Lola’s Half Marathon 2017 Race Recap – Part 1

Lola's Half Marathon Logo 2017

I have but two words to describe my performance in Lola’s Half Marathon 2017.


Gawd! Nothing came together for this event, except perhaps for the fact that my husband decided to come with me. That meant I didn’t have to get behind the wheel, which was a good thing. I could have been arrested for any number of traffic violations since I was basically under the influence of hell.

I had a terrible day previous to the run. Nothing was coming together for me, so I decided to ditch our Friday evening festivities altogether and just go to bed. Typically, my husband and I will watch something on Amazon or Netflix and have a drink…maybe…well, he does…I usually abstain before a race such as this. Regardless, I copped out.

I was in bed by 9pm after determining we’d have to depart at 6:15 am to arrive at a decent time. I was exhausted, so falling asleep wasn’t much of an issue. But staying asleep was. And at 1am, I was up, tossing and turning in the warmth of the night, as we hadn’t turned on the AC yet. The morning of the race was promising to be a warm one, and already I was suffering.

It was 3am when I gave up the fight and headed down into our basement, which is always cool. I just wish I had gone down sooner. What little sleep I got in the final two hours was fitful. I wasn’t even so sure I slept except that I had these odd dreams. Actually, they were almost more like hallucinations than dreams. It was one of the oddest nights I had ever experienced.

When I climbed up the stairs at 5am, I questioned the entire event. But I found my husband had already showered and was more prepared than I was to go to my run. At that moment, I figured, well, it’s gonna suck. All I have to do is run 13 miles, then I can come home and go back to bed.

Sometimes my logic is freakish.

I don’t think I said a word to my husband in that hour. If I did, it probably came out as a garbled mess. In fact, I don’t remember getting prepared at all. It’s a good thing I had everything laid out the night before.

It was already warm as we headed out the door a few minutes ahead of schedule. I had chosen shorts and a tank, compression socks, and my cushier Brooks Cadence rather than the Nike Win Flo 3s I’d been running in recently. OMG, I just remembered I had tried on three pairs of sneakers that morning and lapped the kitchen, trying to decide which to wear, as husband eyed me warily from behind the counter.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. It was warm, and we were off. I tried to fill my husband in on the terrible night I had but I don’t even know if I was speaking English as he didn’t react the way I had expected him to. Instead, it got silent again as we made the 50 minute trip to Lake Waconia.

I tried to cat nap a little, but my husband began to talk about the scenery, and the high water as we passed through Chaska. I decided to pre fuel at this point with my Energybits and Sports Legs. I best get a head start.

We arrived just before 7am, and unfortunately with all the coffee I drank before hand, I now had to pee. So, we went straight to the porta potties just to find the lines crossed all the way to the other end of the park. It looked completely hopeless. My husband said, “Well, you have a whole half hour before race start,” but I was doubting I would make it. In fact, at 7:25am, I had to ditch the line and head to the start, still having to pee. I figured I’d just have to make a pit stop somewhere along the way.

I got my good luck kiss from him, and stepped off the curb just in time to hear the starting gun. Gosh, this was gonna hurt.

Lola's Start - Photos by dave cameron

Lola’s Start – Photo by Dave Cameron

I chose to continue to listen to the plight of Kelly at Run #Selfie Repeat. I was hoping to get to her London Marathon recap at some point during this half marathon. But it didn’t happen. I don’t recollect anything at all that I heard in fact, now that I think about it.

The first few miles were not too bad. There were pacers everywhere. I had started slow. And I was trying to recall this part of the run from last year. It was congested at first as we wound our way through the city for the first few miles before heading out around the lake for the final 10. And that is where the race loosens up a little bit. That is, with the exception of the deer path around mile 4.5.

It is about a 1/4 mile jaunt which crosses through a park. There is just one person on the path at a time, unless you want to risk possibly twisting an ankle to the right or left of the deer path. I did, however, have to pass a man who was breathing so hard, I was worried he wouldn’t make it another 300 yards. This was only mile 4 for heaven sakes. He had 9 more to go! I really felt for him and prayed he made it the full distance.

With the left turn out of the park, it all came rushing back to me…the memories of last year and how hilly this course was about to become. We were now on our first true challenge of the run, at least for me. And it was hot. And the breeze had vanished.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and the brutal conclusion of the Lola’s Half Marathon Race Recap.


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