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#Skins Compression Wear Product Review

Fall. You love it, you know you do.

It is probably my most cherished season. Unfortunately, here in the upper midwest, it doesn’t last very long. Before you know it, the wonderful cooler weather is replaced with sub-freezing temperatures. I’m lucky if I can make it to halloween and still run in shorts.

Oh, This Is A RUNNING Blog!

I guess that means I’m supposed to talk about my running! Funny that I haven’t mentioned much about it lately. I guess when things are going well, you have a tendency to slack off of it…much like when things are going crappy.

The good news is, things are going well. I’ve had a few minor issues in the past few weeks, but I’ve been more diligent with my pre and post run stretches and exercises and that has pretty much knocked out all the physical miladies right out of the ball park. The mental stuff? Well, that is another blog post entirely.