had over done the run. And I knew I had a half marathon to run that Saturday, The Get Lucky Half Marathon. It is one that I have run every year consecutively now since 2013. I had to play the remainder of the week smart if I wanted to get 13.1 miles in.

I also knew I had signed up to volunteer at packet pick up the day prior to the run. I just couldn’t remember all the details about what I signed up for. In the back of my mind, I knew that this event was a freebie for me. I have volunteered so many hours to Team Ortho, that I get another full year of runs for free. That is a great deal. So, even if my body failed me, I wouldn’t feel too guilty about missing the run.

By the time I arrived home on Tuesday, however, I was more than beat. But there was so much to be done. We had to head directly to the high school, as it was Parent/Teacher conferences that evening. Not that we have any concerns. Our daughters are A students all around. We just like to keep our fingers on the pulse of our kids. We want their teachers to know we give a damn, despite the fact that they question us as to why we are even there.

I did manage a P90X workout on Wednesday, but I avoided Legs and Back like the plague. Last thing I needed were legs more sore than they already were. I also avoided the run that day. I needed the day off, for certain.

Back to the reality of Minnesota.


Thursday, I attempted a little something knowing that I wouldn’t run on Friday. And I prayed to the heavens above that I would wake up Saturday morning with the ability to even get out of bed.

As it turns out, I did. And the damage from the Florida runs was minimal, or so I thought.

It would be the hardest half marathon I’d have to recover from in some 5 years.

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  1. I had to laugh…the P90X legs and back workout is NO joke. I mistakenly did it on a Thursday once…and had a “simple” 5K on Saturday (with a few small hills in the course). I could hardly get out of bed, let alone run that 5K anywhere close to an “average” time. Every fiber of my being from the waist to my knees hurt.

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