About Me

Me in Neon Pink

Me in Neon Pink

Neon is my color. Funny, I always fancied myself as a neutral kind of gal. But in recent months, as my mileage has increased, so has the saturation of my attire. My husband is rather happy about this as one of his biggest fears is that I’ll get runned over by a careless driver who doesn’t see me. Granted, I think about that myself, but we have wide shoulders out here in the country, and I stay as aware as I can, ready to jump out of harms way at a moments notice.

I’m a fitness fanatic. To be honest, I have always sort have been one. In my previous life, I was in the public eye as a television meteorologist so it was important that I looked good, and fit into my clothes year after year. But it wasn’t until recent years that I realized the weight was starting to creep up on me. It was my gynecologist who said, “I see you are gaining a pound a year. Just remember that after 10 years, that turns into 10 pounds,” that made me realize where I was headed.

I’ve also heard them all say, “When you reach 40, there is nothing you can do. Your metabolism changes and it is utterly impossible to keep up.”

I beg to differ.

I found a workout that works for me. And I found running. Running is the answer to everything. It keeps me trim, it frees my mind, it gives me an hour of freedom a day. Granted, I run with my iPhone, but no one ever calls it anyway, except for my husband. So theoretically, I’m free. For as long as I can run. So, I’m learning to run longer, and longer, and longer. Ultra marathon? Not out of the question.

As for the turning 40 thing, I’m in the best shape of my life and I weigh less than I did in high school.

So there!