Fargo Marathon Race Recap – Part 3

This run is dedicated to Steve Roxberg, our neighbor and dear friend, who passed away May 21 following a sudden illness. He is now free to “shoot big deer and catch big fish” everyday in eternity.

This is Fargo Marathon 2017 Race Review Part 3

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I was very disappointed that my husband made the ultimate decision not to stay in Fargo another night. I was looking forward to walking around town, and revisiting the great restaurant we had been to the previous evening, plus a few others we had passed up, not to mention having my post race Manhattan.

Nor, was I anticipating the 4+ hour ride home after running over 3 1/2 hours. I walked around as much as I could before we left. I was a tad surprised when my husband told me he already packed up the hotel room and checked out. This meant no shower for me! Ugh…that more than sucked.

We hit the restrooms before departing Fargo, and I managed to at least splash off my face and thoroughly wash my hands to get a good chunk of the salty residue off both. Then, we met up and headed into the parking lot.

The weather outside was a complete shocker. Had I just run in this? It was dreadfully cold, and the wind had picked up quite a bit. I hurried my pace despite the fact that the post race rigor mortis had already began to set in. I quickly took off my soggy tank top and put on a sweatshirt I had stashed in the car, and tried to settle in as best I could. But, immediately the cramping began, and immediately I began to massage my calves and ankles without removing my sneakers. I knew that once that happened, they wouldn’t be going back on.

It was still early. In fact, not even noon yet, and we were headed back to the Twin Cities. My husband said we could stop at any time so that I could eat something, because I hadn’t eaten anything yet, and had just ran a pretty hard race. But I really wasn’t hungry yet, and the thought of food just made me nauseous. It wasn’t until we were about an hour or so in that I decided I was ready to stop to eat.

100% chance of rain.

Actually, we stopped quite a few times just so that I could get out to stretch and use the bathroom. Each time we did I found it harder to step out of the CR-V. But I kept a positive attitude. As it turned out, it started to pour about a half an hour out of Fargo. And it never stopped. I felt bad that my husband had to drive through it the entire ride, but I didn’t have it in me to get behind the wheel. It also made our decision not to stay in town a little easier to swallow. It wouldn’t have been much fun walking around in the cold and rainy weather.

Unfortunately, the spot I had meticulously scoped out for food had just stopped serving breakfast when we arrived. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. My husband reluctantly offered to go somewhere else, but I knew that he just wanted to eat and get the hell back on the road. So we stayed, and I ended up having a giant hamburger with cheese, bacon, and a side salad, and gave him all my gluten. I have to admit it was a good burger, but I really craved breakfast. So far, my post Fargo marathon celebration was not going nearly as well as I had hoped.

We continued to stop often. Coffee was a must, but we couldn’t find a premium coffee stop in the middle of nowhere, so we ended up at McDonalds, which has pretty good coffee in a pinch. I was craving something nasty, which is very unlike me, so I bought a hot fudge sundae. I could only muster a spoonful, so I gave the rest to my husband. He is good for that.

I tried to nap unsuccessfully, and spent much of the drive on Social Media while my husband tuned into his audio book. We didn’t arrive home until close to 5 pm. He offered to take me out to a local restaurant to celebrate since we couldn’t do so in Fargo. It was a nice gesture. All I wanted to do was shower, and eat, and get my celebratory adult beverage.

Celebratory Manhattan

We ended up at our favorite local hot spot, had some wings and some lettuce wraps, a few drinks, to which we toasted our friend, and then headed home. Funny, that is when I began to get ravenous. In fact, I think I made myself some popcorn, mainly because I needed a vessel for some butter…but I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure we watched something on Netflix or Amazon, too.

I’m sorry I didn’t write Part 3 earlier than this, because, to be honest, I don’t recollect much else. Or maybe it was the alcohol…or the fact that I ran a marathon earlier that day. I think I slept OK that night…but I’m not sure. I know we had a baptism to attend the next morning, and I had hoped to get out for a walk beforehand, but that didn’t happen. I managed to get a dress on and some decent shoes for the event, but had to do a quick pedicure to hide the obvious toe nail damage. Yeah, sometimes it sucks being a runner and a lady.

Charmed Running Marathon Bracelet

I did manage, however, to get my new Charmed Running Fargo Marathon bracelet done before we left the house!

We also received news that our neighbor and dear friend had passed away that late afternoon. We knew it was inevitable, after a sudden illness had taken him down earlier that week. But, still, the news was devastating.

Official unofficial results

Official unofficial results

I was pleasantly surprised to learn I finished 3rd in my age group, and just 30 seconds shy from 2nd place. I remember the final half mile or so seeing a female pass me who looked to be about my age. I tried my damnedest to catch up with her, but it wasn’t happening. As it turns out, she got that second spot. But, who’s counting? I was happy to do as well as I did. Another BQ for this old broad, and considering my haphazard training, it was an unexpected 3rd best marathon time.

What’s next? A few small races this month, followed by a half marathon in early June. Then, a break. Which I desperately need, before Marine Corps Marathon training begins. I have some big plans. I just hope I have the wherewithal to carry them out.

I mean, anything is possible, right?


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