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PopSugar July #MustHave Box Special Offer!

PopSUGAR July #MustHaveBox SPECIAL OFFER - Neon Is My Color

WOOT! I just received a PopSugar July #MustHave Box Special Offer for Neon Is My Color Readers!

Spoiler alert! This box is filled with over $115 worth of full-size surprises from Supergoop!, Turkish-T, Tarte Cosmetics,, and more.

You get all of it for less than $40, with free shipping!

#MustHaveBox by #PopSugar Begs The Question…Where Is My Hammock?

PopSugar #MustHaveBox begs the question, where is my hammock?

POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try! #sponsored

We used to have one. And I don’t think I ever used it. My girls did, though. In fact, that is why we bought it. They used to sit in it with their goats.

But when I opened this #MustHaveBox from PopSugar, my first thought was, “I need a hammock.”

After all, how often does one get such a great package of goodness in the mail, that pretty much fulfills the female need to just “be”?

Who Needs A Therapist? I’ve Got #NatureCBD

Who Needs A Therapist? I’ve Got #NatureCBD



The verdict is still out.

For, as many articles as you will find on why sleep is so important and necessary for good health, you’ll find just as many articles that claim the opposite.

Although, that might not be completely accurate. It’s not to say that sleep isn’t important, it is to say that quality of sleep, not quantity of sleep, is the true factor when it comes to it being beneficial.

Coffee With A Purpose – #DoctorsChoice Coffee Review

Doctors' Choice Coffee Review

It’s time for me to come clean.

My addiction to coffee is real.

I’ve attempted to deny it many times. I even went so far as to abstain altogether in an attempt to prove that I can and that I would survive without it.

It would appear that I can hold back, and I do survive. But the question becomes, “Why bother?”

After all, there are many health benefits to coffee consumption. From what I understand there might be some drawbacks as well. But, I try to ignore them.

To 5K Or Not To 5K

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”
-Oprah Winfrey

This is true on so many levels, but it doesn’t necessarily pertain just to running.

Trying to get Charmed Running off the ground has almost been as stressful as my recent running performances. I’m not sure which has been more difficult. One is clearly more mental, and the other more physical.