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handelstijden binaire opties NOTE: A single tab of ENERGYbits® contains 0.166 grams of protein so there are 5 grams of protein per serving of 30 tabs of ENERGYbits® (a single serving is 30 tabs). This may seem like a small amount of protein however ALL of the protein in ENERGYbits® is absorbed and is 99.9% bioavailable. The reasons for this are noted below. The key thing to understand is that the protein you absorb from 5 grams of ENERGYbits® is virtually the same as if you had eaten 50 grams of animal protein (which tends to take 2-3 days to be absorbed by the body and whose low bioavailabilty results in a very small percentage of the protein ever being absorbed). The PDCAAS score for ENERGYbits® is believed to be the highest score possible of 1.0 (the same as eggs).

  • The protein in our spirulina is “unstructured aminos” so the body does not have to break the protein down – the protein is already in amino acid form
  • Spirulina contains the highest concentration of natural protein in the world – the Germans won a Nobel prize for this discovery (ours have 64% protein)
  • Sprirulina is a complete protein -containing all the aminos the body cannot make
  • Spirulna is a balanced protein- containing all the aminos in proper proportion to what our bodies need (very similar to mother’s milk)
  • Spirulina contains 18 of the 22 aminos
  • All of the vitamins and minerals in spirulina, including all the B Vitamins are chelated (attached to the aminos) which allows them to be absorbed quickly. This is important because B Vitamins help with the conversion of protein to glucose and energy
  • Spirulina has no cellulose exterior which contributes to its rapid absorption
  • As a result of all the above, (and more), the protein in our ENERGYbits® spirulina is absorbed almost instantly, making its bio-availability close to 99.9%
  • Spirulina also has 40 other vitamins and minerals – all of which are essential for everyone’s health but particularly critical for those who have had bariatric surgery since their intake of food is so limited and it is difficult for them to obtain all of their RDA’s. The good news is that all this nutrition and protein comes in a VERY tiny tablet (about the size of a baby aspirin) so 30 tabs provide most of the nutrition needed for the day and easily fit into the diet (and stomach) of a bariatric patient. There is also VERY little fiber.
  • Additionally, ENERGYbits® are just ONE CALORIE per tab – making them very nutritionally dense yet low calorie and a perfect addition to any diet or weight loss program
  • And, ENERGYbits® are also a LOW CARB food. One ENERGYbits® tab contains 0.0475 grams of carbs so a single serving of 30 tabs contains just 1.425 grams of carbs , making them a perfect addition to a low carb diet/lifestyle.

Sildenafil Citrate köp billigt They also contain NO sugar, caffeine or chemicals.The charts noted below illustrate the high concentration of protein and nutrients in ENERGYbits, all for virtually no calories, making them an excellent addition to everyone’s daily diet but particularly athletes.