Training Tip Tuesday: Don’t Just Foam Roll… #Rollga Instead!

Training Tip Tuesday: Don't Just Foam Roll. #Rollga Instead!

Since when did running become so labor intensive? There used to be a time when I could wake up and run. There was zero preparation needed. In fact, if I slept in my running clothes, I literally could just roll out of my bed and out the door.

These days, however, I find myself rolling out of bed to roll! In fact, I’m rolling before I roll into bed as well. I’m not exactly sure when this all became a part of my daily routine. Was it at 49? 50? 51? Whichever…it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that if I don’t roll, I don’t run.

Perhaps it was my physical therapist a few years ago who warned me to keep up with my exercises regularly, or it was my chiropractor, who since last year, has drilled it into my head that I have to keep up with the self therapy…or else…

I think I’m just getting old.

Oh, I know. Bite my tongue. But, there is a bit more work that has to go into my running now. And as much as a time suck that it is, there is no doubt that it needs to get done.

When I last saw my Chiropractor around Christmas of last year, he lent me this piece of equipment which looked a little more like a torture device than something that might do one iota of good. However, once I began using it, I was almost ready to enter the witness protection program to save myself from having to return it to him!

It’s called a Rollga. And it is not your momma’s foam roller.

In fact, just throw that outdated, dust collector in the garbage. It’s not worth keeping. THIS…this Rollga…it is a healthy addiction. It actually makes foam rolling fun again, in a masochistic sort of way. I actually somewhat look forward to my two daily foam rolling sessions. Not so much because it feels good, but because it scratches an itch that you cannot reach…and then later it feels good!

I personally believe that this simple device has kept me on my feet. And I thank my chiropractor profusely for it. You see, he donated it to my cause. And for that I am grateful.

What can a Rollga do that an ordinary foam roller can’t? It gets between the cracks. It is almost as though it conforms to the shape of your legs, back, arms, neck, etc. There are a few options which allow for a different feel as you roll, and each one hits a different muscle group. With just a slight adjustment in the angle of your limb as you roll, you can reach so much more than an old foam roller.

Personally, I start each session with my quads, being sure to roll them in between the humps, and then on top of them. I point my toes, and flex them as well. Then I linger. My chiropractor emphasizes how important this is. Linger on those trouble spots for as long as you can tolerate. Now, point and flex as you linger. Wowza! It’s like having a personal masseuse!

I work my way down to my IT bands and knees and do the same, then do a quick few rolls on my shins and the top of my feet before switching to my calves and that tender area behind my knees. There again, I make sure that I roll in between the humps, then on top of them, pointing and flexing the toes as I go. Just changing that flex position makes a huge difference in the muscles and tendons that you hit.

After the calves, it is on to the hamstrings, and finally the piriformis. If I’m feeling wild, I’ll do a bit of back and neck work as well.

This gets done twice a day, right out of bed, and right before bed. I could be wrong, but I think it has been making a big difference in my running. There is no doubt that the older I get, the harder it is to stay loose enough to get a decent run in. Stiff muscles are becoming more frequent, and I don’t like it. This twice a day routine is keeping it all in check.

I still don’t like it, though. It takes up a good chunk of my day. But right now, it is keeping me on the road. So, it will have to stay in the routine.

Rollga is Minnesota made, and comes in a variety of densities for the perfect “fit”. I have the firm Black Rollga Pro, and although I’ve never tried a “softer” Rollga, I’m not quite sure why one would even bother! But, I’m sure there are reasons for the less firm Rollgas. Rollga’s patented design contours the entire body.

  • Engineered to fit ANY body type
  • Avoids contact with the spine
  • Avoids contact with the shoulder blades
  • Avoids contact with the Tibia
  • Allows for muscle sheering
  • Solid EPP Foam Core: Doesn’t lose shape
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% Recyclable

Rollga claims it is “the perfect foam roller for shin splints, tight calves, leg pain, cramping and back pain.”

Rollga is available from Amazon or from their own website. Google them and you’ll find a great collection of instructional videos on You Tube. This is a gadget you need in your arsenal.

Do you foam roll? Do you do it regularly? Would you do it regularly if it worked for you?

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